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All of you... do you know? Do you know who I really am? I'm not new, I'm not truly Pinkie... I admit it. I admit I'm Vexi... yes, the Vexi who utterly loves Lisa Marie Presley. Are you wondering why I made a new account with a new username, not telling who I really am? Well you all probably remember what I'd done before my suspension... how immature I acted, how unreasonable I acted. I don't know who I was, but that wasn't me. I'm guessing I was angry... or angry at my personal problems. I disrespected a lot of you, and I didn't realize it... I came across as if I hated you, but I never truly did. I was just angry, angry at my suspension, I didn't understand why I received those suspensions. That wasn't me. I don't know why I didn't see what I was doing... that immaturity rising... what happened to me, I ask myself? It was like who I am left, and someone else's soul took my place. I didn't completely see all of this until someone told me... made me open my eyes... made me understand. When they told me, I wanted to cry, I hated myself then. See, I never hated you all, if I ever came across as this, I apologize completely... with all I've got. I've always loved you all... like you were my family... but you all are, my second family. Please forgive me, I'm only human, I've made a huge mistake, I know, and all I ask is for forgiveness and your trust again. I made this account to start all over again, but now... I wanted you all to know.
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It was the year 1987 when Michael Jackson was still working on the bad era. Michael and his backup dancers were rehearsing bad then frank walked in then michael told his backup dancers to wait then michael went over to frank . There was a girl with frank . Frank told michael that this was his new backup dancer . Then michael introduced his self to Jenifer. Then michael said that she can be the girl he chases in the video twymmf. After 2 weeks of rehearsing michael got to know Jenifer . After the dancers went for the day michael caught up to jenifer they said good bye to each other then jenifer went home. soon as jenifer left michael felt something like butterflies in his stomach then he knew that he was in love. to be continued....
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