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angiecakes posted on Oct 01, 2012 at 08:47AM
I might be wrong but this is my theory of the whole xehanort saga of kingdom hearts.

remember back when you first got the first KH and probably thinking who is the ansem guy FF characters are talking about and when you found out that he controls the heartless he was evil and you have to kill him to finish the game and wondering why Sora stabbed himself well we know soon that Ansem possessing Riku that Kairi's heart is within and only way to release and for the keyhole to be complete he had to stab himself to release her heart also which make Sora disappear but Kairi said she won't let him go so bascially he came back as a heartless and Kairi sense it was Sora so she protected him and obviously that made him human again.

and Chain of Memories came out and confused probably the crap out of you, you are like who is this organization what do they want and was wondering who the blonde girl was and the old guy in rikus story too.

Then KH2 came out and your playing some guy you dunno i bet you all thought Sora was gonna wake up at the beginning but we were wrong we played Roxas and thinking who is this guy and why was he having dreams about Sora till we found out he was Sora's nobody and he was once part of organization and thats why Axel was sent on a mission to bring him back cause Roxas was the only one in the organization has the power to wield the keyblade and he was the one to make Kingdom Hearts happened.
and your all thinking he can wield the keyblade cause he holds half of Sora's power in him also his nobody and then the only way he can become whole again is to go back to Sora so he can wake up so basically Roxas was inside Sora throughout his second journey and why suddenly Sora starts crying without getting upset its cause its Roxas crying.
Sora teams back up with donald and goofy Mickey ask them to board a train to the mysterious tower where Master Yen Sid lives the wizard from fantasia and mickeys teacher and Yen Sid blabbed on bout they had to go on another journey and telling them bout the new enemy Organization 13 and the nobodies they had to defeat them once and all but Sora was abit concerned into finding Riku and we dunno why we probably understand that they were friends but it was something and no not yaoi ok LOL.
anyways later on in the game we reunite with King Mickey and he explain Ansem wasn't really Ansem they defeated but it was his heartless and they all like, "WHAT" i was like that too LOL just to kill off a fake LOL and the real Ansem was Ansem The Wise or Diz.
also he explained his recognize him before but dunno when then he did a flashback and it was Xehanort, Ansem's apprentice so the leader of the organization was his nobody Xemnas (mansex) LOL so after all that there was a battle in Hollow Bastion between Heartless and Nobodies and then they comfronted Xehanort but he disappeared along with Mickey Sora was still left clueless but then Axel showed up and told them that the keyblade slaying the heartless was only helping the organization to create Kingdom Hearts so they can exist then Saix appeared Axel disappeared and Kairi was kidnapped too and Sora wanted Saix to take him to her but he said no that made Sora even mad but realise he can't kill the heartless cause it was only helping them but he had to I felt bad for him :( after that

now your thinking what is this Kingdom Hearts right that this Xehanort dude was so obsessed with.
on the last world Ansem The Wise and Mickey reunite and Ansem uses a machine so Xemnas will never have his Kingdom Hearts and Sora and Kairi reunite and Kairi met Riku before that but she can sense that Xehanort's heartless was Riku and was trying to make Sora believe that and Sora sensed it and hes never been happier lol.
but they weren't finish yet they had to defeat the last 4 nobodies Xigbar, Luxford, Saix and Xemnas since Axel used his power to fight along side Sora and destroy the dusks that interuppted Sora, Donald and Goofy as they were heading to it via the virtual twilight town, the trio defeated Xigbar and Sora was wondering why he called him Roxas.
Then Sora defeated Luxford by himself and then the trio defeated Saix now it was Xemnas left they met up with Ansem and Mickey and also Ansem knew he can destroy it and the only way was to destroy himself too but Riku knew it was gonna happen after KH was destroyed and Riku turn back to normal probably when you all fangirls loved.
but before that Sora was wondering why some of the nobodies called him Roxas and Riku said Roxas was Sora's nobody and he was inside him.
anyways Mickey, Riku and Kairi joined the trio to defeate Xemnas once and for all and they think they did and we see that blonde girl again from chain of memories and beginning of KH2 who was trying to tell Roxas that he was Sora's nobody her name was Namine and shes a witch and she was rechaining Sora's memories back together at the beginning on KH2 and we are all wondering ok shes a nobody but whose nobody is she till she help Kairi break out when Kairi touched Namine's hand it was light and thinking hmm maybe shes Kairi's nobody and that scene she open a portal to the island Mickey, Donald and Goofy made it through and we found out she was Kairi's nobody cause remember in the first game when Kairi went through Sora before she disappeared her heart was inside Sora and after he stabbed themselve gave her heart but since it was out of her body she was just a empty shell so that means she had a nobody and also another part was release and we all know that was Roxas eh.
and after Roxas and Namine went back to the original forms Kairi went through the portal and Sora and Riku < who is not in the darkness anymore were bout to go through but it close up which means Xemnas ain't killed off yet.
so it was upto Sora and Riku now to finish him off.
and FINALLY they did after the battle Riku was weak and Sora helped him aww and walked onto a dark beach and later made it back to the islands and Kairi and thats when KH2 ends.

