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He Who Was Sent


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Some similarities between Michael and Prince:
1. Both of them were very religious and had very much faith in God
2. Both of them died young
3. Both of them died after they took back - Michael his ATV catalogue and Prince all his rights from Warner Bros.
4. They both died because of some weird "prescriptions" from some doctors "friends" (according to what I've read 'til now about Prince's cause of passing)
They both fought against this industry.. and this is not a simply coincidence...
But I don't agree with some lyrics.. ex. I will die 4 you by Prince.. that it has some strange message..
Oh and about Michael's kids... why they are named Prince.. Because Michael's grandfather was named Prince and in his memory he called his sons Prince too. It has nothing to do with the artist Prince.
And Paris was conceived in Paris - France.. so that's why they named her like this. Debbie Rowe once said that he wanted to name her Princess originally but Debbie didn't agreed.
posted over a year ago.