Johnny Depp CLOSED!! New Contest; A story about Johnny!!

jdepp4 posted on Apr 07, 2012 at 03:07PM
Is a bit of time that we haven't a contest. What do you think?
I thought about this.Not photos,but a story starring Johnny.Write what you want,use your imagination.the most voted and beautiful story will win.
1st place 20 props
2nd place 12 props
3th place 7 props
The contest ends May 12 2012
Vote the story and not the grammar or errors.

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over a year ago DaniqueJDloverr said…
Hmm, nobody likes this? I do like to write a story! :) Well Im not a good writer... but, Alright here we go (I is my eyes, or in the eyes from the Deppheads :P):

I just woke up. It was a beautiful day, I was looking through my window. But still something was not right… 8 days ago Johnny was hidden by a car. And now… he is still in the hospital, I was worried I didn’t hear a word from him those 8 days. Hmm, I was his best friend… why didn’t the people in the hospital call me?. I was screaming in myself, why, why him?. “I’m going to call him… IM JUST GOING TO FUCKING CALL HIM!” I said. I put my clothes on, ran downstairs, and make myself a cup of coffee. I walked to my table, there was standing a picture on my table, I graph it. I looked to the persons. Me…Johnny…..Helena…and Tim we al smiled. Then I put it back on the table… very slowly. I realised those ‘happy’ moments where over, we where al unhappy and upset. Every second of my live was a hole… a black hole, full with emotions. “And again… I’m talking to myself” I said, and I sighed. I took the phone. “Should I call?” I asked myself. At that moment, the phone rings. “let it be Johnny, let it be Johnny” I was hoping so badly. I answer the phone “Hello?” “Hello” I knew that voice, that cute sexy voice could only be from one person. “OMG Johnny?!” I could cry of happiness. “How are you, love?” he said. “Well im fine… but…I miss you so much, and how are you..?” “….well….” “Well what? Johnny?” no answer…. “Johnny Please, speak to me!” “well…. I’m oké…” “Oh Johnny.. I wish I could hug you right now!” I smiled. “Yes, I want to hold you too, Its just, I have so much pain…” I started to cry, “Love?, are you crying?” I didn’t answer him. “Please say something!” “Yes….Yes…Im crying…” “Don’t cry!, Its going to be alright….” “Hmm, Johnny?” “Yes my dear” “I’ll come to the hospital… TODAY!” he laughed. “You can never leave me, can you?” “No!, and even if I could I would not, See you later bye Johnny!” I hung up. I grabbed my coat, got into my car and drove to the hospital.

“Johnny!” “Haha, I Didn’t thought you would actually come!, Girl you’re crazy!” “you know me….you know me” I smiled. I was happy to see his face again. But I was already less happy when I thought how much pain he had. He smiled at me, “How is it with Helena and Tim?” “Hmm, there fine. But still sad, and upset….” I wanted to cry, but I kept myself strong. “I’m happy to see you again” He said. He took my hand. I smiled at him. And suddenly… I kissed him. ‘Damn.’ I thought. ‘Why now? While he is dying from the pain in a hospital.’ Johnny smiled. “why did you do that?” I blushed. “I like you….” Johnny smiled again, “I-I-I Got to go….” “Bye love” I walked away, but when I got near the car, I realized that I forgot my bag, It was still in Johnny’s room. I walked back. And when I came in Johnny’s room, I shocked. His heartbeat was very low, And he had troubles with breathing. I screamed: “JOHNNY!?!!, HELP!, A DOCTER PLEASE!?!” A few seconds later, 2 doctors came in. I was sitting next to him. And I was holding his face. “Johnny!, listen to me! You’re not going to die!. Do you hear me?” “Yes…” “Promise you won’t die!” “I-I-I won’t D-Die…” He kisses me softly, I was singing, “Keep holding on, cause you know we’ll make it tough…”

3 weeks later…..

