Justin Bieber I Love Justin Bieber(:

shainakidd posted on Jul 15, 2010 at 08:01AM
This company is giving away 3 pairs of VIP tickets to see Justin Bieber on Nov. 23rd, doesn't matter where you live, they pay for your flight & hotel. The contest is for ALL beliebers ages 13-17 so, if you want to win Justin Bieber VIP tickets sign up NOW!
All you have to do is join the website, and then enter the contest. the link is...

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over a year ago nalaska123 said…
cool my mom won't let me go
over a year ago shainakidd said…
well you get 2 tickets so she could always go with you. and you dont have to pay for anything. you should just join the website then read the rules, cause it explains them really well.