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Mamouti posted on Mar 01, 2012 at 11:07PM
Hey everybody, I am new here and I am french so please forgive my english. But I have some spoilers and I am sure that you are like me, impatient, then here is:
-klaus doesn't appear (or a little) in the next episode (3x16)
-Kol may be the Sage's maker
-Somebody will rescue the klaus' life in the 3x18 (I think it is caroline)
-Damon finds a new secret weapon
I only send you information.
Goodbye and thank for your great job

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over a year ago MusicOfTheNigt said…
Hi, welcome hun :)

I am very impatient, thank you so much for the spoilers :)
It is upsetting about Klaus not being in 3x16 much but i think I may be able to survive
Kol being Sage's maker certainly will be an interesting twist
I hope it is Caroline, that would make me wicked happy :)
I fear that secret weapon may be the white oak tree, which could be the reason why somebody (possibly caroline) saves Klaus's life.
over a year ago sahour95 said…
Hi! Thanks for the tip hun :D And I'll have to agree with everything Eleni (MusicOfTheNight) said :D
over a year ago Mamouti said…
Apparently it's someone we do not know who will save the Klaus' life and many people think that Tyler is going to die but the actor was there in order to turn the episode 21!!! That's all