“Nice dress” a familiar, male and British voice whispered in Caroline’s ear. She startled, but recovered quickly. She tried to spot Damon and Elena, but since they were nowhere to be found, she took a deep breath and turned around.
“What do you want?” she asked sharp.
“Well, first I would like to know why you’re not wearing the dress I sent you” Klaus said.
“You sent? Wait, you gave me the dress with the note?” Caroline asked surprised.
“Of course” Klaus answered. “You didn’t think Tyler has that good of taste, did you?”
“Oh, well, ehm, I couldn’t wear it anyway” Caroline said careless. “I couldn’t drive with it”
“You shouldn’t have had to drive” Klaus replied.
“I couldn’t let Elena go on foot” Caroline defended herself.
“Elena has a car” Klaus said.
“And a date and I don’t and I didn’t want to show up alone, so I asked Damon if I could go with him and Elena and in exchange I offered to drive” Caroline rattled. “Why am I even telling you this? I have to go, I have to find…”
“Tyler? In that case I can save you the trouble” Klaus said. “He’s right there” he pointed at Tyler who was talking to Veronica. “I think he’s a little too occupied”
Caroline looked down. She knew Tyler was just trying to play his part, but did he have to be so obvious.
Klaus gently took her arm and leaned forward. His lips nearly touching her ear he whispered: “Come with me” He pulled her along and Caroline found herself unable to resists.