Baby-sitter Blues

Ashley can't wait to go back to school.
The new school year means shopping for new clothes, meeting for more new clothes!
Her twin sister, Mary-Kate, thinks she's crazy.
Mary-Kate would much rather hit a softball than hit the mega-mall.
But they do agree on one thing:

They're way too old for a baby-sitter!

Too bad their dad doesn't see it the same way.
Now the twins need a plan--a plan to show Dad just how right they are!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been huge international stars since the age of 9 months, when they shared the role of Michelle in the sit com FULL HOUSE. With videos, video games, CDs, dolls, books, a fashion line and a magazine already under their belts in the US, they are poised to take over the UK market in 2002.