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This is our home. ALL OF US! You're always welcomed! JUMP in whenever you feel like it. Talk to us about your problems, yourself, rant on, it doesn't matter! WE ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU! All you have to do is say the magical word.. I love Klaroline♥ Just remember we LOVE hugs ;D

Close family members:
(To be added to this list all you have to do is come constantly here)
louvreangel- Basak: The mommy AKA mommy Bassie
Joy3570- Ivelina: Oldest kid
sahour95- Sahar: Naughty kid
IvanaDyP- Ivana: Crying Kid
Ritaprodz- Rita: Iv's Twin sister
MusicOfTheNigt- Eleni: Quiet kid

Big Family members:
(We welcome all new members, and consider them a part of our family :D all have to do is come and chat with us! Please tell me your name when you first visit :D)
Kackahaluzova- Katie
klarolinelove- Nicole
delenafrenchfan- Emeline
buffyl0v3r44- JoHannah
lillyqueen94- Libby
modernfan- Sara
foxxx666- Irina
Talice- Tatjana
burbuli8ra9- Angela
tonyziva1234- Dannii
Tigerlily888 - Lilly
Delena4eva -Tanith
MissPopuri- Kristina
TiBiscuit- Imane
QueridaPantufa- Soraya
NasriN91- Nasrin
fa567- Amy

Quotes Section!
(I haunt them or they are sent to me :P)
Basak:"we're a huge family here and I luv it sooo much! Klaroline-family forever! <3"
Ivana "We do everything together, every fandom can envy us! We rock girls! <33"
Sahar "The only reason Klaroline obsession is fun, is because of you girls <3"
Ivana(said on YouTube) "You're gonna meet so many amazing KC fans and you're gonna enjoy talking to them. I spend half of my day on that spot, chatting with Klaroline girls."
Basak Girls, luv ya all so much. I just... this club would be sooo fucking empty without you girls :)) <3"
Sahar "My Klaroline family get me more than my own sister!"
Eleni "They should very well be jealous, us Klaroline fans have an unbreakable bond <3"
Ivana "We're together, always&forever"
Basak "Gosh, we know each other so well we can even put names for each other, I think I am gonna cry now :')"
Basak "You can always come to me to talk, from here, from the forum, from private messages and everything, I'll always be there for you. For all of you guys"
Sahar " I LOVE sharing my daily life with you♥ you are all amazing listeners!"
Ivana " It a true honor and pleasure to be here and know you. I keep telling my friends about you.. You are all magical. Love this family."
Eleni "this club is the first one where I feel involved and like people actually do care and I love how quickly we all accepted each other. <3 words can't even describe how much I love you all and this club <333"
Ivana " Aww, I just love you guys, and everything that we have I want to share with the rest of the world. We're one of the best fandoms, truly!"
Basak "I luv my Klaroline family so much that nobody can break this bond between us <3"
Sahar "Ok so I realized my life would TOTALLY suck without you girls♥"
Basak "You became my everything in such a short time that I still cannot believe it <3 :')"
Sahar "it is hard to come across a friend who's worthy of trust like you my lovely family! We are sisters!"
Bassie "Nothing can get between us babe, we are family! Not even fights can seperate us, we have this unbreakable bond"
Sahar "I can offially say that I consider this place my second home, the comforting one that I run away to whenever I need comfort, and never fail to get it"
Ivana"LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! TO THE MOON AND BACK! NO! MOREEEE! It's so warm here, like a true home"
Basak "We may seem like we are just internet friends to most people but we are not. I really feel like you are my true friends right beside me"
Soraya "I just wanted to say that I love how supportive you all are towards each other! I wish there were more positive people like that"

Check out our nicknames for each other in link
So Basak's cafe link is now opened! She serves the best hot coke, tea and Velvet red cupcakes that she takes right from Eleni's kitchen!
Check out link
our link dates! Add your birthday date so we can wish you a great day :D

Things we dedicated for each other:
Basak's fanfiction: link, link, link
Sahar's Klaroline link

The beautiful image below is made by our awesome Mommy Bassie! She made it using our most remarkable quotes :D
This is our home. ALL OF US! You're always welcomed! JUMP in whenever you feel like it. Talk to us ab
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