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IU has just dropped a video teaser for “The Shower,” a beautiful track off her upcoming mini album!

Released on October 14 at midnight KST, the black-and-white clip gives fans a taste of the audio as well as the visual concept of IU’s new track. Proving that less is sometimes more, she grasps your attention with her effortlessly beautiful appearance and an equally stunning voice.

As expected from the talented singer-songwriter, IU has taken part in all stages of the album production, putting her stamp on everything from lyrics and melodies to final touches.

Meanwhile, IU’s fourth mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” is set to drop on October 23. The physical album will be available from October 27.

Take a look at the first video teaser for IU’s long-awaited album below!


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Singer IU is gearing up to make a comeback with her fourth EP “Chat-Shire,” breaking a 17-month hiatus.
Her last album “A Flower Bookmark” was released in May last year.

The 23-year-old unveiled a teaser image for her upcoming album via her official social media. Covering herself with a purple ribbon and wearing colored lenses in her eyes, she is gazes at the camera exuding a somewhat dreamy atmosphere.

With IU taking part in composing and writing the lyrics, fans have high expectations for her comeback since she has put out a slew of hits since her debut including, “Good Day,” “You&I,”...
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An anonymous post on NAVER’s KnowledgIn section, created on June 12, 2014, is currently going viral for predicting IU‘s relationship and another celebrity couple before it was revealed.

The post says, “IU and Chang Ki Ha are going out and they said Song Yeon Jae and an actor’s son is going out as well. I think it was Jo Jae Hyun’s son they said all the insiders know about Son Yeon Jae but not many people know about IU and Chang Ki Ha is this real?”

Korean netizens are in an uproar over the post, as it reveals IU’s relationship before Dispatch released their famous photo article....
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An old photo of IU and Chang Ki Ha prior to their exclusive relationship has been uncovered and gaining a lot of interest online.

As news of IU and Chang Ki Ha’s confirmed relationship were widely discussed and circulated, a photo of the couple taken two years ago has been uncovered. The photo in question featured a younger looking IU cutely posing with Chang Ki Ha as she made a special appearance on his radio show back in 2012.

The photo of the two posing side by side was published through the radio’s shows official Twitter back in 2013, two years prior to the confirmation of their new relationship.

Meanwhile, last October 7th, the couple confirmed that they have been dating since March after photos of their private dates were published to the public.

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A Korean model has come under scrutiny after she made several tweets regarding IU‘s (22) recently revealed relationship with singer-songwriter Chang Ki Ha (33) when she seemingly criticized the female singer for her choice in men.

Soon after Dispatch broke the news of the two musician’s relationship, model Jung Doo Ri posted on her Twitter on October 8th, “IU, stop acting like this. Are you crazy.”

아이유 너는 그러지 말아야지. 미쳤냐
— DURIMIMI (@durimimi) October 8, 2015

“Come to your senses and date kids like EXO. I’m asking you…” she continued. This particular...
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While Dispatch shocked K-pop fans everywhere with news of IU’s relationship, both IU and Chang Ki Ha quickly admitted to dating each other.

IU wrote on her official fan cafe, “We have been dating for almost two years. We met up at a radio show and I fell in love with him at first sight. There is a lot I learn from him and I am grateful for him. We argue and cherish each other like just any other couple. And I’m sorry but I guess this is the beginning of an open relationship. I am going to keep doing my best in everything I do. I hope your day isn’t hard because of me.”

The news of her...
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Following the breaking news by Dispatch regarding IU‘s newly found relationship with musician Chang Ki Ha, agencies of the artists have released initial statements.
Both of their agencies has given generation responses, saying, “This is a matter that needs to be checked.”

Just hours ago, Dispatch broke the news that IU has been dating soloist Chang Ki Ha, a man 11-years her senior, since March 2015 with the couple going back and forth to meet each other when there was no schedules to fulfill. In some cases, IU in particular would meet him at his apartment in Mapo soon after a schedule if...
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There is always talk of popular idols having been under other agencies or even certain agencies having rejected them during auditions.

In a recent discussion on online community board Instiz, a netizen published a thread titled “An unfortunate entertainment company,” listing several well-known idols such as G.NA, Wonder Girls‘ Yubin, After School‘s Uee, SECRET‘s Hyosung, SPICA‘s Jiwon, IU, Juniel, AOA‘s Choa, and 4MINUTE‘s Gayoon.

Find out what Netizens had to say about this article below!
So what do these idols have in common? Good Entertainment.

The netizen writes, “Good Entertainment……...
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In a recent episode of Entertainment Weekly featuring Apink‘s Jung Eunji, her ranking among the many idol actresses was revealed to her as she expressed her shock.

Aired on October 3rd, the entertainment show held an interview with the Sassy, Go Go drama star where the interviewer said to her, “You took first place in a recent survey as the best idol actress. IU was in second, Suzy was in third place.”

Eunji could not contain her joy as she was told this as she smiled widely in happiness. “Really?” she said.
Sassy, Go Go is set to have its first episode air on October 5th.

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Songstress IU will finally be making a comeback this fall with a brand new album!

According to multiple music officials on September 21st, IU is aiming to release a new album this fall marking her return after a year and five months since releasing A Flower Bookmark in May 2014.

