She wakes up under a fog looking up at the night-sky...she can't breathe.
'Last night...' She thinks, "Last night..." she repeats.

'Last night I confessed my love, out on a night in the City Lights.
Last night I fell in love all over again-out in the City Lights, again, all over again...'

She stands up and lets out a breath, flashing back to the night before this.

Her eyes shoot open, a kiss, a loving kiss.
She had a passionate kiss...with the same girl, for this girl she lives.

She loves her but is ashamed, what she usually is not.
She loves this girl, she hates to admit, but she needs to accept herself, "Just accept it..." She says.

She had dreamt about that night, in one of her beautiful dreams she fights.
She doesn't want this for what her heart longs.
This girl, the same gender, the same sex...who cares, though?

Suicide she has thought, she wants to go with a gun shot.
But this her heart does not want, that what her heart wants.

Live with this love, live with this longing, and you may have this girl, who cares about reality!

Reality can go with a bang, a big explosion, but your heart needs to live, and with happiness it wants, it longs.
This girl, it longs...her touch, it longs...her kiss...
it longs.

Out in the City Lights, a kiss she gets from her lover all night, who needs a man to give her happiness, for women can work with all their might, for love is all we want tonight, and this girl is what she wants out in the City Lights, she'll live with this love, for all her life, for new years, for Valentines, for Birthdays for everything...she'll live with this love, forever and forever and ever...
she loves this girl...
she'll kiss her and love her...
forever and ever...
out in the City Lights.