It was a year after.Kairi was 9 months pregnant.She and Sora were at the doctor's office."She is going to deliver sometime this week.She seems pretty healthy.And the baby is doing good to.Well have a good day,Sora and Kairi Rendam." Dr.Zelphane said."Thank you,Dr.Zelphane."Kairi said.Sora and Kairi hopped into the van."Well.You're gonna deliver this week.I can't wait!"Sora said.Kairi gave him a kiss.Sora drove to the house.Riku was painting the baby's room and putting the furniture in it.Kairi went into the room.She nearly cried at the sight of the white and yellow.She grabbed the bags of clothes she bought for the baby and set them in the drawer.She opened the curtains.The sun shone as brilliantly as a smile full of white teeth in the room.She went to lay down in the bed.She woke up at 5:12pm to make dinner.She made speghatti with meatballs."Tidus!Wash up and come to dinner!"Kairi said.Tidus was Kairi's and Sora's addopted son.He washed up and ran down the stairs for dinner.After dinner,Tidus took a shower and got ready for bed.Kairi and Sora went to bed.They layed awake in bed."Sora,what if the delivery doesn't go well,and the baby gets sick?I don't want to lose our baby."Kairi said."The delivery will go fine.The doctor said the baby was healthy.And so are you.All I want is to have the baby,have a big family,and have everything go along fine."Sora said,turning over and kissing Kairi on the lips.The next morning,Kairi dressed Tidus in everyday clothes (Tidus is the addopted 4 year old)and gave him his lunch.He ran to the bus.Sora and Kairi drove to the high school.The day went by fast.It was lunchtime.Kairi started labored breathing."I'm giving birth right now!"Kairi said.Sora dropped his lunch and so did Riku.They picked Kairi up and ran out."OUTTA THE WAY!KAIRI"S GIVING BIRTH HERE!" Riku said.No one moved."I SAID MOVE IT!WOMAN GIVING BIRTH HERE!WHICH MEANS BABY ON THE WAY!" Riku said.Everyone in the lunchroom looked at them."SELPHIE!WAKKA!C'MON!KAIRI'S HAVIN A BABY!" Sora yelled.Selphie and Wakka dropped their lunches and ran with them.They all hopped into the car and sped off.They got pulled over by the police."I'm sorry sir.I need to see you're licence and..."the police officer said."I'm sorry!My girlfriends having a baby!We need to get to the hospital as quick as we can!"Sora said."We will escort you to the hospital."the officer said.The sirens wailed.They sped all the way to the hospital.They burst into the hospital.Sora ran to the desk."Lady!I need help!My girlfreinds having a baby!"Sora said.Wakka got a wheelchair and put Kairi in it."I need you to fill this out miss."the front desk lady said."LOOK!I'M HAVING A FREAKIN KID HERE!AND IF I DON'T HELP HERE IN ONE DAMN SECOND,I AM GONNA SCREAM!!!!!"Kairi screamed.A nurse ran the wheelchair into a room.Kairi layed on a bed."I'm gonna go get Tidus.Riku,Selphie,stay with Kairi and try to calm her down.Me and Wakka will go get Tidus."Sora said.Kairi screamed in pain."Shhhh.Try to calm down,sweetie.To much movement could hurt the baby."Selphie said,patting Kairi's hand."Calm down.Sora will be back in a little bit."Riku said,smoothing Kairi's red hair back.Sora was at the preschool.He picked Tidus up."C'mon.You're mom's having a baby."Sora said.They were back at the hospital withen minutes.They ran up to the room Kairi was in."Hi,mommy."Tidus said."Hi,honey."Kairi said back to Tidus."She is about a few minutes away from having the baby.We need to rush her to emergency room."the nurse said.Kairi was rushed to the emergency room.She pushed and pushed.Her eyes were dripping with tears.Her forehead was covered with pearls of sweat.She pushed again.A crying noise started.She looked down.There was their baby.Baby boy.She started crying.The nurse held the cleaned baby boy wrapped in a blue blanket with a blue hat.She took one look at the baby and cried."He's just beautiful.Just beautiful!I'm going to name you Tallen Joeseph Rendam."Kairi said.Sora cried and held Tallen.Sora burst out in tears.Tidus looked at Tallen."My new baby brother."he said.The nurse took him to the nursery.Kairi rested on the bed.Sora and Tidus layed right next to her."He is just a beautiful baby boy.Him and Tidus are the most beautiful children I have.They look alike too.The sandy blonde hair,angelic blue eyes as blue as the water on the island,rich,olive cream skin.They are just beautiful."Kairi said.Sora was smoothing her hair back.Kairi's mom and dad burst in the room.Sora's mom and dad also burst into the room."Congrats!"they 4 parents said.They were asking questions about the baby."The baby is well enough to take home."the nurse said.The adults cooed and cuddled the baby.They also cuddled Tidus.The 4 parents brought tons of gifts for the baby.The baby opened his eyes and looked at everyone and smiled.