You woke up in your bed, with your cat, Mimi, curled contently on your feet. you squirm, and she lifts her head and looks up at you."Mornin' mimi." She yawned in responce, and you crawl out of bed. You hear towards your closet, on the other side of your 50x50 bedroom, complete with A walk in closet, a bathroom, and a mini fridge. Your dad and mom are famous actors, but you are not very happy. They hardly pay any attention to you, and thats why you get in trouble so much. You look for a cute oufit to match your 4-inch high heels,(Avoiding brown or yellow.) You choose out a blue shirt with buttons on the sleeves and a matching belt. you wear a mini skirt,completely black.You trot downstairs with your hair curled and your nails done.(You dont like to wear makeup.) Your nanny, Mindi, Look up, and sneers"Oh if it isnt the demon child. Hope you have a good day, Devil-child!" She throws a paper bag lunch at you and you walk out the door, Flicked her off behind your back. You walk to the limo outside your mantion. The chauffer node and opens the door."madame, Your going to be late." You look at him."So?" He jsut sighes and closes the door. You lean back, careful not to muss up your hair, and 5 minutes later, you arrive at school. You walk into the school and enter the office."(Your name), Your late........again." You rool your eyes. You walk out and stop. Because there, standing in front of you, was the boy and girl from your dreams."Sora, There!" The girl points. The boy turns around. "There you are." He walks over to you, his key chains jingling."time to go."