to be continue

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over a year ago angiecakes said…

ok now your thinking why was Xemnas was so obsessed with KH and we solve why Roxas was in the organization but we wanted to know why he joined with them in the first place and why he was friends with Axel
well square enix decide to give sora a break and give roxas his own story and game which was 358/2 days it was during half way through chain of memories to soras sleep heading to KH2.
and Roxas was the only one who can wield the keyblade cause he holds half of Soras power in him and he is his nobody.
and at the beginning we got introduce to a new character a 14th member by the name of Xion which we later find out she can wield a keyblade too like Roxas and when Axel went away to castle oblivion obviously for COM Roxas was left by himself to battle in worlds killing the heartless till Xion joined him and he realise she can wield a keyblade too and they became friends instant and when Axel returned Roxas and Xion were friends but he had a bad feeling about Xion.
also Riku meets up with Xion and when he saw her face he backed away from her cause it reminded him on a person he knows and wants to know why she can wield a keyblade till we eventually find out shes a replica of Sora's memories so Sora can't wake up till Roxas and Xion become part of him again but Xion was more like a puppet and when i heard Axel was sent on a mission to destroy Xion but Roxas decides to deal with Xion himself trying to bring her back to the world that never was but she knew it was wrong on what they are doing and refused she even pointed a keyblade at Roxas till Axel showed up he knew she was gonna betray them so Axel forced Xion to come back to them.
but then she ran off again she knows what to do now after what Riku and Namine told her and that got Roxas thinking too and didn't know bout Sora then but was wondering why the keyblade choosed him Axel now thinking Roxas was next to betray the organization and was ending up getting destroyed and he turn against them.
then a scene up on the clock tower with Roxas thinking about who is this Sora guy and Xion went upto him and had sea salt ice cream and Xion said it was time she knew what she was doing she had her hood on she taked off her hood and showed Roxas another face he has never seen before and she said it was Sora and she walked out and the only way she became whole was to battle Roxas but obviously Xion lost and Roxas was still standing Roxas ended up as the stronger one and Xion told Roxas she was part of Sora and she was going back to him and Roxas didn't really want to go but she knew she had and she disappeared but it also gave Roxas the power to wield 2 keyblades now im thinking here why was he gonna leave the organization and im thinking because Xion told him that Organization was doing something wrong and she told him to don't let xemnas have KH then later in game Riku was sent on a mission by Diz to capture Roxas and bring him back to Diz to wake Sora up but Riku lost the fight so he had to release his darkness and he turned into Ansem and ended up to defeat Roxas and bring him back and Diz knew had to give him some new memories till Namine finishing fixing Sora's memories so he made a alternate Twilight Town remove of his memories when Roxas was in the organization and gave him new ones till Sora wakes up.

