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Another star couple is born! IU and Jang Kiha, who share an 11-year age difference, are currently dating.

IU confirmed she is dating Jang Kiha herself through a post on her official fan cafe on October 8.

IU wrote, "Sorry for not letting you know sooner. We′ve been dating for close to two years now. We met for the first time during a radio show, and I fell in love with him at first sight."

She continued, "He is a boyfriend I have a lot to learn from and am really thankful for. We′re in a normal relationship, where we′re fine, we fight, we feel sorry and we feel thankful."

IU wrote, "I was...
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IU and Park Myung Soo′s collaboration track Leon has topped Gaon′s monthly charts.

Gaon Chart revealed on October 8, "IU and Park Myung Soo′s Leon is ranked number one on the Digital Chart and Streaming Chart for the month of September."

IU and Park Myung Soo released Leon as a team on MBC′s Infinity Challenge for the Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival in August. The song immediately swept music charts following the broadcast.

iKON′s My Type is number one on the monthly Download Chart with more than 480,000 downloads, while Super Junior′s Magic - Super Junior Special Album Part 2...
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New couple alert? IU and Jang Kiha, who are 11 years apart, are currently swept up in romance rumors.

Reports that IU and Jang Kiha are dating despite their busy schedules surfaced on October 8, along with paparazzi photos of the two stars together.


The two singers have established themselves in their own areas of music individually, and IU appeared on SBS′ Jang Kiha′s Great Radio in 2013. They even took a photo together at the time.

Following the romance rumors, IU′s agency, Loen Entertainment, and Jang Kiha′s agency, DRDRAMC, are preparing their statements.

Many are curious to see if the two stars will confirm the rumors, overcoming an 11-year age gap to become another star couple.

Photo credit: eNEWS DB

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IU and indie artist Hyukoh recently performed in front of thousands of fans at the Infinity Challenge Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival, but their latest encounter was much more low key.

On September 17, High Grnd released a video of IU and Hyukoh performing Hyukoh′s Gondry for a small crowd at a cafe near Hongdae.

IU and Hyukoh′s performance is the perfect soundtrack to usher in fall.

Meanwhile, Band Hyukoh will be holding its first exclusive concert at the Hyundai Card Understage on September 18.

Check out the performance below!


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IU and Park Myung Soo′s Infinity Challenge collaboration song Leon is currently number one on the music charts, and Park Myung Soo took to his radio show to share his thoughts on the song′s success.

Leon was the first song played on the August 24 broadcast of KBS Cool FM′s Park Myung Soo′s Radio Show, to which Park Myung Soo said, "Thank you for showing it so much love. IU is a genius.

She′s incredible. Today is the first time I′m listening to the entire song closely, and it′s good. She makes songs really well. We would′ve been in big trouble if I laid my hands on it."

Leon topped various music charts as soon as it was released on August 22, following the broadcast of MBC′s Infinity Challenge Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival.

Photo credit: Park Myung Soo′s Instagram

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Earlier today, we reported that IU covered the Wonder Girls' "I Feel You", she also performed several other songs including a fabulous cover of Big Bang's "If You".

On Saturday, IU took the stage at the '2015 Melody Forest Camp' where in addition to singing several of her own songs, she performed an impressive "If You" cover.

As we all know, IU is a Big Bang fan, in particular Taeyang so it should come as no surprise that she would cover something from their recent catalog of hits.

Big Bang song's are notoriously difficult to cover, however IU successfully pulls off the song with her trademark husky vocals and sweet charm. Watch IU's cover above.

You can watch her performances of "Letter" and "Your Meaning" as well below.



Watch IU's cover above.

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It was revealed that popular singer IU is working towards a new album in the fall.

According to a number of industry insiders on September 21, IU is working on a new album towards a fall comeback. While the exact date for the release is not yet confirmed, it was reported that she is currently in the final stages of preparation.

This will be the first comeback for IU since her last comeback with her collaboration album “Flower Bookmark” in May of 2014.

It was also revealed that IU will have not only composed and written the lyrics to every song on the new album, she also participated in producing...
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IU and hyukoh have gotten together for a live performance of "Gondry".

The singer and indie band originally collaborated for "Infinity Challenge", but they recently surprised a crowd at a cafe in Sangsudong, Seoul.

It seems there was no particular reason for the performance except the coming fall season. The above video reveals footage from their live song at the intimate venue.

Check it out above!

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IU looks eye-catchingly alluring as the cover model for the October issue of 'Ceci Korea'!

Gracing the cover for the magazine's 21st birthday, IU is feminine and graceful. From her maturing looks to her sweet yet mysterious stares, we've become completely transfixed by this growing lady.

Sporting 'SJSJ' fashion in Hong Kong's lovely surroundings, the singer looks at ease during the photo shoot, garnering much appeal among the staff. You go, girl.

You can check out the rest of the released photos below, and pick up the October issue of 'Ceci' to see the whole pictorial and read the interview!



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IU is known to be a huge hyukoh fan but how much of a fan is she for Zion.T?

Turns out, hyukoh seems to be the one in her heart, or so Zion.T revealed on the September 2 edition of 'Radio Star.' The MCs--Kyuhyun in particular--were trying to pry out the truth behind Zion.T and IU's relationship but all they were getting from the taciturn singer were terse "Yes" and "No" answers.

Kyuhyun, in a last feeble attempt, asked Zion.T if he ever saw IU in a romantic light. But his plans backfired when Zion.T merely answered flatly, "Of course, she is pretty and all." Kim...
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1. Happy Anniversary IU! Check out 7 amazing performances to celebrate!

