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This IU wallpaper contains portrait, headshot, and closeup.

Yes, IU's H&M dress was cheaper than Kang So Ra's MAMA gown.

Following the news of Kang's $39 H&M gown, belated information about IU's lovely frock hit media outlets today.

On November 13, theYou're The Best, Lee Soon Shin actress wore a custom-made $31 dress from H&M to the 2014 Melon Music Awards. The originally $25 off-the-rack piece was custom made for IU. Specifically, the dress was shortened, rectangular cut outs were covered, and it was fit perfectly for the "You and I" singer.

IU's last drama Pretty Man wrapped in January. The KBS romantic comedy series co-starred Jang Geun Suk.

What do you think about celebrities wearing affordable dresses to awards shows?

source: dramafever
IU's performances from the Melody Forest Camp Concert already (notably The Moon Song and Friday), but here are some more fancams of other songs she sang at the concert . These fancams were taken by Spinel
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Dongnyok Publishing has issued an apology to singer IU for the controversy surrounding her song “ZeZe.”

Dongnyok Publishing is the publishing company for “My Sweet Orange Tree” in Korea, and it brought national (and even global) attention to IU’s song on November 5 when it expressed its distaste for the sexualization of the main character in the book, Zeze, in the artist’s song, writing, “Zeze is a five-year-old who is hurt because of the abuse he receives from his family. With his words, ‘Why must children grow up?’ he makes many readers cry.” The company also objected to...
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Even after IU apologized for the controversy surrounding the lyrics in her song “Zeze,” critics and supporters continue to debate about the interpretation of her lyrics.

Writer Soh Jae Won wrote on his personal Twitter, “Even in art we respect taboos. If someone dragged my pure work of art across a boundary line and used ‘art’ as a justification, I would curse them. We must respect boundaries so that art can remain art.”

In contrast, film critic and TV personality Heo Ji Woong took a supportive stance by criticizing the publishers of “My Sweet Orange Tree.” “It is not right...
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Source: http://boksungas.tumblr.com/post/63991091773/iu-for-ceci-magazine
IU is once again proving to be a global power and name as her recent controversy with "Zeze" has even grabbed the attention of British news outlet, 'The Guardian.'

While the article glossed over making any commentary on the actual controversial nature of the issue, it does reveal that the book her song was based on, 'My Sweet Orange Tree,' has seen a great revival as people scramble around to get their hands on a copy and read it for themselves.

In response to this international feedback regarding a rather negative story, netizens relayed their displeasure, leaving comments like, "This is embarrassing,"...
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Lucky for IU’s manager, he will have the honor of having a singer with one of the most beautiful voices at his wedding to sing the congratulatory song to celebrate the soon-to-be-married couple!

It has been reported that IU will be singing at the wedding of the manager who has looked after her since her debut as a singer in 2008, when she was only in her third year of middle school. This former manager and now director of IU’s agency, 40-year-old Bae Jong Han, will be holding his wedding ceremony this coming July 11.

In the midst of her busy schedule, especially following the wave of love...
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