Kingdom Hearts Just imagine Kingdom Hearts in real Explain what you will do when you enter the Kingdom Hearts world?

keybearer posted on Jun 08, 2013 at 09:59PM
Hello Kingdom Hearts fans! explain to me what will you do in the Kingdom Hearts worlds experience? i know what i will do now you tell me what you will do :D

Hello Kingdom Hearts fans! explain to me what will you do in the Kingdom Hearts worlds experience? i

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over a year ago rigo1315 said…
If I followed Sora's journey (and Birth by Sleep):

Traverse Town - Touch the poms on the moogles, learn magic with Merlin and play with the Dalmatian puppies.

Wonderland - Probably get Alice in trouble. I can picture myself as her lawyer and failing badly. Then having to save her from the guillotine which would be fun... maybe...

Deep Jungle - I would try teaching Tarzan some sign language and maybe have interesting conversations with Jane.

Olympus Coliseum - Spirit Hunting in the Underworld.

Agrabah - I would try to beat Aladdin to the Genie's lamp. And a carpet ride.

Atlantica - I'm a fish in water I may never leave.

Halloween Town/ Christams -Interrogate Sandy Claws for some missing presents, Talk about Slender Man and go beyond the game and explore the other holiday worlds.

Monstro - "Stupid Whale"

Neverland - Fly and stay the hell away from Peter Pan. I wanted to punch him when we first met.

Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden Would depend on the time period. Probably hangout with Kairi, Annoy Braig and Xehanort and learn from Ansem the Wise. Play on the computer with Tron, hangout with Winnie the Pooh, Take pictures of the crystallized princesses in there cocoon.

Twilight Town - Join Hayner's crew and find ways to annoy Seifer's. Climb the clock tower and have some sea-salt ice-cream Yum. Explore the mansion.

Castle Oblivion - Explore and find Ventus and sneak out Namine discretely ( I'd probably throw a lamp shade on her and run.)

Land of the Dragons - Train with Mulan.

Beast's Castle - Fanboy over Belle "I lurve chew " :3

Port Royal - Enjoy every moment being with Captain Jack Sparrow.

Pride Lands Hunt a Zebra, climb Pride Rock, and hangout with Rafiki.

Disney Castle Maybe play the mini games or just explore the massive castle, and go back in time to Steam boat Willy :3

Enchanted Dominion - Listen to Aurora sing I like how high pitched it is.

Castle of Dreams - Hangout with Cinderella

Dwarf Woodlands - Party with the dwarfs

Deep Space - Some how cement glue hands with Experiment 626 because the buddy system will be greatly needed.

Land of Departure - Explore

Keyblade Graveyard - Steal keyblades

End of the Worlds - Nope

Mysterious Tower - Learn from the great Master Yen Sid

La Cite de los Clotches - Church and then go be a gypsie for a spell.

Pranksters Paradise - No refer to Monstro

The World That Never Was - Explore

Destiny Island Enjoy the Beach. Then Look at Sora. Look at Kairi.
If I followed Sora's journey (and Birth by Sleep):

[b]Traverse Town[/b] - Touch the poms on the mo
over a year ago vaniller said…
Doing mah own thing here...

Destiny Islands:Play on the beach and kick tiduses butt.
Traverse Town: Play with dalmations,buy everything.
Wonderland:Stage a coup and overthrow the queen of hearts.Evil laugh.
Deep Jungle: Ride an elephant and fight a tiger.
Olympus Coliseum: Fight a few tournaments.
Agrahbah: Magic carpet races.
Halloween Town:Help Jack prepare for Halloween and question Santa Claus about naughty and nice.
Monstro: Destroy that evil whale.
Neverland: Be sarcastic around Peter Pan.
Hollow Bastion: Play games with Tron and practice fighting with Leon.
Beasts Castle: Perform the Consuela technique to get rid of angry villagers.
World That Never Was: Take hopeful hold of the castle turn it into a mancave.
Twilight Town: Annoy the fudge out of Seifer.