Never before had my life been so ... perfect, so beautiful than the moments i spent with her. Rose. My Rose. She was my everything.

And I was absolutely in love with her.

Believe me when i say this, the girl was genuinly beautiful. Her eyes were as blue as the sea - a beautiful, gorgeous blue. Her skin was as white as snow and her lips ... Oh, don't even get me started on her lips. They were as full as Anjelina Jolie's and as red as an apple. And her curves...

She was meu inima (my heart) and I truly loved her.

Every minute I spent with her caused emotions to spread through me like wildfire. Everytime we held hands, everytime we hugged was the best moments in my life.

But, unfortunately for me, she had a boyfriend. A boyfriend who did nothing but treat her like shit.

It pained me every single day to watch Rose spend time with that jackass boyfriend of hers - kissing, laughing, hugging, holding hands .... and fighting. All that had been going on for three long years, and i feared it was never going to end. Rose deserved better.

"Hey, Jenna!" Rosa yelled from her house, which was right across the street from mine, where it's been since the year of our birth.

"Hey, Rose," i yell back, smiling a big goofy smile as i saw her. Yes, I was really smooth... I ran over to her house as quickly as I could, hugging her when i got to her. "What's up?" I asked her, still smiling like an idiot.

"Not much," she answered, hugging me back. "I was hoping you were availible tonight?"

"Yeah, I am," I replied, stepping back from her. For her, I'd give up any plans. "What do you have in mind?"

"The movies?" she asked, seeming unsure. "They're showing all of the Friday the 13th movies, and i thought you might like to go."

"What about Michael?" I asked. I hated to bring that bastard up, and just the word on my tounge burned like acid, but they were together a lot, lately - I thought she had forgotten me. "Can't he come?"

Rose's face fell as I mentioned her boyfriend's name, and that made me regret bringing him up even more. "No, he won't be coming," she answered, a single tear spilling down her cheek. "He dumped me last night for Kira Walker. You know, that stuck-up bitch who got pregnant last year?"

I nodded. "Oh my God, Rose," i whimpered for her, secretly happy that Michael came to his senses and realized that she was too good for him. "I am so sorry."

"It's okay," she mumbled, coming back into my arms to cry for a bit. I held her and rocked her from side to side, shushing her. "it's okay, it's okay," I kept whispering in her ear. I hated seeing her like this, all broken and depressed. It killed me.

Then, out of no where, Rose rose her head to where her eyes met mine, and then she quickly and passionately kissed me. On the lips.

When she finished, I looked at her in both complete happiness and confusion. "What was that for?" I asked.

"I'm done with men. Forever," she whispered. "I realized something last night, after Michael broke up with me: no matter the mistakes I've made, or the shit I've gotten myself into, or the heartache that's been thrown my way, you were the only one there for me. Not my parents, not any of my guy-friends ... just you. You're the only one who cares for me, Jenna." She kissed me before saying the one thing that rocked my world:

"Jenna, I think I'm in love with you."