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my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
gulping down her food Jennine averted her eyes from Michaels intent stare. This man unnerved her but at the same time ignited great passion within her. Finishing their meal the fire and a few wines had made Jennine quite tipsy. She didnt feel in control of herself. Michael clapped his hands loudly and the servents returned clearing the table of dishes.A piano appeared and the table disappeared. Jennines eyes widened. How did that happen she wondered. Maybe the wine was making her see things. Michael sat at the piano and started to play beautifully. then he started singing. Jennine had never heard a voice like it. So clear and beautiful Michael sang of lost love and heart ache. He looked so sad Jennine thought. She wanted to comfort him. She moved up behind it and put her hand on his shoulder. He stopped and looked up with tears in his eyes. "Jennine I'm so alone" he said in a small voice. "Will you show me love"? Jennine stood gazing at his face.
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break of dawn
dirty diana
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posted by Mjhumannature7
I been writing for a long time I love writing i still do but at a point in your life you start to lose faith about what u doing. You see I lost faith because people didn't read my stories like they use too. i feel like i was not good enough to write stories anymore. But then i thought back i kept on thinking and said to myself i could make stories that are so great people recoginze. I truley am a writer but don't u hate when your mom or dad read your story and u will have a curse in there and
she/he will be like don't put cussing in ur story. And your like but mom/dad its only a story and the character said it not me but your the creator of the story. Your the one who made its like u saying the curse word because YOU are the author of your story.well im finish here writing this article . I think im get alot of comments on this article surprise me.
Fast Forward
Michael was up in the Giving Tree, writing in his journal while enjoying the nature.
It's been a week since Doug has been here.
Awkward that I haven't seen a camera anywhere when he is around like most interviewers do.
Saronia is acting strange now that he is here.
She really doesn't like him, I can tell. But why??
Should I take caution around him??
Should I listen to what Saronia might be trying to tell me about him??
So many questions so little answers.....
Let alone the fact that I am still so very lonely.
All I have is Saronia. But she doesn't understand.... Does she??
She seems...
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Michael stood there for a moment, wondering if he should answer the door since it was late.
He decided to answer it and walked up to see who it was.
It was a man who looked to be in his early 40's.
Short brown hair, green eyes, and sophisticated clothes.
He seemed decent so he opened the door and greeted the man.
"Hello Mr. Jackson." The man said shaking his hand.
"Hello, please, call me Michael." He said smiling.
"As you wish. Please, let me introduce myself. I am Doug Shelding. I am the head of Shelding Productions which is a company that records certain TV specials on celebrities." Doug said.
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posted by hannahloveMJ
You have the same problem <3
You have the same problem <3
Happy birthday Helena!!
i know that i just known you like 20 days but you are like a big sister. for some reason i tell you things i don't tell others, some things it's just you that know about me. It feels like i can trust you. it feels like i have known you for so much longer time then i realy do. with you i can talk about things without be scared that you're gonna tell anyone else and i can talk about things i don' talk about with anybody else. I think you understands me better then anyone else. You've made me cry with laughter and you've got me breathless because you scared me! I know that i copying you a bit with donig a article. But i think it was a so good idea. I hope you had a grate day today!!!

Once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
If u give me ur adress i can send this to you ;)
If u give me ur adress i can send this to you ;)
Here is ur B-day card ;D
Here is ur B-day card ;D
Here is ur cake!
Here is ur cake!
And Michael got baloons 4 u! :D
And Michael got baloons 4 u! :D
Please,we must stop this!!!
The haters are killing this family!!!!
We can't just leave fanpop 'cause of them!!!
They won't never be stronger than this family
We shared L.O.V.E ,We care for each other
This is one of the bests things ever happend to me
I don't want to lose the love I found here
I can't believe that this is happening
Haters will always say bad things of MJ and his fans
But we don't have to read,listen or look at them!!
They can't see the true talent,the true love,the true FRIENDSHIP
Maybe I am not the one to tell you what's wrong what's right
'Cause I've almost left you
But I won't
I have a...
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posted by Peryden
Michael, you were a normal human being with angelic qualities. Now you're an angel. An angel looking down on us. You make sure we're alright. We're alright because you've shown us that we shouldn't listen to the media. I loved you since 2003. And I admit I had doubts every once and while. But that's because I didn't actually have a mind of my own. Well not completely at least. Everyone around me were against you. And I didn't prove that you were an amazing man because I didn't want to hear that bullshit that filled the air all the time. And what I regret is that I actually made fun of you....
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