“Johnny? Love?” "Boo!" he screamed. He jumped behind the couch, Ran to me, and kisses me. “Johnny… I was really scared, I thought that you would die…” “I know, But…. I’m still alive!.” “Yes, You must live, I made you a promise.. Remember?. I told you not to die” and I put my head in his arms. “Im a Survivor” “Yes” I smiled softly, I put my arms around him, and whispered in his ear: “I love you, my little survivor”.

Ehumm, Well, that was it, I hope you’d like it… Im a bad writer I know, But, I tried :P anyway, Don’t mark the Grammatik. Im dutch, not English so some sentences are not really good. Please, don’t mark it -xxxxxx :)

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over a year ago jdepp4 said…
Thanks for being the first!
It's a little sad...but i like!!
over a year ago jdepp4 said…
Is a beautiful day so i go on the beach for a walk with my dog.I let him free to go.
Chasing my dog Luky,i see a man sitting on the sand.He is sad and caresses my dog.I walk over and ask him;"Excuse me to disturb you. Need help?The dog is mine."
He raises his head and replies. "Oh sorry,i thought this dog hasn't a master.Is he who has approached me.Maybe he felt that I was suffering.My dog died 2 days ago.I was very fond."
"I'm so sorry,can i do something for you?" He gets up,looks me and says:
"You would do a walk with me?"
"Sure." I am very sorry that he suffers,but...wooow,he is so beautiful. "I'm Johnny,nice to meet you"
"Hi i'm Dany" JO..JO..JOHNNY DEPP?!?! OH M..M..MYYYY GGGGGOOOD!!!! My heart makes a jump that seems to have fall in my pants,
<Keep calm,Dany,keep calm>
I never thought to know Johnny.It was the dream of my life and now I met him at the simplest way possible.
We walk along the beach,talk for hours like two friends who have known for years.Arrived at my home,i invite him for coffee,but he says,
"I would like to invite you for dinner,a simple dinner,we eat on the beach.What do you think?"
"Ok" is the only word i can say.
"See you at 9:00 tonight." He greets and goes away.

7:30 pm and I'm going to dress for dinner.He is Johnny the much simpler person I know.So I put my jeans,a pullover and sneakers.
STOP! think a moment. <Dany,you realize with who you're going to dinner? HEYYYYY I GO TO DINNER WITH JOHNNY DEPP?! I DREAM OR I'M AWAKE? I WOULD LIKE TO SHOUT FOR JOY>
I get dressed,put on makeup,comb my hair...ready.I look at my watch, it's almost nine o'clock...Oh my god,sooo nervous.I leave the house, to reach the beach.There are lighted candles..I move closer.He is there,beautiful as always.
I love him so much.Johnny gives me a glass of wine and says;"Let's drink to our meeting,to this magical night,"
After drinking,he takes away my glass,and takes my hand.I have shiver,but it isn't cold.I'm very excited.
"I'm glad I met you,i know that you immediately knew who I am but you never asked for anything,you spoke with me as if i weren't a famous person.For a long time i wasn't spending a quiet day.I wanna thank you"
My heart does another jump,but now seems to stand still.
<Keep calm,Dany..Keep calm>
"I'm happy,I want to tell you something very important.I know that if you don't tell you now I will have no other opportunity to talk with you.I surely will not see you anymore.You return to your usual life." He looks into my eyes.A tear falls on my face.With a soft touch,he wipes it,and tells; "Do not worry,i understand..."
he kiss me...a sweet and unforgettable kiss!!Then he says "I would like to stay,but I can't.Tomorrow I must leave,I don't know when we meet again."

