Michael Jackson How often do you watch This Is It? <3

caligurl16 posted on Apr 17, 2010 at 06:48PM
I dont watch it as much as I used to... Ive seen it a toal of 7 times and the last time I watched it was a month or so ago... When I saw it in theatres I was so happy but when I got home thats the first time since his passing that I really cried for him, I was bawling. The last time I watched it on DVD I cried during the whole thing, all I could think about was how he might have spent his last day.... who did he talk to, what did he say to his children and what did they say to him, what was he thinking, what was he expecting for that day....

Just knowing that the days & weeks before he passed he was with his children & rehearsing for his tour, it breaks my heart, and also cuz he never had the chance to say goodbye.... Thats one reason why I dont watch it as often as I used to, it just makes me so sad and thats all I can think about. I dont really listen to This Is It the song that much, cuz it reminds me of the end credits of the movie... I know whats gonna happen but I hate knowing its gonna end, especially with Earth Song, Man in the Mirror & This Is It being the last few songs, theyre hard to listen to sometimes
I dont watch it as much as I used to... Ive seen it a toal of 7 times and the last time I watched it

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over a year ago thriller4ever said…
when this is it was going to be released, i was afraid because the show times were at night and i feared i couldn't watch it many times...but just the day before the release, the show timings were available at day time too and i watched this is it 15 times in theaters totally..
and i bought the DVD the day of release itself,Jan 26th.. and have to watch this is it once a week or i'd go crazy.....
when this is it was going to be released, i was afraid because the show times were at night and i fea
over a year ago caligurl16 said…
wow 15 times?! thats a lot! I saw it the day after it came out I wanted to see it again but I just waited for the DVD.. I bought it the 26th too I thought I would watch it every other day but I dont... lately Ive really wanted to see it again
over a year ago bubbles0 said…
yeah, thats like the same for me, i watched this is it in theatres only once, but when the dvd came out i was soo excited, so i watched it, and i started watching it everyday for about 1week and then i just started to slowly stop because, like you said, i felt sad that he didnt get to perform on stage like he wanted and that all that time he was here with us, with his children with his family with his fans, and for me, at the end of the movie where it said "michael jackson, love lives forever" i just started crying my eyes out and even at the end credits with this is it playing in the background, its sad :(
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over a year ago 2468244 said…
big smile
i've never watched in the theaters but i've watched hte dvd like 13/15 times.
over a year ago billiejean808 said…
I saw it in theaters 3 times and i watch the DVD everyday.
over a year ago caligurl16 said…
lol thats cool..
I think I'll watch it soon :]
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over a year ago mjforever7 said…
i have the dvd but i dont watch it as often as i want,
im trying to not seem as obsessed as i really am haha [:
over a year ago reneemonique said…
I watched it for the 21st time last week. :)
I dont know what it is, but watching it makes me happy. It kind of takes me to a place far far away. I watched it in the cinema and I cryed so bad I had to ran out, but now it doesn't affect me like it affects you caligurl16. I know this is a tough time for all of us. It still makes me sad that he's gone and didn't manage to make his tours. He's still around, somewhere, watching out for us. He will never leave. <3
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over a year ago JosepineJackson said…
I have seen it about 2 times and I'm going to watch it again.
over a year ago k20ryosuke said…
I watched THI IS IT just one time. But I have DVD. I going to go to watch it tonight again.
10 months ago autumn777 said…
i watched it a lot when it came out then like a year after i stopped then 8 years later i watched it and cried and now i watch it once in a while