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I was shocked at the sight I saw when I woke up. Everybody was rushing around carrying heavy bags and fancy looking equipment to the cars outside.
“Jasper?” I called, I was anxious to know what was going on and I knew that he was the only one who would give me a straight answer. He was at my side before I could blink.
“What is it that you want Nessie?” he asked with a warm but not quite genuine smile.
“What is happening?” I whispered “I just woke up and I can’t see mum or dad and everybody is putting bags in the cars!” I whispered hysterically. I knew it was silly of me to panic but I had always known where mum and dad were before and I didn’t like not knowing what was going on and not being able to help.
“Look Ness, someone has tried to attack the house and they got away before we could catch them. They have no chance of beating us but since as you are weak and have not been taught to fight yet we are going to stay in Denali for a while so no one gets hurt. Your Dad should be back soon, he is working out who is going in what cars with Carlisle; and your mum is helping Rose in the garage.” Jasper said soothingly as I felt a wave of calm wash over me.
“Thanks Uncle Jazz, you’re great.” I replied, laying my head back down.
“Anytime Nessie, I gotta go and help Alice pack.” He smirked as he turned to leave.

I must have drifted off to sleep again because when I opened my eyes again Esme was sitting by me on the sofa with both my hands clasped in hers. Esme was like a second mum to me and she always let me help with her renovation projects (it was a hobby we both loved).
“Nessie honey, how are you feeling?”She whispered gently
“I am fine, what car am I going to Denali in?”
“Oh you know about that, Edwards not going to be pleased about that he didn’t want you to be worried.” She muttered to herself, “You’re going to in the Mercedes with Jacob, Carlisle, your mother and your father sweetie. Carlisle need to be with you in case your condition deteriorates. But I’m sure it won’t” she garbled hurriedly taking in the expression on my face.
“What about you guys; are you staying here?” I croaked.
“Of course not poppet, Alice will take her Porsche and her and Jaspers clothes, Jasper will take his motorbike, Emmet will take the Jeep, Rosile the convertible and I will take Bella’s Ferrari. Its all sorted, all you need to worry about is getting better!” Esme sighed, and as if on cue mum and dad walked in hand in hand with concerned expressions on their faces,
“Don’t worry Ness, nothing is going to happen. Just think as it as a holiday; you can hang around with Kate,” mum suggested eagerly “but only when you are recovered!” she corrected herself while a grin spread across dads face.
“Come on then Ness,” Dad laughed as he lifted me up into his arms “let’s get you in the car, Jacobs waiting for you.”
“Wait!” mum cried as dad was about to walk away, “I need to disconnect her drip and monitor and set it up in the car.”
But I was already oblivious to what was going on around me because I knew that Jacob was waiting for me and he was the only medicine I wanted and needed right now.