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Michael Talks To Oprah(February 10,1993)-(4)

The Interview
Oprah: Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Jackson.
[Michael Jackson enters the living room of his home. They shake hands and Michael kisses Oprah on the cheek.]
Oprah: How nervous are you?
Michael: How what?
Oprah: How nervous are you right now?
Michael: I'm not nervous at all, actually.
Oprah: You really aren't?
Michael: No, I never get nervous.
Oprah: Not even for your first interview and it's live around the world? I thought you'd be a little nervous but you're not and that's great because if you're not nervous I won't be nervous. I just wanted to let the world know that when we agreed to do this interview you said you would be willing to talk to me about everything.
Michael: That's very true.
Oprah: Very true. I was watching you in the background there watching you in the video of the early years. Did that bring back memories for you?
Michael: It made me giggle because I haven't seen that footage in a long time. Did it bring back memories? Yes, me and my brothers, who I love dearly, and it's just a wonderful moment for me.
Oprah: I saw you laugh when you saw yourself singing Baby, Baby, Baby.
Michael: Yeah, I think James Brown is a genius you know, when he's with the Famous Flames, unbelievable. I used to watch him on television and I used to get angry at the cameraman because whenever he would really start to dance they would be on a close-up so I couldn't see his feet. I'd shout "show him show him," so I could watch and learn.
Oprah: So he was a big mentor for you?
Michael: Phenomenal, phenomenal.
Oprah: Who else was?
Michael: Jackie Wilson, who I adore as an entertainer, and of course music, Motown. The Bee Gees who are brilliant, I just love great music.
 CrissloveMJ posted over a year ago
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