Passed 1 year, I hear a knock at my door. I open and who I am faced??? J.. JO .. JOHNNY! Once again my heart goes crazy.I think I fainted,the excitement is too strong, "I have never forgotten our evening.I thought of our kiss all the time,and I decided to come to Italy.I want to stay with you.I love you! "
Silence for a couple of minutes .."Dany! Dany are you ok? "???" "You heard what I said?" "I..i..i'm not sure,"
"I said I love you!" I want to scream! JOHNNY LOVES ME!!! "Ooo Johnny my love, I love you too!
He kisses me and hugs me ... and ... and ......
Well sorry...but now i must close the door of my bedroom.
is the same for me. I'm Italian and I do not know if I wrote well. However, the story is important not to grammar!!
over a year ago DaniqueJDloverr said…
big smile
Hahaha, OMG respect, I love your story, Well, its better than mine.... Much better :$ :P I'm sorry for the sadness, This was the first story witch pops up in my head. I could not think aboud something els :S anyway... Amazing story ;)
over a year ago Agapi_Sparrow said…

It's a rainy and cold night and I'm returning home on foot from a friend of mine. Its raining hardly. I haven't an umbrella and I'm freezing, so I walk quickly, in order to go home as faster as I can. Suddenly I fall by mistake onto a passerby and he falls down.
"Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't see you! Are you ok?"
It's dark and I can't see him clearly.
He says: "I'm ok, don't worry. It was my fault, I'm sorry."
I think 'What a good man! he blames himself instead of.... Wait!' That moment my breath stops.
 'Oh my God I know this voice! I could recognize it anywhere! It's him, I can't believe this! The man I've always been dreaming of, the man I always wanted to meet so badly!'
 I'm pretty sure it's him but I check it first before starting screaming and running around like mad.
I look at him more carefully and... my heart stops beating. When I see that familiar face that I was always watching only through videos and photos, I just can't say anything. 'It's Johnny Depp! I-CAN'T-BELIEVE-IT!!!'
He looks at me quite nervous.
"Are you ok, hun?" he sweetly whispers at me.
"Jo-Johnny Depp is that you? I mean Mr.Depp.."
"Oh.... umm.... Yeah.. I'm Johnny Depp. Nice to meet you."
He greets me. I'm speechless. And suddenly I realize that I'm standing in front of OMG Johnny Depp without talking and acting like an idiot.
"Oh! Wow! It really is you! I'm so sorry once again. You know, I'm a big fan of yours and I admire you so much as an actor and as a person! You're so talented! I'm so glad to meet you! It was my biggest dream!"
I'm going to faint, I'm going to faint........
"Thank you for appreciating my job.... and for liking my movies..."
He is so shy and humble and doesn't know what to say... he's so cute!
"Mr. Depp I'm sorry if I brought you in a difficult situation."
"Don't worry about it,I'm fine. Would you like to go somewhere warmer cause it's really cold here and it's raining? We could talk there, if you'd like to.."
"Yeah, I would like it!"
I'm trying to act normal, not like a crazy fan, in order not to freak him out cause I know that he doesn't like this behavior so much...

