This is my longest chapter yet and is deddicated to my sister who told me to post my stories on the net. Enjoy!

Nahul was standing opposite me and the rest of us but there was a problem, behind Nahul there was a pack of sixteen blood thirsty, red eyed vampires.
“It’s just like Victoria,” I heard dad mutter, automatically placing himself in front of mum and I. I had heard about Victoria before, the crazed vampire who had wanted to kill my mum when she was human; she had created an army of newborn vampires and my dad had eventually ripped her head off with the help of Seth (my best wolfish friend).
“Are we going to fight Carlisle?” mum asked in a hushed tone sinking into a low crouch.
“No, we try to reason with them first. Tanya, Carmen, Kate, Eleazer, Garret, you should leave; we know how to fight these newborns.” Carlisle said, although his face was calm I could see the panic in his eyes.
“No way, we are with the Cullen’s the whole way!”Eleazer vowed.
“Yes, we will stay and fight,” Tanya
I slapped my hand to mums cheek, to panicked to talk. I concentrated on an image of me fighting.
“Are you going to fight anyway?” mum asked, her voice saturated with worry. I nodded enthusiastically. “Well I suppose you can, as long as you stay close and don’t do anything stupid.” She said, eying Jacob at the same time. All of a sudden our little conversation was broken up by Nahul growling loudly.
“Nahul, it doesn’t have to be like this; the Volturi will probably hear about this soon and come and destroy the newborns. You don’t need to join coven, just stop trying to attack us. It will only turn nasty for you.” Carlisle said slowly, his voice full of regret. Carlisle hated violence more than anyone else; he was the gentlest vampire in existence.
“No, it does. Huilen was killed by the Volturi; you thought physic here would have see it huh?” he laughed his new bitter laugh again. That did it, Jasper lunged at him with an ear splitting growl. Luckily Emmet and Dad managed to catch him before he did any serious damage.
“Over protective fool,” I heard Alice mutter rolling her eyes.
“I am so sorry Nahul!” I cried, that particular feud with the Volturi had been over me.
“Don’t be, she didn’t die in pain. It was ten years ago now.” He growled harshly as a single tear rolled down my cheek.
“Nahul, we will go now and leave you time to think about our offer. If you have not stopped attacking in three days then we will be forced to fight. I am sorry it has had to come to this.” Carlisle said solemnly.
“We will see you in three days.” Spat Nahul as he turned on his heels while the newborns followed him immediately.
There was a ghostly silence after he left; all of us were shocked by the sudden income of news.
“Oh Nessie!” Alice cried as she saw several fat tears roll down my cheek, “its all right sweetie, your safe with us.” She comforted me as more sobs broke out from my unwilling lips.
“I’m not scared... it’s that I don’t know why he could be so horrid... and Huilen has gone!” I cried, between heavy sobs.
“Come on Ness, let’s get home. It looks like we’ve got a battle to prepare for.” Jacob said as he lifted me up into his warm arms. I breathed in his warm musky scent and I was immediately calmed, I could never doubt my love for Jacob; he was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

When we reached the Denali’s house Jacob sat me straight down on the sofa, whilst everybody else positioned themselves around the room.
“I don’t like violence but if it has to be that way we will protect our families.” Carlisle said solemnly.
“If Nahul wants to fight, then let him fight!” Emmet roared, his voice filled with delight. If anybody loved a fight it was Emmet. Rosalie rolled her eyes but Esme shocked me by snapping at him,
“This is not a joke Emmet, we are outnumbered and Nessie is at risk. We all are.”
Emmet bowed her head in shame but Jacob steeped in,
“We don’t have to be outnumbered,” Jacob said curtly, “anybody who is willing to fight can come back to Forks and fight with the rest of the pack; Nahul will find us.” He said a slow smile spreading across his face. Mine and mums face were identical images of horror.
“No, Jake there are kids in that pack. Collin and Brady are still thirteen!” mum cried. Last time Jake and the pack had tried to help in a fight Jacob had broken half the bones in his body, or so I had been told.
“Jake you can’t, it not right dragging them into this. It’s our fight, they will get hurt, and they could die!” I said stubbornly.
“So can you Nessie, they will be more than happy to fight and the younger ones won’t be able to fight. They will have to protect La Push and Forks. Don’t worry about it Ness.” He smiled at mum; these were probably the same words he had spoken to my anxious mother so many years ago.
“Nessie calm down,” Jasper smiled as a whirl of calm swirled around me.
“You are so like Bella, Nessie you need to calm down!” Emmet joked.
This was wrong, they were trying to reassure me while I was about to drag innocent people into my fight. I was sick, I needed help now.
“Nessie I can see it going to be okay,” Alice said matter of factly, “In fact everything is going to run smoothly.” she added. This wasn’t particularly reassuring, Alice’s visions were extremely subjective, one person only had to change their mind about something and the whole future would change.
“Well I think it is a good idea,” Jacob muttered, “I am going to call Sam to tell him that we are coming back to Forks and that he needs to be there when he gets back. “ he said as kissed my cheek and headed for the door.
“Jake wait,” I said as he turned around, “don’t be too long.” I said smiling.
“I won’t be my Nessie, don’t worry.”

All was quiet when he walked out of the door. I needed to think, alone in private without dad listening.
“I’m gonna go upstairs and freshen up, I’ll be back down soon.” I mumbled not looking anyone in the eyes. I could feel dads scorching gaze on my back as I scrambled up the stairs.
I went into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I couldn’t let any of my family get hurt that included the wolves. When it came to the fight I would sacrifice myself, it would stop all of this. It was the only way; I would have to act quickly so that dad couldn’t stop me. I wondered if it would hurt very much... when they killed me. I would have to leave behind all of my family, Jake the love of my life, my other half. The more I thought about it the more it hurt, he wouldn’t stop fighting nor would anyone else. I would cause more destruction by sacrificing myself but there had to be another way.
Before I could give my plan any more thought there was an ear piercing scream from downstairs. I jumped up and I was in the living room in a few seconds.
My heart missed a beat when I saw Alice sitting with her knees tucked under her chin, shaking uncontrollably. Every few seconds she would shake her head and moan desperately. Jasper was sitting next to her trying to snap her out of it his frame shaking with tearless sobs, while Carlisle whispered frantic instructions to Emmet and Rosalie. Everybody else was motionless, their faces creased with concern and fear whilst Alice withered in pain, or at least that what it looked like.
I had been in the room for al full there seconds before I noticed dad and mum in the corner. Dad was sitting on an armchair his face contorted with pain while mum rubbed his back her face an image of worry.
“What’s going...” but my sentence broke of as Alice face suddenly turned to normal.
“Jasper,” she cried not moving.
“Alice, oh Alice,” Jasper cried thankfully as he shifted her into his arms, “Alice what was that, it wasn’t right!” he said his voice more urgent now.
“Nessie, it’s Nessie!” she cried panicked, unaware that I was standing in the room.
Everyone heads snapped up, everyone except dad and Alice who already knew the full story.