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Below is a list of my top five (5) favorite episodes from Season Three (2009) of "MAD MEN". Created by Matthew Weiner, the series stars Jon Hamm:


1. (3.11) "The Gypsy and the Hobo" - Don's past finally catches up with him when Betty confronts him about his identity theft. Roger Sterling meets a former client/lover who wishes to rekindle their affair. And Joan discovers that her husband, Greg Harris, has joined the Army after failing to start a medical career in New York.

2. (3.12) "The Grown Ups" - The assassination of President John Kennedy...
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Below is a list of my top five (5) favorite episodes from Season Five (2012) of "MAD MEN". Created by Matthew Weiner, the series stars Jon Hamm:


1. (5.11) "The Other Woman" - In this tense episode, Pete Campbell asks Joan Harris to sleep with a client to secure the Jaguar account for the firm. Meanwhile, an underappreciated Peggy Olson attends lunch with fellow employee Freddy Rumsen, who encourages her to make a move.

2. (5.07) "At the Codfish Ball" - Don Draper is honored at a banquet for the American Cancer Society, but finds his professional...
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Below is a list of my top five favorite Season One episodes of AMC's "MAD MEN":


1. (1.12) "Nixon vs. Kennedy" - In this superb episode, Sterling-Cooper's employees have an all-night party to watch the results of the 1960 Presidential Election. Also, Pete Campbell discovers that Don Draper's real name is Dick Whitman, who had been officially declared dead during the Korean War.

2. (1.10) "The Long Weekend" - During the Labor Day weekend, Roger Sterling decides to cheer up Don over the loss of a client by arranging a double date with twins. During...
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Dear Matthew Weiner,

I just watched (7.13) "The Milk and Honey Route" and discovered that Betty Francis was doomed for a quickie death from cancer. And all I can say is . . .


Fuck you for this piece of contrived writing that came out of the blue, due to your neverending desire to surprise the viewers. It's bad enough that you wasted Betty's nearly decade-long character development with impending death. But you decided to kill her off in the same manner as Don's former mistress, Rachel Katz. How unoriginal can you be? After the contrived writing that surrounded Peggy Olson's original job promotion in (1.13) "The Wheel", the dumb ass FBI "investigation" of Don Draper in Season Four and your inability to create and write complex minority characters, I realized that I had enough. So again . . .

Below is a list of my top five (5) favorite episodes from Season Four (2010) of "MAD MEN". Created by Matthew Weiner, the series stars Jon Hamm:


1. (4.07) "The Suitcase" - In this acclaimed episode, an impending deadline regarding the Samsonite ad leads Don Draper to force Peggy Olson to stay late to work and miss a birthday dinner with her boyfriend. He receives a call from Anna' Draper's niece, which confirms his fears about her health.

2. (4.09) "Beautiful Girls" - Peggy is forced to face some unpleasant facts about a client's discriminatory...
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He can out-talk you, out-style you, out-drink you and you'll still be charmed, stupefied and awed by his enigmatic charisma.
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I first wrote this episode about Betty Francis (the first Mrs. Don Draper) and Megan Draper after the end of "MAD MEN" Season Four:


As many fans know, (4.13) "Tomorrowland", the Season Four finale of "MAD MEN" revealed Don Draper aka Dick Whitman proposing marriage to his secretary, Megan. And she said yes. Megan is just as beautiful as Betty. She is younger and seemed to be a better parent than the former Mrs. Draper.

Some fans have criticized Don for dumping the pragmatic Faye Miller for the superficially satisfying Megan. Some have waxed lyrical over Don's...
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Season Three of "MAD MEN" brought about some drastic changes into the lives of the characters. But I am not here to discuss what I had liked about Season Three. I am here to discuss the quibbles I had with this latest season. Some of the problems I had with Season Three originated with creator Matthew Weiner’s story. And some of the problems I had were with the fans. Perhaps I will start with the fans.

”MAD MEN” Season Three Quibbles

Fan Reactions

Betty Draper - I get the feeling that many fans of ”MAD MEN” have this great desire to brand certain characters as the villain or villainess...
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The following article was written after I first saw the Season Four episode, (4.09) "Beautiful Girls":


Ever since the characters Roger Sterling and Joan Harris were mugged by an African-American man in the Season Four episode of "MAD MEN", (4.09) "The Beautiful Girls", the topic of race in the series reared its head again. The ironic thing is that many of the series' fans and the media still refuse to criticize the series' creator, Matthew Weiner, for the series' minimal exploration of race. Instead, they believe that Weiner will gradually get into the issue...
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I first wrote this article after viewing the "MAD MEN" Season Three finale, (3.13) "Shut the Door, Have a Seat":


One of the events of the Season Three finale of ”MAD MEN” - (3.13) “Shut the Door. Have a Seat” turned out to be Betty Draper’s decision to file a divorce from the series’ main protagonist, Don Draper. Acting as Betty’s main supporter throughout this upheaval was her almost paramour Henry Francis.

Betty had first met the aide to New York’s Republican governor, Nelson Rockefeller, in the third episode, (3.03) “My...
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I originally wrote this article upon my first viewing of the Season Three episode called (3.12) "The Grown-Ups":

”There's a battle outside; And it is ragin'
It'll soon shake your windows And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.” - “The Times They Are A-Changin”
(recorded by Bob Dylan on October 24, 1963)

"MAD MEN”: “The Times They Are A-Changin'”

Not long after I had watched the latest episode of ”MAD MEN” called (3.12) “The Grown Ups”, I walked into a pizza eatery and heard a song being played on the jukebox. To my surprise, it was an old Bob Dylan song called...
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I wrote this article after a recent viewing of the Season Three episode, (3.11) "The Gypsy and the Hobo":

"MAD MEN": Acts of Violence

The Season Three episode of "MAD MEN" called (3.11) "The Gypsy and the Hobo" featured a scene in which former Sterling Cooper office manager Joan Holloway had bashed a vase against the head of her husband, Greg Harris. He had been whining over failing to acquire a new job as a psychiatrist during an interview. Frustrated and angered by his lack of professional success and his bouts of whining, Joan took a vase and bashed it over his head. Then she marched into...
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