Although there is currently no confirmed release date, IU is putting the final touches on several songs and is already looking to coordinate her album’s release date. Fans can look forward to her new album even more as this is a release completely being led by IU as the leading producer. No other producers have been...
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IU has been promoted from policeman to senior police officer, and an honorary corporate promotion ceremony was held in for her! Here’s some photos from the ceremony.

Congratulation to IU on the promotion!! She certainly is a role model for all generations! We hope you enjoy these 8 Photos Of IU The Senior Police Officer!



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Netizens gave a different light towards the twisted fates between IU and Min Hyo Rin as they uncovered their ideal types.

In light of IU’s confirmed relationship with fellow artist Chang Ki Ha, netizens placed a different light on her previous ideal type admission, further comparing it to Min Hyo Rin’s choice.

Set in different interviews, netizens compared their previous ideal types with IU picking Taeyang as her ideal type, while Min Hyo Rin selecting Chang Ki Ha and The Faces as her favourite celebrities.

The interesting part of the post, however, was when both celebrities expressed, “Oppa,...
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Get ready for the feels. Park Myung Soo revealed and thanked IU for her generous ginseng-set gifts to him.

On the most recent KBS Cool FM radio broadcast 'Park Myung Soo's Radio Show', Park Myung Soo shared how considerate IU is and how he wants to be become closer with her.

When one listener asked the DJ if he was close with IU, he replied, "I really want to be close to IU, but it's not easy. I don't want to interrupt IU's busy schedule by giving her a call. I don't want to give that pressure to a dongsaeng".

However, "IU gifted me with a ginseng set on Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) for 3 consecutive years now. I want to tell her I really enjoyed eating the ginseng. IU you're the best."

We hope these two become close after this!

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In a recent interview with TV Daily, Roh Ji Hoon named the female singers he wanted to have a duet with!

He stated, "I've thought a lot about collaborating on a song with a female singer, but I ended up singing alone. If I got the chance, I want to try singing with G.NA or IU." He reasoned, "I feel like their vocal tones match mine well. I didn't know this, but I've heard I have a sweet voice. IU and G.NA have clear and cool vocal tones that give off a delicate vibe, so I think they'd match me well."

He even revealed that he had already written songs for them! "I want to go for the second 'Some,'" he said with ambition.

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Rumors of IU's relationship have circulated the Korean entertainment sphere and recently, the singer's agency, Loen Tree, confirmed her relationship with Chang Kiha of indie band Chang Kiha and the Faces.

IU has since publicly acknowledged her burgeoning love with the fellow musician through a post on her official fan cafe: "It's nearing two years since we met. I met him for the first time through a radio show and I fell for him at once.

I learn a lot from him and am thankful towards him. We have a normal relationship where we share good and bad moments. The news may come as a surprise but...
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Whoops, slip of the finger...? Just when the news of IU and Chang Kiha's relationship came out, singer Yoo Jae Hwan found himself in some hot water through a mistake he apologized for afterwards on October 8.

It appears that he clicked "like" on an article link on Facebook that linked back to Chang Kiha's appearance on 19+ talk show, JTBC's 'Witch Hunt,' in which he talked about how he "loses during the day and loses during the night."

The phrase means that rather than being dominant, he is submissive throughout the whole day to his girlfriend. There was also a sexual post that had been posted...
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Dispatch just reported that IU and indie band member Chang Kiha are in a relationship, and it's been officially confirmed by IU's agency that the two are indeed an item!

IU's company Loen Tree's representative stated, "After confirming with IU, we confirmed that she and Chang Kiha both have good feelings towards one another. Starting from two years ago, the two began interacting, and they began having good feelings towards each other. The two are currently happily meeting."

They added, "Musically and as colleagues, we ask for a warm response and to watch over them so that they can have a beautiful relationship beside one another."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Some people are just too talented with the brush, born with a natural flourish for the arts.

Bae Sang Huk is an art teacher and his hand-drawn portraits of IU are all the rage online, receiving attention for their incredible life-like quality and painstaking, intricate detail. The portraits are so life-like that it seems like they are photographs, not hand-drawn works.

The artist managed to capture IU's youthful glow through giving special attention to the singer's most notable physical characteristics: her winsome smile, the barely conspicuous mole on her left cheek, her long lashes, and her...
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There's a controversy brewing regarding IU and indie band member Chang Kiha's relationship. And no, it's not a controversy about their relationship and 11 year age-gap, but in fact, about a model who took to SNS to express her discontent with IU's choice of boyfriend.

Maxim model Jung Doo Ri wrote her opinions, saying that IU could have done better, on her personal Twitter. She wrote:

"IU, don't be like that. Are you crazy?"

"Get ahold of yourself and meet someone like EXO. I plead you." (this post has since been deleted.)

"You're a superior female in Korean society, so why in the world? First...
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Well, this pairing was unlikely!

Local news media Dispatch is reporting that singers IU and Jang Ki Ha (of the band Jang Ki Ha and the Faces) have been dating since March this year. They have been making the time to see each other despite their busy schedules; for example, IU would immediately go see Jang Ki Ha after returning from her trip to Shanghai on August 30 before going to practice for her fan meeting. The same goes for September 7, when IU would go straight to Mapo after returning from Hong Kong. Their usual dating location was at home at each other’s houses (Jang Ki Ha’s located...
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