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IU & Lee Joong Ki for Le Coq Sportif
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This IU photo contains basketball, dribbler, basketball player, basketeer, and cager.


Remember HIGH4's awesome debut track "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms," featuring the lovely IU with the voice of an angel? It did really well when it first came out, so it comes as no surprise it's returned to the music charts despite a year hiatus.

Considering it's recently become spring, it really is no wonder people returned to the song for that more cheerful, warmer feel.

Considering this is a trend that happens with Busker Busker's "Cherry Blossom Ending," there are even speculations this song might become the second classic to experience a comeback every year.

The song was...
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In a recent announcement in regards to the upcoming KBS2 drama Producer, officials revealed that the drama will run shorter than the typical mini-series.

Korean news source Sports Donga reported that the star-studded cast that includes popular actors Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin, as well as singer IU, met with writer Park Ji Eun to discuss the script.

According to the report, Park Ji Eun reminded the cast to keep their scripts entirely confidential in order to prevent leaks before the broadcast.

With most dramas, actors receive both a hard copy and an electronic copy of their scripts....
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YoonA (Girl’s Generation) and IU will soon be battling each other for the ratings top spot when their dramas debut in the coming weeks.

Yoona will be featured in the upcoming KBS2 Mon-Tues drama “Prime Minister and I.” She will play a struggling reporter who becomes a tutor for the prime minister’s kids so she can get better stories. The drama has been described as the Korean version of “The Sound of Music.”

IU will be featured in the upcoming KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama “Beautiful Man.” She will play a naive girl who does her best to please the beautiful man Dokgo Ma Te.

“Prime Minister...
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Dongnyok Publishing has issued an apology to singer IU for the controversy surrounding her song “ZeZe.”

Dongnyok Publishing is the publishing company for “My Sweet Orange Tree” in Korea, and it brought national (and even global) attention to IU’s song on November 5 when it expressed its distaste for the sexualization of the main character in the book, Zeze, in the artist’s song, writing, “Zeze is a five-year-old who is hurt because of the abuse he receives from his family. With his words, ‘Why must children grow up?’ he makes many readers cry.” The company also objected to...
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Even after IU apologized for the controversy surrounding the lyrics in her song “Zeze,” critics and supporters continue to debate about the interpretation of her lyrics.

Writer Soh Jae Won wrote on his personal Twitter, “Even in art we respect taboos. If someone dragged my pure work of art across a boundary line and used ‘art’ as a justification, I would curse them. We must respect boundaries so that art can remain art.”

In contrast, film critic and TV personality Heo Ji Woong took a supportive stance by criticizing the publishers of “My Sweet Orange Tree.” “It is not right...
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