One morning on my way to work, I stopped by the office to drop by some files and permission slips from my students. Glancing at the back of the room was Emily, a girl who came in here quite often. "Ms.Andrews" i nodded to her. she nodded back but kept silent. Emily pulled her long bangs from her face.
The bell rang and just then came flooding in was my students. "Morning class" i said smiling. "Morning Ms.Hannah" they ecohed back. "Do we all know what todays lesson is?" "SEX?!" A boy said jokingly. "As a matter of fact...sort of. do any of you know what sexuality means?" no one knew? A shy hand crept up. i pointed. "are we learning about gays? because my dad said im not allowed to be or hang out with gays.." the young man said. my heart stopped for a minute. "why whats wrong with them?" i asked. "well he thinks that they are attention deprived,diesease spreading against nature sick perverted weirdos who cant get the opposite gender so they go for the same kind" he said. there it heart sunk. "well your dad is wrong" i gulped. "now...who can tell me why im teaching you this? heres the answer. your all 9th graders, pretty soon or maybe already you have thought about who you like. right?" the door creaked open. Emily stood there. "your late" i said. "sorry" she said sitting. "see me after class"

emily tapped her fingers on her desk and wiped her eyes. "what happened?" she shook her head. "on my way here i stopped at the bathroom..two girls stood there waiting outside my stall.they pushed me down and said nasty stuff.." she sniffled. i grabbed her a tissue. "like We dont want filthy lesbians like you in the same bathroom, and Keep your dirty eyes off us you perv...then they shoved me down again and flushed my folders in the toilet" i was just shocked. "your gay?" i asked mindlessly."yea" she then broke down.
Poor sweetie. i needed to help. she gripped me tightly as i hugged her. "oh, Ms.Hannah i just want to die!" she cried.

=== So, like it? should i continue? ps. Emily and Ms.Hannah do not become lovers however they become...sisterly ===