ok that got me thinking
when Sora stabbed himself in the first KH right we knew Roxas came from him and chain of memories soon as Sora was loosing his memories Xion was created right.
Roxas is half of Sora and holds half of Soras power in him also looks like a blonde short hair version of him but were thinking why Riku freaked when he first saw Xion it reminded him on someone and he say later she reminds him of Kairi cause she looks like a dark hair version of her.
and it got me thinking shes a replica of soras memories right but what memories and Xion said she has dreams about Kairi and him and that got me thinking.
I am thinking Xion was created by Sora's memories of Kairi cause Kairi well shes important to Sora of course.
and Riku freaked cause she looks so much like Kairi and she can wield a keyblade cause she came from Sora but also remember back in the second game when Riku suddenly gives Kairi a keyblade and it did not disappear when she got it she fought the heartless near her with it well im thinking maybe because Kairi has the power to wield the keyblade too but we dunno how but the next game explains it all why Roxas looks so different to Sora, why Saix called Axel Lea and why Kairi can wield a keyblade


to be continue
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over a year ago angiecakes said…
Birth By Sleep is 10 years before Sora jumped in
and 3 new characters Aqua, Terra and Ventus and remember the secret ending in KH2 if you play proud mode there was a secret ending with these characters and some bald guy and the heat shaped moon.

well it was a teaser for BBS obviously and we thought that blonde guy in the secret ending was Roxas cause he looks like him but we were wrong it was Ventus.

and you probably all freaked out that he looks exactly like Roxas eh well i'll explain
I watched BBS like 10 times now and I think I finally get the plot of the story.
at the begining of the game we see this bald guy in the black coat carrying Ventus on destiny islands and Ventus looked like he was dead LOL.
but a dream sequence like in KH when Sora had to choose a weapon power of courage can't remember the other 2 it was Ven and he was talking to something or someone down there but we are thinking whos that guy talking with him and then the dream finished and Ven put his arm up and keyblade appeared in his hand and bald guy turned around and he smiled.
and then another scene when Ven was in his room and saw a meteor shower and wants to get a better look so he went outside.
and when he got close to it he lay down looking up at the stars and saying it looks familiar to him and then Aqua showed up along sat down with Ven looking up at the stars and thinking where do the stars come from where light comes from then Terra showed up and he seems familiar to you doesn't he.
Aqua gave Ven and Terra lucky charms and lucky charms for good luck at her and Terra's mark of mastery exam tomorrow and then they all went back and that was last and ever night they spent together under the stars.
next day it was Terra and Aqua's mask of mastery exam on who will be a keyblade master.
their teacher Master Eraqus gave them the test Ven just stand near the corner watching cause he wasn't ready yet but aqua and terra have been training for years for this day and we see that bald guy sitting down and his name was Master Xehanort and the test began and Master Xehanort moves his fingers and darkness was around the magic balls Aqua and Terra were suppose to hit and one was heading to Ven but he stopped it and Aqua wanted Ven to go to his room but he said no he was waiting for this day when those 2 will become masters Terra says to Aqua he can look after himself he was kind of like a big brother to Ven.
they passed that test and another was they have to face each other in combat so they did it fight each other but Terra couldn't control his darkness and it came out Xehanort smiled and soon the test was done and Master Eraqus named Aqua keyblade master so Terra failed cause he couldn't hide back his darkness when they were fighting he wasn't too happy about it and he left leave Ven and Aqua in there.
Master Xehanort and he ask some strange guy what he thought of Ventus and he said, "he ain't gonna cut it", and does that voice sound familiar to you.
later Master Yen Sid sense that something bad was gonna happen to Master Eraqus and Mickey who was training to become a keyblade master that time too so he was a rookie.
back in Land of Departure Ven was in his room till he heard a bell ring and went to check it out till that guy with the helmet showed up in his room talking about Ven has to catch up to Terra or he will never see him again, "like right now hes leaving and by the time you catch up he'll be a different person".
Ven was concerned so he ran to Terra and try to stop him but Terra know what hes doing then he transformed into his armor and keyblade turned into a flying machine and went out of the black portal in the sky, Ven had to follow him so he transformed in his armor hoped on his machine and followed Terra and by the time Aqua got out Ven was leaving.
in Aqua's story Master Eraqus told Aqua to bring Ven back hes not ready for the outside world yet and keep an eye on Terra since that incident during the test and if he ever got too close to the darknes she will had to destroy him I know Aqua didn't wanna do it but she had no choice now shes a keyblade master.
in Terra's story Master Xehanort told him he has has to master his darkness if he wants to be strong.
in Ven's story he went to all disney worlds trying to track down Terra but no such luck but all the evil people in those worlds all heard of Terra and told Ven what he has been doing and he never believe Terra would do that ever, Aqua caught up with Ven in Sleeping Beauty's world and told Ven not to listen to Maleficent also told him to go home but he refuse he won't go back till he finds Terra and he ran off and in Terra's story Terra was forced by Maleficent forced Terra to remove Princess Aurora's heart from her also shows her what the keyblade can do and asks Ven to help her he refused and asked Aqua she refused she didn't believe her either but she said, "why don't you ask him", that concerned Aqua even more.
alll 3 met up in Radiant Garden when they all join forces to defeat one big unversed creature they defeated him Ven gave Aqua and Terra both passes to disney world he got from Scrooge McDuck for scaring a big creature away from him its cute when Ven says, "he says I have to take 2 grownups" aww haha.
then Aqua told Ven to go home but he still refused and Ven said something about the black helmet guy and Terra knew about him and even told Ven to go home and Aqua said to Terra what she has heard of what Terra's been doing in the world and Terra thinks Master Eraqus doesn't trust him and sent Aqua to keep an eye on him that made him mad and walked off and Ven followed him and Aqua was left in the center alone then she met up with the black helmet guy.
Terra went to find Master Xehanort but he saw he was tied up but a guy name Braig what Terra didn't know this was just a setup.
Ven was trying to find Terra and before that he saw Mickey and followed him upto the castle he disappeared after that.
and before they defeated the unversed creature Aqua arrived in the world and the unversed was chasing a little girl that look familiar to us it was little Kairi aww.
Kairi went behind Aqua and she touched her keyblade and Aqua saved her and Mickey joined in on the fight.
after the fight Kairi pick some flowers for Aqua she loved them she can sense light in her and gave her a gift like if she ever was in danger someone will be there to save her and we all know who XD.
Kairi's grandmother came and Kairi ask her to tell her that story again about the pure light and said small bit of lights still inside the hearts of children.

