Johnny Depp 30 Day Johnny Depp Challenge!

KateKicksAss posted on May 11, 2011 at 05:17AM
So I found this on Tumblr, where they have various 30-day challenges that go around. This is the 30 Day Lady Gaga challenge. Basically you start with answering/doing Question 1, then come back each day and answer the next one until you're done.
Have fun!

01. First Johnny Depp movie you saw

02. Favorite Johnny Depp movie

03. A Johnny Depp TV appearance that you love

04. A random fact about Johnny Depp

05. Favorite Johnny Depp & Tim Burton movie

06. Favorite Johnny Depp Disney/Kids movie

07. Favorite episode of Johnny in 21 Jump Street

08. Favorite Johnny Depp co-star?

09. Favorite character that Johnny has played

10. What would you say if you wrote a letter to Johnny Depp?

11. Favorite scene from your favorite Johnny Depp movie

12. Least Favorite Johnny Depp movie

13. A Johnny Depp gif

14. A picture of Johnny Depp that you love

15. Favorite character quote

16. Favorite candid picture

17. Have you listened to his old band The Kids or any of his other music, and if so, what are your opinions of it?

18. Favorite character costume?

19. Favorite Johnny Depp quote?

20. A scene where you can’t stop laughing

21. Favorite song in Sweeney Todd

22. Have you ever seen a Johnny Depp movie that you didn’t like? If so, why didn’t you like it?

23. Favorite piece of his jewelry or favorite accessory of his?

23. Favorite Johnny Depp thriller?

24. Are there any Johnny Depp movies that you haven’t seen but really want to see?

25. Favorite Johnny Depp Fanart?

26. Favorite candid photo of Johnny

27. Which Johnny Depp movies do you own, and which do you now own but want to own?

28. Best on-screen chemistry with a co-star?

29. An award you think Johnny should have won but didn’t?

30. Why do you like Johnny Depp?

So I found this on Tumblr, where they have various 30-day challenges that go around. This is the 30 D

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