She touches me in a way I cannot describe, her love floods this room with a thousand roses.
This scent of her skin drives me crazy...
or is that just the presence of her body?

My hormones are taking over, passion over-whelming my 5 senses.

As I slither my tongue into her mouth I find that not only do I want her body completely-but I also want to always be-and I mean forever be-...with her.

She knows exactly what to do, exactly where to feel me.
She knows exactly what I'm begging for-even if I don't say a word.
Why the hell is she so amazing?
Am I going mad?

I love this, pressing my body against hers.
I love this, kissing those lips I so much adore.
I love her...and forever I will.

Laying down on this bed I realize;
why hadn't we done this earlier? So-so much earlier?

...oh, the irony...
I know exactly why-
because of me. I was too concerned about this harsh hell of a world.
But who cares now? I have her. I have her in my touch-in my heart.

So forever we love...forever in this room with a thousand roses.