Your keyblade
You have a weird dream. In it, you are fighting beside Sora and Kairi. You have your own Keyblade, Midnight blue and Silver ( Down below). While you Fight, The scene changes. from Paradise island, To The End On The World, To castle oblivion, Then Back again. Sora Died, Then Kairi. Your The last one left and you are fighting Malificent. She would Summon A weird Minion, but whenever you hit them, They dissapear, Then Reassemble, Like evil dust bunnies. Your surrounded by them. They grab,claw,scratch,bite,hit,stomp,and yell at you. Then you were about to die, Then goofy and donald was at your side. They shooed off the dust bunnies then helped you up.Malificent was horrified "This cant be," She cried. "I cant kill you!"
You nodded your head." You cant kill light!" you cry before you charge. Right before your keyblade hits her face, She flickered,then dissapear. You hit Air and fell to the ground. You crash-landed into a bunch of Broken keyblades,Looking alot like failed prototypes. You got up, Then walked out of the pile with bruises, but your ok. You Walk over to where Kairi and Sora Lay.They are holding hands, Like they died in that position.You Didnt want to Disturb them,But you have to. You Took ther hands apart, And picked up Kairi. Goofy had Sora. Then you Started Walking. Not Going anywhere in mind, but walking. Goofy and Donald followed. Donald was Trying desperately to wake up Sora. "its no use," You say. "he wont wake up." You had to choke back a sob. You end up in a mirrored room. You set down Kairi on a Broken bed. Goofy Put sora On the same bed. The scene was sad. Two of the best Keyblade masters dead. One was never going to come back again. You look into the mirrors. You have your face, but your different. your wearing a yellow shirt,a brown jacket with the sleeves zippered. Your shorts were pale blue, with chains on the sides. your shoes were ENORMOUS. Like clown shoes,exept cute. Yellow, like Soras, but with Decals on them. The size wasnt as big as Soras. You summon your Keyblade. You looked different. The same, But Mix it with terror and sadness, and thats what you get. You hear a gasp, from Donald. You Spin around, Half expecting Malifecint, But you,too,gasp. Sora and kairi were holding hands. Kairi stirred, And Sora stirred. They Opened their eyes. Noticing you, They smile and Wave goodbye. You were about to walk over, You Notice you were fading.
Goofy and donald turned, And You Tried to reach for them. But Your Hands faded.You were able to ask "why am i fading?" Sora answered" Because, Your duty was to Wake up a light. Your duty is done." you were about to ask more, But your vision went. Leaving Sora and kairi, Sitting up. Looking at you. Goofy and Donald waving. "so is that how you want to play?" You hear a voice. "So be it. Good luck, Little hero." And you wake up. "what a weird dream!"
When they were holding hands
A little sneak peek about part 2!