to be continue
over a year ago angiecakes said…
back to Terra
ok he saved Master Xehanort from this Braig guy but defeating and he was holding his eye as he ran off and then Terra head off to the next world but before he did Ven catched up with him and asks if he can come Terra said no but he also said when he needs him he will be there.

Ven went back to Aqua who was still standing in the center there and asks Aqua if he can come she shouted NO VEN she told him as a order to go home and walked off.
poor Ven :(
Ven was still in Radiant Garden remembering when he, Aqua and Terra were praciticing and stuff and happy times too he got a wooden keyblade Terra gave him and he was playing with it and it slipped out of his hand and two teenage boys who look very familiar walk by and one picked up the wooden keyblade yep it was a young LEA and ISA (Axel and Saix)
gave it back to Ven and says he wants to have a little battle with him to see if hes any good Ven took that challange and defeated Lea and said he wants to be remembered he and ven were friends since then.

after Ven left that world and just wanna make some friends in new worlds.

In Terra's story he was searching for the black helmet guy and he was on Destiny Islands and he saw 2 little boys on the island with familiar faces it was a baby sora and riku XD.
they were heading back to the boats Sora took one look at Terra and kept on going Riku was walking lol and he saw Terra and he stopped and he ask him if he came from the outside world.
cause he heard of a guy leaving the island and never came back and he wants to go to the outside world too Terra can sense something in Riku and Riku said he'll be there for his friends no matter what.
and Terra has seen Riku's future and made his choice them he summoned his keyblade and knee down to Riku and told him to touch his keyblade and one day he will one day be chosen by the keyblade to fight the darkness cause Riku he reminded Terra of himself and he said to Riku to not tell anyone about this not even his friend Sora so he kept his promise to him and walk to Sora to the boats.

in Aqua's story she arrived on the destiny islands and she sees Sora and Riku playing and she jumps down to them to see them better she laughed cause they reminded her on her friends she asks for their names and Sora said his first and Riku was next and Aqua sense something in Riku, "someone already pass this boy the power was it Terra", then she looks at Sora, "and hes a spitting image of Ven".
Aqua can sense one of them might be special I think she knew who it was XD and she asks Sora if he liked Riku and he said yea he is his best friend and Aqua also told him if he ever walked a dark path he will be there to protect him then they left and Aqua looked at her lucky charm thinking about Ven and Terra.

