5 years later Kairi was 9 month pregnant agian and went to the hospital with Sora. "Your baby is all healthy I'll see you when you start getting brith." Dr.Martin said."Thank you." Kairi said. Then they go to there van and drive to the Plamwoods."I'm so happy!" Sora said. Then Kairi kiss him in the cheek and they went to the arpartment.Then Kairi knock the door."Kenny open the door!" Kairi said."I'm playing Black Ops!" Kenny said."I'll black ops you in the head if you don't open the door!" Kairi said. "What's the password?" Kenny asked. "I got this Kairi.Your cool." Sora said. "When that's not a password but i'm gonna let you in." Kenny said. "Work every time." Sora said. Then Kenny open the door. "Wow!You are really fat." Kenny said. "I'm gonna choke you boy." Kairi said. "Clam down.She pregnant." Sora said. "I thought she fat cuz I'll laugh." Kenny said. "Can I choke him please?" Kairi asked. "Nobody is choking each other." Kenny said. "Where's Olette,Riku,Mordecai,and Rigby?" Kairi asked. "There at Stardust coffee." Kenny said. "But why you stay here?" Kairi asked. "Cuz they told me to wacth Tidus and Tallen.Now we'll you excuse I'm gonna by Black ops." Kenny said. "Guys were back." Riku said. "Did you got the coffee's?" Kenny asked. "Yeah.Mordecai and Rigby got fried." Olette said. "What they do?" Kenny asked. "I punch him in the face and Rigby kick him in the crocth." Mordecai said. "but why?" Kairi asked. "Cuz he yells at us for no reason!" Rigby said. "Wow your pregnant Kairi." Olette said. "I know it happen yesterday." Kairi said. "I thought she was fat." Kenny said. "Kenny that's mean!" Olette said. "Really!I thought she was." Kenny said. "Did you finish the baby's room?" Kairi asked. "Yes I put everything in there." Kenny said. "Good I'm going to sleep." Kairi said. "I just shot that guy in the face!" Kenny said. "Wait.What dinner were hav'in?" Kairi asked. "Chinse that I use to do." Kenny said. "You gonna try. It's good!" Olette said. "Yeah.It taste awsome!" Rigby said. "I geuss I'll try a litte." Kairi said. Then they ate. "Man I'm tried let's hit the hay." Kenny said. The next day.Kenny,Riku,and the other are at the pool.Then Kairi is at the lobby and then she at labor breathing."KENNY,SORA,AND RIKU I'M GETTING BRITH RIGHT NOW!!!" Kairi said.Then Kenny fainted. "Okay Kairi sit down and clam down!" Sora said. "We need to go to hospital!" Riku said. "Dude it's like a 100 miles!" Kenny said. "OLETTE,MORDECAI,AND RIGBY KAIRI'S GETTING BRITH RIGHT NOW!!!!" Sora said. "Oh my god guys come on!" Olette said. "I call the docter!" Sora said. "We take care of Kairi!" Kenny said. 5 minutes later."Okay I call the docter but they can't come." Sora said. "I geuss we gotta do it ourselves!" Kenny said. "Your doing it!" Olette said. "Alright but I doing it my way." Kenny said. then he put sades on and walk in slow motion. "WILL YOU FREAKIN HURRY UP!!" Kairi yelled. "Alright then clam down and start breathing slowly--" Kenny said.Then Kairi grabbed his neck and start choking him."LOOK I HAVE A FREAKIN KID AND IF YOU WON'T HELP ME IN ONE SECOND I'M GONNA WRING YOUR NECK!!!!" Kairi screamed. "Ok just stop choking me!" Kenny said.Then Kairi let Kenny's neck go. "Ok now push,push,push,push,PUSH!!!" Kenny said.Then Kairi was pushing really hard and a baby came out. "It's twin babys a boy and girl." Kenny said.Mordecai and Rigby brust into tears so did Sora and Riku.One tear came out of Kenny's eye. "I saw that big guy." Kairi said. "What?No I'm not crying I'm sweating thruogh my eyes.Ok I'm crying I couldn't help when baby are born." Kenny said. "Tallen look are new brother and sister." Tidus said. "What his name?" Tallen said. "Eddy and sarah." Kairi Said. Then the baby's eyes open and everyone smiled.