Happy anniversary to IU! Can you believe it's already been 7 years since this talented star debuted? That's almost 10 years!

Despite her youthful appearance, she is nearly a veteran in the K-Pop sphere. After years of honing her unique, but she's here and she's here to stay with a signature style that has people of all age groups falling at her feet.

Check out some of her most earwormy performances to celebrate seven years with this angel!

2. IU - 'Lost Child' (debut stage)


Of course we should start...
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Singer and actress IU is the cover girl for fashion magazine CeCi‘s 21st anniversary commemorative issue.

The photo shoot brings out both IU’s cute and womanly side as she models transitional pieces just in time for summer’s final farewell and the inauguration of fall.

One of the cuts, taken along the streets of Hong Kong, is especially striking as she strikes a pose in bunny ears against a backdrop of reddish and neon lights.


She was reportedly heavily involved with the creative process on set, monitoring each cut and discussing her ideas with the editor and photographer.


You can...
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With IU’s 7th anniversary fast approaching, an editorial by TV Report revealed several reasons why the LOEN Entertainment solo singer is currently a top star in the Korean entertainment industry.

IU is both endearing and cute. The nation’s sister can even compose her own songs! I’m not even ashamed to admit that I’m a fan of her as a vocalist.

She has secured a large male fan base, and has also picked up a lot of support from female fans. IU has managed to come out unscathed from a scandal, and is now one of the top stars when it comes to marketing and advertisements.

Even though a...
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South Korean singer IU will hold a fan meeting in Hong Kong, her official Facebook fan page showed Friday. The event will take place at Landmark North, a large office and shopping complex in the heart of the city, at 3 p.m.

Saturday, the page showed. Her agency was not immediately reached for comment.

IU amassed fans from all over Asia for her role in KBS 2TV’s “The Producers,” an office drama set at the entertainment department of a fictional KBS, in which she plays a stoic singer. Actor Kim Soo-hyun co-stars as a rookie producer who changed jobs for a woman.

The show concluded its one-month run in June. IU is scheduled to hold a concert and a fan meeting in Shanghai, China, on Nov. 11.

source: link via https://www.facebook.com/iu.official.fansite/timeline
Relevant trans: "IU revealed that she was taking on new challenges as a singer-songwriter.

According to IU, “I’m putting the final touches to my new album” and that “there won’t be a separate producer for the album, instead I’ll be involved in many parts of the album directly and accomplishing things on my own, which is a ‘challenge’ to me.”

Also, “It could be something with a more serious (theme) than before, but it’ll be an album that contains my own thoughts”."

Korean source: link

Full article translation source by squishy with love: link (Thanks, squishy!)
The second round of lineups for the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), which will be held on December 3 at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena in Hong Kong, has been revealed.

Last month, it was confirmed that EXO, G-Dragon, and Taeyang would be performing at Mnet’s annual music awards show. On November 29, with just four days left until the event, CJ E&M unveiled additional artists, including INFINITE, IU, and SISTAR.

Many fans have already started to express anticipation for what kind of special stages these artists will be putting on for the show.

Meanwhile, voting for the 2014 MAMA began after the list of award nominees was revealed this past October 27 through its official website and will continue on until the day of the event. The awards show will have a total of 17 categories, which consists of five artists, eight genres, two special categories, one artist of the year, and one song of the year.
Singer IU attended the Samsung ‘Play the Challenge’ talk concert at Seoul Jangchung Stadium on 8th Sept and shared her stories about taking on challenges in her music.

This is Samsung’s first campaign for the year to highlight the importance of taking on challenges and to encourage a ‘challenge’ culture in the South Korean society.

On this day, IU reunited with Park Myeongsu, whom she worked together with on the show Infinity Challenge and explored the EDM genre.

IU revealed that she was taking on new challenges as a singer-songwriter. According to IU, “I’m putting the final touches...
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On Pann, the most used online forum among Koreans, a netizen made a post on the topic of IU and the fact that people are accusing her of undergoing plastic surgery.“People claim that IU has had surgery and this picture is often used as ‘proof’. I don’t know why they did her makeup like that early on”


“Even during her debut days she didn’t look that different except she was chubbier. It’s just that stage that made her look weird.”




Even besides plastic surgery claims, people criticize her for allegedly getting skin whitening surgery.

But the truth is that when...
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The National Assembly voted down a revision bill that would raise the age limit for celebrities featured in alcohol ads, which means K-pop singer IU can continue to honor her contract with alcoholic beverage maker, Hite Beer & Jinro Soju.

In April, the Health and Welfare Committee floated a revision bill that would set the minimum age of actors and celebrities in ads for alcoholic beverage at 25.

But the bill failed to pass the Legislation and Judiciary Committee at the parliament.

IU, one of the most sought-after models for commercials, is 23.

By Lee Hye-won (hyewonlee@heraldcorp.com)

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Popular singer-actress IU, who is storming charts with the song "Leon" - which she collaborated with Park Myeong-su, will hold a fan meeting in Seoul. The event will take place on Sept. 20 at the Ewha Women's University, Samsung Hall.

The starlet, known for her dedication and love for fans, announced the news via her Instagram account on Tuesday. "Fan meeting in September! It will be more entertaining than last year," she said below a photo of herself. Her label Loen Entertainment is set to put out more details about the event.

IU collaborated with TV personality Park for this year's" Infinite Challenge Music Festival. "The song "Leon," written and composed by IU for the event, has been dominating local music charts since its release on Aug. 22.

By Ahn Sung-mi (sahn@heraldcorp.com) link