The day comes!wedding day when Sora was at the church waiting for his beautiful bride Kairi,when Kairi was at the church she went to Sora and said "I love you" then Sora said "I love you too" then the priest said "do you Sora take Kairi to be your lovely wife and share your love with her forever" Sora said "I do" then the priest said "Do you Kairi take Sora to be your lovely husband and share your love with him forever" Kairi said "I do" the priest said "you may now kiss the bride then Sora and Kairi gave control to Roxas and Namine, Namine said "I love you Roxas" then Roxas said "I love you too Namine" after the wedding, Riku gave them a gift, Riku gave Sora a key , Sora said "WHATS THIS FOR" then Riku said "since you two are husband and wife now, I think you need a place of your own". When Sora and Kairi saw the house that Riku gifted them Kairi said "Thank you Riku for the house" Riku said "NO PROB. If you need some help just call me ok. Sora said "okay". Then Sora and Kairi started their honeymoon when they saw their bed it was surrounded by petals of roses when Sora looked at the window he saw a sea then he invited Kairi to swim then Kairi said "Okay but wait for me" Sora said "I'll be waiting for you while I'm swimming" then Kairi started her beauty steps she put facials on her face then looking for a suit to wear for their swimming but she can't find one so she went to the seashore naked when she saw Sora's clothes at the seashore she removed the towel on her body and went to the water where he saw Sora at the middle of the sea she went there too when Sora saw her Sora said to her "I love you forever" Kairi said "I love you too forever" when their swimming was finished they went to sleep then after two days Kairi throwed up and she felt dizzy when Sora brought her to the doctor the doctor said she was pregnant then sora said "WE ARE HAVING A BABY I'M SO EXITED FOR THE BABY TO COME OUT" then Kairi said "I'm pregnant with twins one boy and one girl" the doctor said "since kairi is the princess of hearts the baby will come out of her after nine months.....nine months later:
Sora what if the baby is in a bad condition ,Sora I don't want to lose our baby" Sora said "Don't worry the baby will be fine" then Kairi started labor breathing "Sora I think I'm gonna give birth" Sora said "KAIRI THE HOSPITAL IS MILES AWAY" then Kairi said "THEN YOU HELP ME GIVE BIRTH,SINCE YOU ARE THE FATHER OF OUR BABY" Sora said "okay" then Sora said " C'MON KAIRI PUSH!PUSH!PUSH HARDER!" then the baby came out then kairi was happy then kairi named the girl Sarah and Sora named the boy Kristhoper and they live happily ever after !!!! To be concluded........:)