Ven's story he was still making friends and he met up with Master Xehanort at the keyblade graveyard when he was trying to save Mickey and Ven was starting to remember alot more about his life.

it was a flashback to before he met Terra and Aqua Master Xehanort grab something from Ven and the black helmet guy appeared by the name of Vanitas he was made up of all Ventus's negative thoughts.
and Ven was just a empty shell after that.
Master Xehanort told Ven Master Eraqus knew about it too thats why he didn't let him out of the world.
cause Ven is part of the ulimate weapon The X- Blade and the only way it can be forge if him and Vanitas fight and join together and he refused to fight him.
but he went back to Master Eraqus and set him straight on why he kept this from him and Master Eraqus knew who told him and he knew what he was gonna do he had to destroy Ven to make sure the key will never be forge.
I was abit confused here sure im telling the storyline but its called trying to explain too.

In Terra's story Master Xehanort called out to him and told him Master Eraqus was gonna destroy Ven so Terra head straight home as fast as he can and stopped Master Eraqus from destroying Ven but Ven knew he was right.
but Terra refused his Master's order to move and Ven got in the way knocked him out and Terra grabbed him and Master can sense darkness in Terra and thinking the darkness was taking control of him but it was to protect Ven he opened a portal chucked Ven through and Ven was on Destiny Islands.
Terra trying to stop Master Eraqus from destroying him too then Master did wrong and he just dropped to the ground and realise Terra was tricked by Master Xehanort all along so he head to the keyblade graveyard to deal with him himself.
Ven was on Destiny Islands Vanitas was there he wanted to fight Ven and he refused cause he knows what will happen if he does fight him then he remembers more bout Master Xehanort and then put his armor on and went to the keyblade graveyard.

Aqua was at Yen Sid's tower and he told her Master Eraqus has been taken down and told her Terra did she didn't believe he would never do that then Yen Sid said Master Xehanort helped him too she couldn't believe her eyes she head to the keyblade graveyard too.

all 3 of them are there Aqua asked Terra if what Yen Sid said was true and he said yes it was and told her he was tricked by Master Xehanort into doing it and Ven arrives told him about the x blade will be forge if only he and Vanitas fight and the only way to stop he asks his own friends to destroy him.
Master Xehanort arrived along with Vanitas gave them a little history bout the keyblade war against light and darkness and the x blade which he was after and he pointed at Ventus
they all transformed into their armor and Terra head for him first but backfired and the battle started all of them were heading upto Xehanort but Vanitas and Xehanorts power was stopping them Ven jumped up and Terra saw him try to save him but he froze Ven and he fell Aqua catched him he was still frozen then the heart shaped moon arrived.

ok terra's story ends there he was up there he had to battle master xehanort and he won but it was too later darkness took over Terra and Xehanort disappeared he ended up posessin terras body his armor was off but his armor was still moving even after Terra got posessed and battle him again.

Aqua's story Braig comes in again and she battles him to prove Terra is stronger and left ven lying there still frozen and Braig was defeated but it was only to give her time, Ven saw Vanitas come down and strike Aqua she gets knocked out.
Aqua wakes up with Mickey with her and went to check on Ven and he turned around Mickey sense it was not Ven it was Vanitas controlling Ven so Aqua had to defeat him even though she was weak but the power of her friends defeated him leaving her weak as but Mickey helped her.

