"Let's get started." Helen Sweeney clapped her hands. "Today is a very exciting day! Today I will have all your amazing new ice cream flavors in my ice cream shop for the grand opening!" My twin sister, Ashley, took a big silver mixing bowl from the cabinet over our cooking station. She put it on the counter. "Okay, Mary-Kate" she said. "First we need milk." Ashley is very organized. It's one of the things that makes her a great detective. But today we weren't Olsen and Olsen, detectives. Today we were Olsen and Olsen, ice cream makers. A group of our friends were ice cream makers today too. Tim Park and Patty O'Leary and Samantha Samuels were all entering the ice cream-making contest with us.
We all got a chance to invent a brand-new ice cream flavor. Over the next two days, Helen's customers would vote for the one that tasted the best. And whoever got the most votes for their ice cream would win a free sundae every week for a whole year! "It's so cool how we each have our own little kitchen," Samantha called from her cooking station. Helen smiled. Her blue eyes twinkled. "I'm glad you like them. I thought it would be fun for people to walk by Sweet Sundaes and see their ice cream being made. I-" "Aunt Helen," a girl named Melanie interrupted. "Can I have another apron? This one has a wrinkle." She pushed her curly red bangs out of her face.
"But it will still keep your clothes clean," Helen told her niece. "And that is what's important."