Caroline banged the door of Ric’s loft. “Open the Goddamn door, Klaus! I know you’re in there! Open the door, you miscalculation of nature!”
The door opened and Caroline almost punched Rebekah in the face.
“Easy there, sweetheart” she said listless while she played with her nails.
“Where is that disgusting brother of yours?” Caroline yelled angry.
“Which one?” Rebekah asked with raised eyebrows. “Oh” she continued. “You mean Klaus. Sorry, I have no idea where he is” she lied.
“You’re lying” Caroline said and she tried to get it, but Rebekah grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away.
If it hadn’t been for Klaus Caroline would’ve hit the pavers, but he caught her and put her back on her feet.
“You wanted to see me?” he concluded.
“How could you do that to Tyler?” Caroline snapped. “How could you turn him into a freak like you?”
“He already was a freak, only now he doesn’t need to turn unless he wants to…or unless I want him to” Klaus responded. “Believe it or not, but I did him a favor. Is it so hard to understand I want to make more hybrids?”
“Why can’t you just leave us alone? And why wouldn’t you let him tell me the truth? Why would you want to break us up?” Caroline raged.
“Because you’re a distraction!” Klaus yelled. “I need Tyler to be completely loyal to me. That’s not going to happen if he’s clinging onto you. So, I hooked him up with Veronica, so A: he’s not with you anymore, and B: he gets information about this supernatural hater”
Caroline gasped dramatically. “Oh my God, Klaus, you’re a genius!” she said sarcastically. “Why don’t you just drop dead?”
She deliberately bumped into him as she passed him.