So we walk slowly to a café that is a few meters far from us. We don't talk but I turn around and look at him all the time because I can't believe that what happens is true. It's like in my dreams. I wonder "Am I dreaming right now?" and I tweak myself but I decide that this is true and he is true!
We arrive at the café and sit down. We order some drinks.
"You can call me Johnny if you want."
"Ok... so what are you doing here in Greece? I thought you were in the USA filming your new movie..."
"I have come to see an old friend of mine. I was returning from his house when I fell onto you."
"That's nice! I'm so happy that you came because I could have never met you."
Then we talk about random things, about him, me and our future plans. I tell him everything like he's a good friend of mine.  I have almost forgotten that I'm talking with Johnny Depp when he says:
"I'm sorry but I have to go now. I had a very good time with you but I should return to my hotel and pack my things cause I'm leaving tomorrow morning."
"You're such a good man Johnny! I will never forget you! I suppose that I won't see you again..."
I start crying and I can't stop.
"Oh sweetie don't cry... We will meet again in the future, I promise.
And you know what, I'll give you my adress and my e-mail, in order to stay in touch with you cause I really liked you!"
He gets a piece of paper, writes something and gives it to me. 
Then he says: "I have to leave you now. Goodbye."
He softly kisses me on my cheek and hugs me.
"Bye, Johnny.."
He's getting further and further. I can't see him clearly anymore. When he disappears, I return home and go to sleep. I'm very tired but I can't sleep.
I can't stop thinking about this fact for months. I have even forgotten the piece of paper that Johnny gave me. Then, one day I receive a letter! I don't know who sent it but I'm happy because I haven't received a letter before! I open it and... it's from Johnny! 'Oh my God he did what he promised! He wrote me a letter!'
I read it quickly. He writes that he's coming again in Greece the next week to film a scene for his new movie and he tells me where exactly I can meet him then.
I'm so happy and excited that I'll see him again! That's amazing! Even better than my dreams! I'm a friend of Johnny now! 
I meet him for the second time at the place where a scene of his movie is filming and we have a great time together.
After that, we talk almost every week by e-mail and I'm so happy because my biggest dream finally came true! We have become very close friends until now and... I hope for the best!
THE END..........:D
I haven't written a story before and I'm no so good at writing stories but I tried! I'm Greek so I maybe have made some mistakes. Sorry... Thanks for reading :)
over a year ago norskiDepp said…
”…Sometimes it's hard when you're so deep inside, to see all you can lose in a blink of an eye. Dreams could be shattered, You could be gone… You’re everything I know, so how could I let you go?…” I hummed to myself.
I walked along the streets of the South France. From almost been obscured, beautifully created setting sun colors to narrow alleys and my brown hair. In fact, I was a little depressed, although I should have been jumping for joy; I was with my family on vacation in France, mainly from my wish. But my mother's and my little brother's constant quarreling was very tiring.

I ran into someone in my thoughts. Force of the collision, I fell, and the man's sunglasses and gray hat fell to the ground. They uncovered very dark, almost black eyes and dark brown hair.
Teenage girls standing nearby started to scream. From side streets ran more people to see what was going on. Some of the started to run towards the man, and at the same moment I realized who he was.
I had collided to Johnny Depp.

My heart skipped a couple beats, and immediately hit a couple extra beats. Johnny looked anxiously around, trying to figure out how to get out of the situation and away from crazy fans. I decided to "save" my idol from the situation.
- Come on! I said and started to run down the narrow alleys towards our holiday apartment, Johnny after me. And a crowd of fans after him.

We ran, ran, ran. Houses flashed by over and over again, people watched the events from their windows a little astonished. Well, it was probably a strange-looking when we ran there, me and Johnny, and a crowd of screaming people behind us. Fortunately, I had wandered around the places, so I would have known my way to the apartment even asleep.

After almost endless run to the apartment, we finally got there. My family wasn't there, they were probably outside watching the sunset. A bunch of girls screaming Johnny's name still followed us, but most of them were already gone. The lazy ones. We went quickly inside, where the fans would not be able to come. Fortunately.

Weary of the long-distance running, I fell on the floor to sit. I breathed deeply, heavily, and it felt like my heart would jump out of my chest.
I hadn't really realize who was there with me, and when I did, the notice hit my head like a bomb. I felt dizzy. I wanted to scream, but I really didn't dare...
Johnny smiled at me, so lovely that it melted my brain to mush that began to leak out of my ears, and my heart dropped on the bottom of my stomach and melted there. And when I looked into his eyes, the world began to spin around and became pink.

I rose slowly to my feet and something blew up in my head.
I jumped on Johnny's neck and kissed him. For some reason, it felt like I was forced. My astonishment, he didn't try to run away, but corresponded to the kiss. I couldn't have been happier. I actually had never kissed anyone, so the first kiss was a huge thrill. It felt like there was nothing else in the world, but he and I.
The kiss deepened as its own. Johnny pulled me right against himself, my heart beated even faster, if possible. I pushed his hat (that he had had time to grab when we fled from the girls) on the floor and tangled my fingers to his hair, his hands sailed up and down on my back, causing wonderful hot-cold shivers.

