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Michael Jackson Question

My striking resemblance to MJ is killing me?help?...anybody?

See,my girlfriends father LOATHES me because i look like MJ(remember the time) but the rest of the family is cool with,the problem is
she looks like MJ too,femalised MJ but you can see the resemblance and she has always told me how her father hates her because of that..and how when she was born her mum was dragged to neverland where MJ said he had only seen her at his concerts but they didnt believe now,since she's been going out with me,things are Alot worse.he even threw her out until she breaks up with me and she agrees to undergo a DNA test to prove "she should be at hayvenhurst with the rest of those weird kids".so,my mum asked her to move into my house.
I really dont want to break up,this girl is 1 in a century and i know im gonna love her for all time.what do i do?
And im sorry if its not understandable..
 MJ-WENDALL posted over a year ago
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