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DarkDamsel posted on Jun 01, 2012 at 11:21PM
I would like to bring forward a topic for discussion. It has been concerning me for quite a while. And still is.
There is a monster lurking around our fanspot. It speaks through the voices and words of many different people. Johnny Depp is scared of it. Vanessa Paradis is irked by it. Many of us Deppheads are disgusted with it.
Personally I hope Johnny Depp never visits fanpop. If he does, he'll find the grand work of some of his fans. Some people have been discussing about how they'd like to marry him, sleep with him, kiss him. Some have posted some written material about meeting Johnny Depp and then kissing him full on the lips. A few have written more disgusting things. I cannot find the humour in me to laugh at these things. And each time I think of Johnny Depp visiting fanpop, I can imagine him fainting with disbelief and anger. Perhaps it is time for these inappropriate posts to stop.
I like to think that we fan-love Johnny Depp for his personality not because we love his body.

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over a year ago jdepp4 said…
Each has their opinion, but I guess that people who do not respect Johnny and his family, should not be on this site or any site dedicated to Johnny. If you do not like someone not is no reason to offend him in public. Just yesterday I reported someone who has offended Vanessa putting inappropriate photos and a link leading to a porn site. it was as if they had offended me. I love Johnny for his personality, and I'll do what I can to defend him and his family from those who offend their image. it is for people like these or for the paparazzi that can destroy a family. Let us remember that there are two minor children who go on the internet. ( His Kids) I am here to share the passion for Johnny, find friends and fun, and not to read or view obscenity. Perhaps I may sound unlikable, but that's what I think of.
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over a year ago Agapi_Sparrow said…
I totally agree. That is mean. They should be more respectful to Johnny and his family. They can't post and write whatever comes on their mind to offend him. If they don't respect him they are not real fans and they doesn't belong to fanpop or such sites. I agree with both of you cause it is strange and unrespectful to love him only because he's beautiful and to always think of kissing him, marrying him or such things. I mean, I love him so much, he's my favorite actor but I respect him. He has a family, he has the same age with my dad.. I don't care about it, that doesn't change anything but I can't say that I want to marry him! He's much older than me, he has a family and I don't even know him personally.
@jdepp4 I agree to the part where you are writing about his kids. he has two kids that might use the internet often and if they see these posts about their parent, what will they think of? when they see people that say that they want to marry and kiss their dad? these things can destroy their family! I'm against these things and in my opinion they shouldn't be written in fanpop cause they are inappropriate. I want to believe that real Deppheads doesn't like such things and I think that we are all here to have fun, to find other fans to discuss with them about our interests and make friends. I have also reported this photo with Vanessa and I found it very offensive. I can't understand why some people enjoy these things... but ok this is my opinion.
over a year ago Johnny-Depp-fan said…
I also find it very offensive to Johnny and these habits must change. I feel uncomfortable reading all these comments about marrying him, kissing him...etc. Imagine what his family and friends would say. People who post those things are just making his life harder. He truely deserves more respect, I really wish people would at least give that to him-I don't think that's too much to ask, is it?
This is my opinion and I don't mind if you disagree with me, I wouldn't care less if you hate me. But I'd like to clarify that I'm sticking up for Johnny and nothing can stop me from doing so.