The man tasted sweet, lightly to coffee and cigarettes. His mustache tickled wonderfully my upper lip, and his almost sinfully supple tongue explored my mouth, I moaned onto his lips.
Depp eventually withdrew from the kiss, and I leaned my head on his chest.

I could have stayed there the rest of my life. I could feel his steady heartbeat, his strong arms were wrapped around me and I felt safe. Everuthing seemed so incredibly unreal, like a dream. I never would have thought that I might some day actually kiss Mr. Depp. I would have never dared to hope.

He gently touched my chin and I turned my eyes upon him. I immersed myself again in his chocolate-brown eyes. Oh, how I loved his eyes. Before I was thinking, is it even possible to love a man, you haven't even met, so much, but now I didn't doubt it for a moment. And now I had met him, even better than I ever thought I could meet him.
Johnny fondled my cheek gently, until someone came in. The man seemed only now to realize, what he was doing, and let go of me.

I was left stunned to stare at how he slipped out the back door and disappeared into the night.
Before anyone saw, I realized his hat on the floor and threw it in my room.
-Are you ok? I heard my mother ask.
-I am ... I answered slowly. No! Nothing is ok! The only man I could ever love just went out the backdoor! How could anything be ok? I thought.
Tears tried to run down my cheeks. I let one salty drop flow for a moment and then wiped it away. I couldn't fully understand what just had happened, and how.

"It-is-time-to-wake-up-it-is-nine-o'­clo­ck&­quo­t; a mechanical irritant voice said from my phone.
-Just a minute... I mumbled and turned on the other side. The clock stopped for a moment, like realizing what I said, but then started its protest again. I stood up reluctantly. At that moment I remembered my lovely dream. I wondered; was it just a dream...? It felt so real...
I got up in my thoughts and something on the floor caught my eye.

His hat was still there.
Hope you liked it! :)
I guess there is MANY mistakes but I hope it didn't bother...
over a year ago DaniqueJDloverr said…
over a year ago jdepp4 said…
Have faith dear DaniqueJDloverr!!
over a year ago DaniqueJDloverr said…
big smile
I will :D Those story's are just amazing :D
over a year ago DepplyinLove said…
Such amazing stories everyone! It's going to be hard to pick a favorite! Here's mine. I have been inspired by Johnny's musical talent and wanted that to be a part of my story. A love for music is something we share in common. Here it is!

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day out. I decided to take a walk through my neighborhood. I stopped into the local music store, just for the heck of it. "I sure miss playing piano" I thought. I decided to get some new sheet music for the piano. I haven't played in a long while and I really miss playing. I grabbed a book of classical music. No one else was here so I sat down to play some stuff. "Do I even remember?" I thought. I played some Beethoven...Fur Elise...the first song I ever learned. It all came back to me and I remembered every note. I heard someone come in as I was playing. I didn't see who because I was so concentrated. I played it perfectly to my surprise.
"Wow, you play beautifully." said a voice. I froze in my seat. "Oh God," I thought. I know that voice well, but it couldn't be, could it? I turned around. No way.
"Oh! Johnny!" I was speechless. I couldn't think I was so surprised! My heart was racing. My mind was racing. What should I say?
", thank you. It has been so long since I played."
"You are really good." he said, with that smile that always melts my heart. I was blushing so much. I wondered if I was dreaming. What was he doing in my neighborhood?
"Johnny, I am such a big fan of yours! I think you are an amazing actor. You are so talented!"
"Thank you sweetheart." I sat there stunned. "What brings you to San Diego?" I asked.
"Had to get out of LA for a while." he said. "And I heard this store has the guitar I want." Again, there's that smile...
"I think you are a great musician too." I said to him. 
"I'll play something for you sweetie." 
Johnny played a lovely song for me. I couldn't keep my eyes off him as he played. His hands were so graceful and his eyes were so soulful. I can tell music is his passion. He was beautiful. 
I told Johnny how cool it was to see him get back to music. He told me about his early days in Hollywood trying to become a rock star and how he became an actor instead. He had some great stories to tell! I told him all about myself, and school and my job. He listened to me with interest, which I thought was amazing. Pretty soon I felt like I was talking with an old friend. I almost forgot I was with somebody famous!
Nearly an hour passed before he had to go. I didn't want him to leave yet! "Wait, before you go, I need to tell you something. I want to thank you. For everything. For all the happiness you have given me through the years. You inspire me to be myself and follow my dreams, just like you did. I love you."
Tears started to form in my eyes. Johnny looked straight into my eyes to wipe the tears away. He hugged me. As he held me I felt so calm, yet so emotional, in his embrace. 
"You are a very sweet, very special young woman. Your words mean so much to me. I feel like i have known you for years and I promise we will meet again." He said.  
He hugged me again and kissed my cheek. "I love you too sweetheart."
My heart just wanted to burst at that moment!
"Next time we meet we will play a little something together." he said.
"Sure thing! Bye Johnny!"
"Bye sweetie!"

