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posted by peppergirl30
Name: Breann

Hometown: Panem

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Fav Color: Green

Fav Animals: Zebra & Dog

Fav Food: Pizza

Fav Subject: History

Best Friends on Fanpop: harrypotterbest, Poseidon3, alexthedog, peppergirl30

Favorite HP Characters:

Favorite Hunger Games Characters:

Fav Shippings:
Peeta & Katniss
Jack & Rose

Fav Celebrities:
Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Felton, Emma Watson, One Direction, Taylor Swift
posted by LifesGoodx3
The cruise I was on!
The cruise I was on!
As you know, or didn't know possibly, I went on a 7 day cruise last week. The cruise was called the Carnival Pride. I was asked to describe my whole vacation in an article, so here it is!

Let me start by saying that I went with my family (Parents, brother) and my Aunt and three cousins, all around my age.

The Sea Days

The first two days we were at sea. We had basketball, mini-golf, 24 hour ice cream, pizza, free buffets, an arcade, two pools, two hot tubs, comedy shows, and more! Although Monday wasn't a very good day. It was too cold to go swimming in the pool, and the waves were rough that...
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posted by LifesGoodx3
Here I'll explain some inside jokes for the fun of it :)

I'll categorize them with the person I made them with.


Blaming Bellatrix

So I don't really remember why we started blaming her. But we do. It's our thing. I remember the first thing we ever blamed her for was for global warming, and it exploded from there. No offense intended, you Death Eaters can blame Arthur all you like...We all know who's to blame ;D


So yupo is basically just a typo Best made. She meant to say yupp, but she said yupo. I decided it was the new spelling of the word. We still use it in everyday conversation....
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