Disclaimer: All the characters and the main history are property of Disney Pixar and Brenda Chapman for writing the movie script, it's totally fan wrote of!

Monday, May 13rd
Dear parchment , I write it because I want to keep the things I think and that happen (like my fantastic adventures) to me now, in my adolescence, so that in the not too distant future, read it and surprised me. For, as my mother says: "When you grow up, if you're not married, you'll regret it and you won't think like that now." And as an adult and of legal age I wil be or married to who will win the archery tournament that will be celebrated when my age will be 16 (now I have 15, it lacks a lot until I turn 16, turned 15 two weeks ago), or I'll be free, riding my horse Angus across the Scottish territory and participating in archery tournaments, first here and then anywhere in the world. That's what I really want, if I face my parents and go with it ... But of course, they want me to be queen, because my brothers don't want do it. Right now, I'm alone in my room, writing this with pen and parchment, and having a break from my classes given by my private tutoress (She only teaches me for being the princess of DunBroch and that is none other than my mother Queen Elinor) and my "royal duties" .
After a while, I'll have to go to eat at my castle's dining room, before I began to study and do homework, but before that, I'll ramble a bit and describe my current conditions.
I will say that I am the princess of a kingdom named DunBroch in Scotland Highlands (I would not mind giving up my title if with that I am free).
DunBroch is an ancient land of mist and clouds. It’s a fierce, proud land, filled with stories and magic and danger.
My father, King Fergus, was known as the Bear King because of the gruesome way he had lost his leg to Mor’du, the evil bear. But my mother, Queen Elinor, was the real power in the kingdom – she was the lawmaker and the diplomat. And my triplet brothers, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish, were redheaded rascals disguised as princes.
Mum let those boys get away with murder. I could never get away with anything. Mum expected me to follow in her footsteps, and she was in charge of every single day of my life. “A princess is perfect!” she was always telling me. And “A princess does not chortle”. And “A princess never gloats” - even when I beat my own father in a sword fight.
Mum never wanted me to eat anything tasty, do anything fun, or go anywhere interesting. It was only when I got away from her that I felt I could truly be myself. I was happiest riding my horse, Angus, in the woods, shooting arrows at targets, and doing as I pleased. But even on those days of freedom, Mum sometimes found a way to spoil things.
Now I’ll talk about my personality: I am brave, temper, stubborn, talkative (with my family, of course), mischievous, friendly, challenging, funny, fierce, passionate, impulsive and impetuous and I love archery, horse riding and fencing. Also, I hate the traditions of my kingdom and my only and true friend is my loyal horse Angus. As you see I'm not very sociable, I strike up better relationships and get along better with animals than with people. In addition, girls of my age are all obssesed with the son of Lord Macintosh, which has nothing cute, I guess they like him because he has good body, well I do not like boys, are unpleasant, although they say I'm pretty tomboy and I do not care what people say about me.
Well, now I'm going to practice archery in my secret place before eating.
Then we talk, parchment.

I got off my bed after writing it and put it in my secret drawer where I have my bow and arrows and nobody ever looks at it, even the servants. It is a worn parchment that I found hurled in the forest and I decided to utilize it for this. I walked up the stairs to the north aisle and slipped out the window. I went to my secret place, hidden a few meters from the castle behind some trees in a nearby forest.
There, I had a few targets, five to be exact, so I started practicing. I had four bull’s-eyes of five, not bad, I have to keep practicing. I started practicing when I was 6 and my father taught me this tactic that never fails: Throw all the arrow back to your cheek, keep your eyes open, relax the bow, focus on the target and throw the arrow.
Then I heard three children's voices calling me:
- Merida!
- Merida!
- Merida!
I hid behind a tree and saw that they were my brothers, the triplets. So I was right behind them and I scared them going out from the trees:
- Ah! – The three shouted.
- Merida! - Hubert said. It was one of the few words they knew ‘cause they are very young.
-Hi, guys – I greeted.
They gestured for me to follow them.
-OK, let’s go - I said catching my bow and arrows of the targets and saving them in my bag.
We left the forest and went to the castle, I went to my room to leave my bow and arrows, (I was sated of mum telling me: “A princess does not place her weapons on the table”) and I entered the dining room.
-Merida, where were you? - Mom asked when she saw me.
-I went to practice archery in the woods - I answered.
- How many times have I told you that I don’t like that you leave the castle after class, when we eat next? And the ladies are dedicated to their works and it doesn’t include target shooting.
I don’t know, many, I suppose - I said, although the question was rhetorical.
She puckered her lips as she does when she gets angry and asked:
-Then why don’t you stay in the castle?
-Because I'm sated of being in the castle – I answered honestly and beginning to get angry.
'Well, I'm sorry but if you live here you must follow the rules, did you understand?
-Elinor, leave her be, you don’t have to worry because she goes a while before eating, it’s also very close where she goes - Dad intervened on my defense.
-That's not the point, Fergus, is that after, we eat later for his tardiness and I have a tight schedule - Mom countered.
-Well, eat without me – I bursted.
-A family eats together and discuss their situations - Mom replied.
-All right, let's eat, I'm hungry - I said ditching the topic. I was not going to give up but hunger was killing me.
I sat at the table and began to eat my chicken. The food was as usual. Dad told the story of how Mor'du ate his leg:
- “Then, out of nowhere, the biggest bear you’ve ever seen! His hide littered with the weapons of fallen warriors, his face scarred, with one dead eye! I drew me sword and “Whoosh!” One swipe, my sword shattered. Then chomp! My leg was clean off! Down the monster’s throat it went. Mor’du has never been seen since. And he is roaming the wilds, awaiting his chance for revenge”.

Then I went to just keep writing in my parchment.

I'm here again, dirty parchment. When I left, I went to target practice, my brothers went to fetch me and my mother took the anger for going out before eating, then I ate and here I am.

- Merida, get studying! - Mom yelled.
- Arg!, I'm going - I thundered in response.

Well, I'll let you; mom wants me to start studying. See you later.
I put the paper back and I got to my room with my notes and writing utensils. When I arrived I started to do homework and studied the main musical instruments of the kingdom, but tomorrow, once this month, I won't have an exam but my mother insisted on to I study to be a great queen when I had the necessary knowledge.
After two hours of work and study I went to take my apple of the afternoon to the kitchen, where I met my brothers, all of them were eating a pear.
-Hi, guys - I said.
They waved to me. After eating the apple, I went to finish homework, I had few. And then when I finished, I slipped a little longer in the woods with my bow and arrows.
I was practicing for a while when I decided I should go home.
I went back, secretly, of course, I picked up my books, my bow and arrows and left it in the room to walk up and write in my dirty parchment.

Hello again, parchment.
Here I am and I write for the last time today. I've done my homework, I had a snack and practiced target shooting again, in secret. Now I'm going to dinner, to bed and end of the day.
I leave you, see you and talk tomorrow.

- Merida, the dinner is done! - Dad called.
I'm coming, Dad! - I replied.
I kept things and went down, I sat down and we ate together. Then we went to bed.