Hope you liked it!!
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over a year ago red_puppet said…
Great job guys :) all of you
over a year ago jdepp4 said…
Yess Guys...GREAT JOB
over a year ago DaniqueJDloverr said…
You know... when I read all those storys... I think "Damn, my Story should be more... romantic" -____-' And I get more Inspiration xD
over a year ago Musiquelover said…
big smile
Ok. Not really good at making up stories but here I go…

It was a cloudy day in New York. My alarm goes off. I don't feel like getting up but I had to. It was a special day after all. Today was the day my best friend was getting married. And I was one of the bridesmaids. I forced myself up, took a shower, ate breakfast, and was out of my hotel room, on my way to the church the wedding would be held at. Since my car was being repaired, I had to take a taxi or subway everywhere. I arrived at the subway and took the 9:00 a.m. train. On the subway I saw a man, about 36, starring at me. I thought it was pretty wired, but I went on with my business, and texted my friend that I was on my way. The next stop would be right around the corner from the church. I got off the train, and walked there. As I was walking, I looked behind me. The man on the subway was about ten yards away from me, and starring again. I did a double take to make sure I wasn't imagining things. When I looked again, he was gone. I then jogged to the church, a little startled from what I just saw. I was relieved to see all my friends gathering around to greet me. After about 6 hours of preparation, the wedding took place. The after party was across the street at a country club. By then it was about 7:00p.m. The party went on for 5 hours, even though it seemed like only 2. It was a quarter after twelve. I was suppose to leave earlier, but time caught up to me. I said good-bye to everyone and was on my way to the subway station. It was foggy out, so it wasn't that easy to see. The streets were empty. It was very quiet, and cold. After only about 20 steps, I could hear foot steps behind me. I slowed down and looked behind me. There was a figure of a man, about 10 feet away from me. I could not see his face because the fog was so thick. So I keep walking, putting a little speed in my step. The foot steps started to get faster and closer. I wanted to run but I was so scared, my body wouldn't let me. When I knew he was right behind me, I turned around quickly to see that it was the man who was starring at me on the subway and at the stop I got off of. I started to back away slowly.
"What do you want?", I yelled.
He did not answer, he just kept moving towards me.
Just as I was getting ready to meet my fate, out of nowhere, a car drives up to me and the stranger. A man comes out of the car.
"Isabell, hey! How are ya?", he shouts to me.
"Danial! I'm fine. Long time no see", I say, playing along.
I look in front me to see the stranger gone. The man who just saved my life walks up to me.
"Are you okay?", he asks.
" I'm fine", I reply, " thank you so much."
I look up to see his face. He looked very familiar. I looked closer. My eyes popped out out of my head. I tried to keep myself from screaming. Because this was no ordinary man who saved my life. This was a man who was never afraid to be different. A man who is one of the best actors ever.
"Johnny Depp", I whispered. Unable to believe my eyes.
"What was that?", he says.
I start to get dizzy. My breath shortens and my eye site becomes blurry. And then everything went black…

