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posted by GabbyRaptor
Never reeally wrote one of these before.... XD Hope you enjoy! :3

You had looked up from the book you were reading on the coach. (If not comic XD) To see A red faced Kai.
You tilted your head. "What's the matter Kai?" You asked. "Training gone bad again?" A small giggle escaped your lips but Kai.... he was not amused. Not one bit. He just glared at you. One serious face. Hes brown orbs stayed connected with you (e/c) ones.
"Okay,okay. What up? You seem upset....." you finally said sighing.
"Upset? Upset?" his voice was getting higher....
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posted by BubblesAndAce
Kai X Reader

Keys used:
(Your Name)
(skin tone)
(hair color)
(eye color)

The evening sunset had just cast its golden glow on the bounty's now-empty deck. Everyone was somewhere else, missing out on the sight as the bounty flew through clear skies, in full view of the glorious horizon in the early evening.

Then there was (Your Name), the girl who now leaned on the railing, ever-so-dangerously, and let the evening light bathe her (skin tone) skin. Her (hair color) hair bellowed as the bounty moved forward almost magically. Hey (eye color) eyes sparkled in the light.

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Okay, so this is something I see a lot on fanfiction sites. I've always wanted to do one for myself, just to see if it works out.

So, you request a character (and a plot, if wanted) and I write a reader-insert one shot about him/her!
(A reader insert is a story where the reader gets to be a part of the action. ie, instead of putting an actual name or eye and hair color, the author would write [name], [hair color], or [eye color]. Lie this: [Name]'s beautiful [favorite color] outfit went well with her [hair color] hair.)

So, I wanted to do this for Ninjago! Just comment what character, theme, plot, setting. Really, all you have to put is a character, but just put the other stuff if you want.
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posted by Actiongirl101
Hiya! I got bored and wrote random shit!

Action: *comes in wearing old timey dress*King Idiot! I bring new of good from across the land of the llamas!
Jay: What is this news madam bitch?
Action: TIME OUT! *Slaps the hell out of him*I AM NO BITCH! TIME IN! *back to proper voice* Fire castle has decided to wage war on you for taking the hand of King Sexy's sister.
Jay: TIME OUT! Why does he get to be king sexy? Why can't I be king sexy?
Action: *stares* Do you really want me to answer that Jay?
Kai: *jumps in with a crown* I WILL! I'm sexier than you that's why!
Jay: Who says?!
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