Kenny,Samuel,Sora,Kairi,and the other were walking to the mall."Why are we going to the mall exactly?" Samuel asked."It's gonna be Olette's 16th brithday tomorrow we need to get the stuff for the brithday party at the Plamwoods!And the presents!
Party stuff:
2.Plastic kinves,spoons,fork
7.Blue and yellow plastic tablecolthes
8.Blue and yellow ribbons
10.Ice cream cake with blue and yellow frosting and skittles saying "Happy 16th brithday Olette!"
List of gifts:
Samuel: All season of Dragon ball, Dragon ball z, and Dragon ball gt.
Kenny:Camro (car) and a kiss etc.
Kairi:Makeup box that sing "Best friends forever!"
Riku:homemade keybalde
Hanyer:Brithday card
Goku:Seven Dragon balls
Sonic:Seven chaos emaraled
"Okay me,Mordecai,and Rigby we'll do the BBQ and you,Sora,and Kairi decorte this lobby Olette is coming back in 20 mintues! Kenny said."Let's get grillin!" Mordecai said."Chillin and grillin!" Rigby said."YEAHAH!!!" They said."Let's get strated!"Kenny said.then everyone cheered.20 minutes later.Then there's Olette wearing a beauitful dress."Where's Goku and Sonic?" Kairi asked."I don't know."Kenny said.then there Goku and Sonic holding Olette's hand."where were you guys!?" Kenny asked."You told us to pick her up." Sonic said."Oh I told you that sorry." Kenny said. "I was driving I won't let him do it." Goku said."I told you I was ready!" Sonic said."Yeah right!" Goku said."Guys enough Olette's comeing!" Kenny said.Everyone started hiding."Hello!? Kenny?" Olette asked."SUPRISE!!!"Everyone shouted."Oh my god!Who plan this?"Olette asked. "I did.Happy brithday babe." Kenny said.Then the song "lookin for a boyfriend." by Big time rush is playing. "Care to dance?" Olette asked. "Say "YES!" Goku and Sonic said. "Shut up!" Kenny said. "Kenny do wanna dance with me?" Olette asked."I though you never ask." Kenny said. Then Olette giggle.Then they dance and then Kenny and Olette were leaning and leaning and then Kenny give her a never ending kiss."This is the best brithday ever." Olette said.Then they sing and they kiss at the end and then sing sang "Happy Brithday" and Olette opens her present."YOU GOT ME A CAR!!??" Olette asked. "YEAH!!" Kenny said.Then Olette hugged him and kiss him.