An eternity later, I wake up in a hospital. When I regain full coscienceness, I emidiatly start looking for Johnny. I don't see him. The nurse then comes in and says that they didn't find anything wrong with me, and that I could go. I get dressed and go out to the waiting room. As soon as he saw me coming through the door, Johnny stood up from his chair and walked over to me. I felt like I couldn't breathe, so I reminded myself to breathe, not wanting to faint again. He stands in front of me.
"Are you alright?", he asks.
"I feel fine.", I say with a smile trying not to show how nervous I am.
"I am so sorry about that", he says sencerely.
"Don't even worry about it!", I yelled, not wanting him to feel guilty.
"I think I should drive you home."
"If you insist", I say quickly and calmly.
On the way to my hotel, we only talked about a few things. I told him that my real name was Jenny. I told him that I was actually from New Jersey. He told me that he was in New York to promote a movie. After that, we drove in silence. I couldn't help but stare at him the whole way. I felt like the luckiest person in the world. After a while, Johnny turned on the radio. A song came on that Johnny obviously liked because he turned up the volume and started to mouth the words. I instantly knew what song it was because it happened to be my favorite song too. I start to sing the song. I must have gotten carried away with the singing because Johnny kept starring at me. I stopped singing, too embarrassed to go on.
"Why'd you stop?", Johnny asked.
"What?", I said confused.
"You sing beautifully.", he said with a smirk.
"Really?", I said in a surprised tone."I've never taken lessons before."
"You have a gifted talent then"
"Th- thank you." I say, blushing a lot. "I love to sing… and act too. My favorite movie that you were in is actually Sweeney Todd."
"Yeah, the story is very good", he says. "Can I hear you sing again?"
I didn't really want to. And I must have shown it.
"Please?" he begged. Looking at me with a face that made my heart temperature rise to 200 degrees and melt. I hesitated,then started to sing...
"I think I really like you Jenny", Johnny says.
"I really like you too", I say with the biggest grin on my face.
By that time, we pulled into the hotel parking lot. *Fuck, we're here* I think to myself.
"It's been really nice knowing you Jenny", Johnny says.
"Yeah, same here. Thanks for everything.", I say with tears in my eyes.
"No problem",he replys.
"good-bye." I then, slowly, get out of the car, sad that I had to leave him. Ten steps later, Johnny gets out of his car.
"Jenny!", he screams.
I stop in my tracks
"Would you like to, you know, go out tomorrow, or something"
I turn around with wet cheeks from tear of joy, but it was still too foggy for him to see my face.
"O- okay." I say, nodding.
"Great!", he answers, "is six okay?"
"Sure! That's perfect! How about a movie?"
He then gives me his number!
"Goodnight", he says with a smile.
"goodnight", I smile back.
Then I watch him drive away. And as soon as I got to my room, I fell asleep from the exhausting day...

