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"Okay, hold it steady, Riley," Larry said the next day at the garden. He pulled on a pair of clear plastic goggles. Hey, his eyes aren't solid brown, Riley thought, tightening her grip on the wooden slat. There's a little green around the middle. How come I never noticed that before? "Uh, Riley?" Larry said. She blinked. "Huh?"

Larry pointed to the slat. "Your hands are in the way." "Oh!" Riley quickly moved her hands away from the pencil line. Was I actually checking Larry out? she wondered. She was. And she had to admit, for some weird reason he looked cute today! "Ready?" Larry asked. Riley...
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Meet the doubly delightful OLSEN TWINS!
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Play" Full House's Baby Michelle!

She's adorable, huggable, and oh-so-loveable -she's Full House's little Michelle Tanner. Actually, she's Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the darling twins who portray Michelle on the hilarious Friday night sitcom. In case you didn't know, child actor labor laws restrict young children to acting a limited number of hours a week, so twins are often cast to portray one character. Mary Kate and Ashley have been playing the role of Michelle since they were nine months old. If you watch...
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