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Klaus was in the shower while Caroline was sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking what she had done a few minutes ago. I mean, kissing Klaus? Seriously? She was totally not proud of herself for doing such thing but she couldn’t resist the urge to lick her lips to taste the warmth of his lips left on hers. She hated herself for having kissed him, for having liked the kiss. She kept saying that she loved Tyler but what happened? She obviously was affected and dazzled by Klaus’ charm but this was way too much. She was betraying to Tyler. This was wrong and she was supposed to leave immediately.

She started packing her things up. She wanted to leave as fast as she could so Klaus wouldn’t catch her because she knew he would. She was being fast, packing her luggage, at the same time crying silently. She didn’t want to leave, whatsoever. She wanted to stay, enjoy the holiday with Klaus. There were lots of places to travel and they could have fun together. But she had to leave.

Finally she packed up everything, closed the luggage and she was ready to go. Just as she was getting out of the door, an arm passed right beside her and closed the door immediately. She turned her back to face Klaus, who looked pretty pissed this time.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he said, with an ice-cold voice which scared Caroline.

“I—I was… Going to the supermarket.” The only lie she could find was this one and it was stupid.

“With a luggage?” he asked, taking the luggage away from her and throwing it across the room.

“Klaus, I have to go. Please.” She started begging him. She had to go. She couldn’t stay there anymore.

“Why are you always like this? Playing with me, with my feelings! I am so sick and tired of it!” he said and wrapped his hand around Caroline’s neck, squeezing it.

Caroline was scared but pissed at the same time, so she kicked his testicles. He groaned in pain and stepped back, when she punched him in his stomach. He stepped back again but then suddenly jumped on her, both of them were on the ground, Klaus on top of her. He stopped as his fist almost hit her cheek. It was Caroline and of course he couldn’t hurt her. Then she noticed his bare chest in front of her eyes, just a towel covering his lower parts. He was out of shower, wet, naked, on top of her… She closed her eyes, not wanting to look at him anymore.

He burst out a laughter when he saw her closing her eyes tight. Caroline was confused because there was nothing fun to be laughed at.

“What you are laughing at?” she asked furiously.

“Caroline… You are so dumb. You say you love Tyler yet you came here with me, then you say you have to go but you are crying… Even you, yourself are not aware of your feelings for me.” He replied, smiling widely.

She looked at his blue eyes and tried to find the right thing to say. But before she could find something, her mouth and she found herself saying “I am aware of them, that’s what scares me as hell!”

Klaus was shocked because he didn’t expect her to say such stuff. What was that mean? That means she didn’t love Tyler anymore? But he wasn’t going to push it, when the right time came, she would admit it herself anyway.

He stood up, helped her to stand up too. They stared at each other for a moment and then he pulled herself closer and hugged her, tightly, as if he was afraid that she’d try to run away from him.

She hugged him back, her head on his bare chest. “I am scared.” She whispered. Tears coming from her eyes, dropping to Klaus’ chest.

“Of what my love?” he asked.

“Of… of falling in love with you. With a homicidal murderer. With a man who I’ll have to turn my back to all of my friends. With a man who I’ll have to leave town with, leave everything behind, not looking back again.” She said, still crying. She knew what the right choice was but her heart denied it. She wanted to be with him, just him.

Klaus took Caroline’s head in his hands and looked at her in the eyes. Did she just say those stuff? Was it real? It was too good to be real. He, after a long time, felt a warmth inside his chest. It was his heart, beating, feeling… for her. He smiled at her and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back passionately because that was what she wanted. She wanted him to hold her in his arms forever. She neither wanted a small town boy nor did she want to have a small town life. She was finally ready to be with him, to be with the man who she always waited for. This felt like a cinderella movie to her. She knew this whole thing was dangerous and there was no way to make her heart do what she said. But her prince was there, ready to become a part of his princess’ life. It felt good and comfortable for both of them.

When they stopped kissing, their heads were close, both had a huge smile on their faces. They didn’t need anything else then each other.


Dinner time came and they went to the dining-room of the hotel. The place was beautiful, for sure. There were people eating their meals on porcelain plates, with candles and flowers on the tables. The most expensive wines were being drunk by everyone and there was a magnificent woman on the stage, singing jazz songs to entertain people.

Caroline had a torso red dress on her, with glitters all over it. She had her hair straighten. While Klaus had a tuxedo on him, looking smoking hot. When they entered the dining hall, all the eyes in the room turned to them, glancing at them with jealous looks on their faces.

They went to their table which was on VIP section, a special table that was reserved only for them. Klaus really knew his job very well.

They ate their meal, laughed, had fun. Everything was too perfect to be true and that scared them because they didn’t want it to be ruined. He asked her for a dance and she agreed. They were dancing on the stage while the woman was singing The Man I Love from Helen Forrest. Everything was so romantic until she saw from over Klaus’ shoulder that Tyler was at dining hall’s door, staring at them with hatred in his eyes. When Klaus saw she was looking at something over him, he turned around and saw Tyler. He was shocked and angry at the same time. He started walking towards Tyler but Caroline stopped him by blocking his way.

“Please Nik, calm yourself.” She begged him.

“Or what happens, Caroline Forbes?” a voice behind her asked.

She turned around and faced Tyler, whose teeth could be seen from his lips. “Tyler, just go.” She said.

“So what? Are you sleeping with this murderer now?” he yelled at her. He held her arm tightly but suddenly found himself flying across the room. Klaus was really pissed this time. He was walking towards the hybrid he made himself, ready to rip out his heart.

“Do you love him?!” Tyler shouted at Caroline while trying to stand up. He was having support from wall.



She stood there, looking at Tyler’s eyes. She saw what she had become in his eyes. A betrayer, a whore… Tears came to her eyes and she tried hard to hold them back but it didn’t work. She was now standing in between Klaus and Tyler, making sure they wouldn’t attack each other.

“I am so sorry Tyler.” She managed to say. She was sobbing so badly.

Tyler stared at her for a few minutes, thinking what he was supposed to do. He was so angry that he felt him turning into a werewolf soon. He tried to control his anger for the girl who he loved. Who he used to love.

“I loved you, Caroline. Thanks for everything.” He said and left the dining hall, leaving a crying Caroline behind him.

Someday, he'll come along, the man I love
And he'll be big and strong, the man I love
And when he comes my way,
I'll do my best to make him stay

Caroline was hearing the lyrics of the song, which made her cry more. Klaus hugged her tight but she pushed him away and went after Tyler. She knew Klaus stood there surprised by this action of hers but she had to do it. She had to go after him and tell him the truth.

“Tyler!” she shouted at him when she saw him running in the woods.

He stopped and turned back to face Caroline. “What do you want?”

“I am really sorry Tyler, I didn’t want it to be this way.”

“When were you going to tell me about it Carol?”

“When I was back to Mystic Falls… Look Tyler I don’t know what’s going on between him and me but… I just… I cannot explain this feeling…” she was stammering because she didn’t really have an explanation.

“I can explain it for you Caroline.” He said and moved closer to her. “You are in love with him.”

Her eyes opened wide, not understanding what he just said. “Wh—what?”

Tyler smiled at her sadly, with a broken heart. “Caroline, I want you to be happy and I saw how happy you were with him. That’s why I was pissed. Because I never saw you that happy with me. He can give you the life you want Carol, I can’t. He can provide you an expensive life in a big city, away from this little world of ours. Don’t you get it? That’s what you want. He was right. A small town boy, a small town world will never be enough for you.” He said and looked at her for one last time before disappearing into the night, leaving her behind on her kneels, crying her lungs out…


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