*OMG!* I think to myself as I am digging through my cloths trying to find something to wear. Unfortunately, I am not only gifted, but cursed with the habit of procrastination. I find a floral, sleeveless, mini dress, and put it on. I brush my teeth, and comb my hair again. And I make sure that I look as perfect as I can make myself. And then I wait. A few minutes later, there is someone at the door. I look in the mirror one last time, and then I open the door.
"Hello", Johnny says in his sexy voice. I smile.
"Hi", I say in a shy voice.
"You look so beautiful, like this rose." He then holds the beautiful red rose to me. I take it and smell it.
"Lovely", I say. He then holds out his hand, and I take it. And we were officially on our first date.
We decided to see a horror movie, not caring wether it was appropriate for the occasion. I usually don't freak out while watching a horror movie, but this one was unusually scary. I held Johnny's hand the whole time. It was romantic in a sense though. After the movie, we had a romantic picnic by a pond just as the sun was going down. We just watched the sun go down as my head was on his chest, and his arms were around me. I heard his steady heart beat. I felt so happy. I started to cry a little, and he held me tighter. We talked for hours. But then, I had to ask him the scariest question in the world to me.
"When are you going back home… to France?", I ask.
"Two days", he says sadly.
" You could always come with me"
"Really, a- are you serious?"
"Sure, why not?"
I hesitate.
"Tell you what, why don't I give you till tomorrow to think about." he says.
"Alright", I say.
After that, he takes me home. He walks me to my room.
"I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much." I say.
" I had a great time too. Really think about France tomorrow. Because I would really love for you to come with me because I… really… love… you." he whispers as his face gets closer to to mine.
"Johnny", I whisper.
"Jen" he whispers back, now very close to my face. He then kisses me softly. I open the door and wraped my arms around him. He put his hands on my waist and pulls me closer. We spin inside the room and shut the door. It was then decided that I was going with him to France. And that we would be happy, and our dreams would come true. Because our dreams… were simply each other. :)

Well I hoped you guys liked it. I actually think I did a good story for once. And I had to get some suspense in there because I think just romance gets boring. Lol (BTW: MY NAME IS NOT REALLY JENNY!)
over a year ago johnnydlover said…
wow such wonderful stories! Great job everyone! Well here's mine. Sorry if i made some mistakes :***

That year we decided to go to Spain for our vacation. After with the plane we arrived in a little town, close to Valence. The weather was lovely and we were sure it was going to be a wonderful vacation. As the assistant unpacked our suitcases Johnny and I went out for a walk on the privet beach near the hotel.
“Tonight we can go to one of those little restaurants on the boulevard, would you like that?” Johnny asked.
I said yes and a few hours later we found ourselves eating a lovely meal in a wonderful restaurant enjoying the sunset and each other. It was perfect. The next I woke up early and noticed that Johnny wasn’t in the room. I thought he might have gone for a walk or something so I went back to sleep. An hour later one of Johnny’s assistants came in and asked:
“Is Johnny not here?”
“No”, I replied, “why?”
“Well, that’s strange; I thought he was with you!”
I hurried out of bed and we started to look for him, after three hour s we still hadn’t found him and I started to worry very much. Where could he possibly be??? Later that day the phone rang. I picked up the receiver, it was Johnny.
“Well”, he said, “where are you have been?” “I have been waiting 3 hours for you!!!”
“What, I said, “what do you mean??”
“We were going to meet in that little café in that remember??
I ran to the assistants and told them Johnny was ok and that I was going to him. How could I have forgotten that? When I arrived at the little café saw Johnny sitting on a table in the corner, we were that only people in the café. He had to laugh when I told him what happened
“That is so you”, he said, “but enough talk, come, I want to show you something.”
We went out the café and walked to a little place near the beach, it was very beautiful. I was looking around when suddenly I saw Johnny grab something out of his jacked-pocket, it was a little box. My heart started to beat very fast. He kneeled down and said:
“Honey would you…”
“Excuse me, but are you who I think you are”, a strange voice screamed.
I looked up and saw 3 teenage girls looking at Johnny.
“Yes...” said Johnny.
“May we have your autograph please”, one of the girls said.
“Sure”, said Johnny and he gave the girls an autograph.
“And a picture?”, another girl said.
“Ok”, said Johnny.
“You are so wonderful”, said the third girl.
“Aww thank you”, said Johnny, “that’s so sweet!”
The girls started asking Johnny all kinds of questions for about a half hour. Johnny replied sweetly, than they finally left.
“Well”, said Johnny and he looked at me.
“Those girls were very nice, but no one is as nice as you!”
“Sweetie, would you marry me?”
I bursted out in tears!
“Of course” I said.
We spent the rest of the evening walking on the beach hand in hand, looking at the sunset and holding each other <3
wow such wonderful stories! Great job everyone! Well here's mine. Sorry if i made some mistakes :***