think calm
i can smell her, feel her, she is near,
i reach out to touch her, but she disappears,
dont go i say,i need you here, i need you near,
she turns way and begins to leave,
she only left me, with a tear and a leaf,

i run after her, afraid of where i would be,
if she left me,
i catch her, in the midst of it all,
she lay on the grass, a tear in the fall,
i couldnt go, she says,
i love you too much,

i close the distance between us and take her in my arms, she shakes and cries and stirs, yet i hold on, i love her, she loves me,
it's as though we were meant to be,

kiss me, she says, and i do,
our lips mold together like hot sun,
they move in unison, as though they are one,

we part, and she laughs away the tears,
i'm so happy she say,
i'm so happy i'm yours,

i close my eyes, and imagine our future,
happiness and laughter,
i open them again, and she is fading,
it was never real, she says,
i have to go,

no, no she cant go, she cant leave me,
she cant let go,
i feel myself come back to life,
i open my eyes, my surroundings are different,
she is nowhere to be,
then i realize, it was only a dream.