Ven's story after Vanitas knocked Aqua out Ven was trying to move and Vanitas was gonna destroy Aqua and Ven shouted NO he was unfrozen and ready to fight Vanitas he defeatd him Vanita's revealed himself to Ven (an evil sora lol) he joined with Ven so the keyblade will be forge but Ven goes down to that area at the beginning of the game and Vanitas came down with the keyblade it was broken after his battle with Aqua and he wants Ven to join him so they can complete it and Ven he was gonn destory it and Vanitas laughed cause the key was made from his heart but he doesn't care as long as he saves his friends thats his power.
he defeated Vanitas along with the keyblade and he disappeared along with the key ends up destroying himself.

now its all Aquas story now Ven and Aqua were caught floating in space and Mickey saved them by taking them back to Yen Sid's tower Aqua woke up and trying to wake Ven up but he didn't wake up Yen Sid said his heart is sleeping and he won't wake till its returned to him and Aqua had to put him in safe place till he wakes.
so Aqua went back to whats left of Land of Departure with Ven on her back and went inside the castle out Ven in a chair saw her masters keyblade she remembers Eraqus telling her if anything happens to him this place she will have to lock it up with his key and so she did and the whole castle changed and it was now Castle Oblivion and locked up a room Ven was in not even the organization can get in till she comes back to wake him and she left him there since.
Aqua went and search for Terra she found him in Radiant Garden but he was posessed by Master Xehanort already and she had to defeat him to release Terra and Terra stabbed himself and went down in a black hole Aqua put her armor on went down to save him from the darkness she grabbed him but the hole was closing quickly so had to sacrifice herself to save Terra by protecting him with her armor and carry Terra to the surface while Aqua was down the realm of darkness
so much of her returning to Ven even longer with her.
thats the end of aquas story
over a year ago angiecakes said…
Terra's story wasn't finished the guards from the palace and Ansem The Wise found him and Ansem ask him who his name was his name was Xehanort DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR TO YOU NOW.
and he became Ansems assitant in the castle.
as for Ven
back on destiny islands Riku and Sora were heading back home till Riku saw Sora was crying and he didn't realise himself that he was crying and Riku said someone out there must be hurting and Sora said what should I do Riku told him to close his eyes and Ven could hear Sora's voice.
Sora went to that place when Ven and Vanitas faught and Sora sees something up in the sky shouting at it and Ven said, "I heard your voice" Sora caught Ven's heart hes talking to it and Ven said he has to go back to sleep again and Sora ask what can he do and Ven ask if he can stay with him and he said, "sure if it makes you feel better", Ven was happy and as we know Ven's heart went inside Sora and Sora open his eyes and fixed and looked at the sky then went home and that the end of vens story.

secret ending is its been 10 years and Aqua was still walking in the realm of darkness and she forgot how to smile and saw a guy in a black hood so she sat down and he told that theres someone out there fighting the darkness and shes thinking its Terra or Ven but he said no but when he said his name she cried cause he kept her promise it was Sora.
and then you see older Sora sitting in the tree looking out in the ocean and Riku and Kairi showed he got a letter from mickey in KH2 and he was thinking about those people who made him who he is and he says he has to go and thats pretty much the BBS plot
over a year ago angiecakes said…
OK now your thinking whats that letter from mickey about and thats why they did coded for it was to explain the letter right.
it explains that the first heroes of the keyblade are hurting and it was upto Sora to wake Ven up, get Aqua out of the realm of darkness and save Terra if they wanna defeat Master Xehanort and which means Yen Sid knows Sora and Riku can wield a keyblade so yeah it was time for their mark of mastery exam and since Eraqus is defeated Yen Sid had to do it also to gain new powers also release 7 sleeping keyholes which will get wake Ven up, release Aqua and save Terra.
over a year ago angiecakes said…
ok now you confused with stuff like this
are Roxas and Ven the same person
are Sora and Vanitas the same
why can Kairi wield a keyblade
who was Ven talking with in the beginning of BBS
why did Roxas join the organization

well according the KH creator he said Roxas are Ven are 2 different people but that got me thinking maybe he mean by that is Roxas are Ven are 2 different people maybe he ment they got 2 different personalities like im saying is
Roxas is Ven but hes got a different personality but thats my theory that Roxas has Ven's appearance and heart and he is Ven but hes a way different personality then Ven which makes him different to him
thats my theory ok I ain't 100% sure im just guessing.

and next is Sora and Vanitas look alike and another is who was Ven talking with in BBS
im guessing this
Ven was talking with someone right and we dunno who but im guessing it was Sora speaking with him I know he was 4 around that time but remember when Aqua sense something special and its Sora thats why she asks him if Riku ever walk down a dark path he will be there to protect him cause she can sense that Sora's heart is full of light.

so guessing it was Sora speaking with Ven remember Ven look dead at the begining LOL i know its not a nice thing to say but he did look it but look closely at his eyes they seem different to you do they yeah he was only half of a person since Vanitas was his other half but Xehanort grabbed him out of Ven and that made Ven a empty shell.
look at his eyes they look different as he was speaking along with this guy my guess and next scene he put his arm up a keyblade appeared in his hand so im guessing Sora gave him some of his power for Ven to be a full person and maybe thats why Sora cried it was Ven hurting and then he talked out to Ven he heard him and his heart came down to him so im saying
Sora was part of Ven so he can be full human cuz Sora's heart is full of light and Ven was returning the favor by being part of his till he can be whole again which gave Sora the power to wield the keyblade cause of Ventus's heart but im thinking would he still have the power to have one even after Vens heart returns to him hopefully in the third game but i think he would in time cause his heart is full of light and keyblade of light only chooses the person with alot of light in them.
over a year ago angiecakes said…
now next one is why does Vanitas looked like Sora
remember when you first saw Vanitas he was always wearing that helmet and never took it off till Ven was full well im thinking maybe because he didn't take his helmet off maybe because he had no face only a voice but no face but as soon as Ven got his keyblade and at the end of the game Vanitas helmet vanished and you thought it's Sora turned evil.
like vanitas body is full on hatred of negativity of Ventus thats it but as soon like i said Sora's light gave Ven the power to be full also a keyblade well maybe after that Vanitas didn't have a face soo he just copied a face Ven knows and it was Soras.

ok next is how come Kairi can wield a keyblade well thats simple if you watch Aqua's story Kairi was runnin from the unversed and she ran behind Aqua and Kairi accidently touched her keyblade by mistake and that got me thinking maybe thats why she can wield a keyblade cause she touched it also Aqua sense light in her and gave her a gift so maybe thats why she can wield a keyblade.

last one why did Roxas join the organization
well its simple Xemnas was really Terra's nobody and not master Xehanort but he was already posessed by Xehanort before his body was split to a heartless and nobody.
and young Xehanort is basically Terra posessed by him so Xemnas and Xehanort's heartless is Terra's heartless and nobody.
and well Xemnas wanted Roxas to join the organization cause well you know how protective Terra was with Ven and he was like an older bro figure to him and since Ven can wield a keyblade and Sora Roxas can too so thats why Xemnas wants him in cause Roxas has Ven's appearance and half of Sora and Ven's power in him and he can also wield a keyblade so Roxas is basically Ven but Ven's nobody the reason his name is Roxas is cause he came from Sora and Sora has Ven's heart and since he came from Sora he just add a X in his name and rearrange his name around.
and Xemnas was Terranort's Nobody and wants him to complete KH and Roxas became friends with Axel cause Axel is really Lea just with a X in it and rearrange and Roxas reminds him of Ven.

and another I remember why did terranort steal Ansems name thats easy Ansem took him in as his apprentice and later stole his name.

so short way of saying this
Roxas is Ven but with a different personality since Ven was inside Sora's heart
but he had to go back cause it wasn't fully repaired so he had to return to Sora so it can finish
thats why Sora can see Roxas even though he was inside him cause Roxas is Ven but hes different

Sora's light help Ven be full and have a keyblade and Ven return to him which gave Sora the power of the keyblade

Xemnas and Xehanort's Heartless is Terra's Heartless and Nobody but he was posessed by Master Xehanort that made him evil.

Xion was created by Sora's memories of Kairi thats why she looked like her.

Vanitas was created from Ven had no face till got one Ven would know.

Kairi can wield a keyblade cause she touched Aqua's keyblade and Aqua gave her a gift

Terra choose Riku to be the original keyblade master but since Riku chose darkness it passed down to Sora cause he had vens heart.

Xemnas wanted Roxas in the organization cuz he was basically Vens shadow had he and soras power in him and Terra and Ven have a brotherly friendship in BBS.

Axel and Roxas became friends instant cause of Lea and Vens friendship in BBS.

if that makes sense to ya but thats my theory but what ya think
who knows with the third game coming but this is just for now