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Dispatch just reported that IU and indie band member Chang Kiha are in a relationship, and it's been officially confirmed by IU's agency that the two are indeed an item!

IU's company Loen Tree's representative stated, "After confirming with IU, we confirmed that she and Chang Kiha both have good feelings towards one another. Starting from two years ago, the two began interacting, and they began having good feelings towards each other. The two are currently happily meeting."

They added, "Musically and as colleagues, we ask for a warm response and to watch over them so that they can have a beautiful relationship beside one another."

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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We have some mind blowing news to report. Nation's younger sister IU may be off the market! Dispatch has reported she and musician Chang Kiha (age 33) are currently in a relationship.

The two are said to have officially began dating this past March, and Dispatch caught several photos of the two together on dates, which took place mostly at each other's houses. Even with busy schedules, the two are said to have made time to meet each other.

It's a bit of surprise, as the two have a large age gap, 11 years to be exact. But the coupe were said to have gotten close through talking about music. Chang Kiha is a member of the indie rock band Kiha & The Faces.




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Some people are just too talented with the brush, born with a natural flourish for the arts.

Bae Sang Huk is an art teacher and his hand-drawn portraits of IU are all the rage online, receiving attention for their incredible life-like quality and painstaking, intricate detail. The portraits are so life-like that it seems like they are photographs, not hand-drawn works.

The artist managed to capture IU's youthful glow through giving special attention to the singer's most notable physical characteristics: her winsome smile, the barely conspicuous mole on her left cheek, her long lashes, and her...
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There's a controversy brewing regarding IU and indie band member Chang Kiha's relationship. And no, it's not a controversy about their relationship and 11 year age-gap, but in fact, about a model who took to SNS to express her discontent with IU's choice of boyfriend.

Maxim model Jung Doo Ri wrote her opinions, saying that IU could have done better, on her personal Twitter. She wrote:

"IU, don't be like that. Are you crazy?"

"Get ahold of yourself and meet someone like EXO. I plead you." (this post has since been deleted.)

"You're a superior female in Korean society, so why in the world? First...
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It's a known fact that Yoo In Na and IU are besties. And hawk-eye netizens are at it again, as they suspect Yoo In Na knew about IU's relationship with Kiha & The Faces member Chang Kiha since the beginning.

An online community post titled 'Yoo In Na knew the truth about IU and Chang Kiha's relationship' is gaining a lot of attention. The post features a radio broadcast of 'Yoo In Na's Volume Up' from back in January 27, 2014 where IU was a guest.

At around the 28:40 mark (see video below), when a listener requested Kiha & The Faces "Living the Carefree Life", Yoo In Na asked IU out of...
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Well, this pairing was unlikely!

Local news media Dispatch is reporting that singers IU and Jang Ki Ha (of the band Jang Ki Ha and the Faces) have been dating since March this year. They have been making the time to see each other despite their busy schedules; for example, IU would immediately go see Jang Ki Ha after returning from her trip to Shanghai on August 30 before going to practice for her fan meeting. The same goes for September 7, when IU would go straight to Mapo after returning from Hong Kong. Their usual dating location was at home at each other’s houses (Jang Ki Ha’s located...
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Composer Yoo Jae Hwan was a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” which aired on October 6.

On the radio show, Yoo Jae Hwan described his experience being a guest on variety show “Radio Star.” He explained that he was extremely nervous and felt like his heart was going to burst.

“I felt like I was having a panic attack,” described Yoo Jae Hwan, “Park Na Rae spoke very well on the show and that made me even more nervous. I had no idea how I would be able to answer any questions.”

He further stated, “Recently, I was a guest on Sunny’s radio show and she...
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Composer-turned-singer Yoo Jae Hwan talked about dieting on the September 30th broadcast of MBC FM radio show “Jung Joon Young’s Sim Sim Ta Pa.” He was a guest on the show along with musical actor Kim Ho Young.


“I tried dieting five times just this year,” Yoo Jae Hwan said. “I felt that as a composer, my songs wouldn’t come out if my brain wasn’t fed.” He went on to talk about how he would eat when stressed because of the psychological pressure, but also drink and eat when he was happy.

Kim Ho Young said, “If IU said it’d be good to lose weight, I think you’d lose weight really fast.” Yoo Jae Hwan agreed quickly, making a 180-degree turn from his previous statement. DJ Jung Joon Young commented, “It seems you can’t help being a man.”

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Actor Jo Jung Suk shared his thoughts on acting alongside Suzy, Park Bo Young, and IU, also known as the nation’s precious little sisters.

On the September 27 broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” the actors of “The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” including Jo Jung Suk gave interviews.

During the interview, Jo Jung Suk says, “I’m the public enemy of Korean men right now. I acted with the nation’s little sisters Suzy, Park Bo Young, and IU.” He then says, “I’m extremely thankful. I’m super lucky.”

When asked which of the three he likes best, he becomes shy but gets out of the sticky situation by saying wisely, “Don’t ask questions like that. I like all three.”


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It’s the quintessential holiday poll. Who would you want to spend (insert holiday here) with? Who would you want to take home to show your parents? With it being Chuseok, one of Korea’s biggest holidays of the year, the time has come again.

Korean lock screen app Cash Slide recently conducted a poll with 1,057 of its users ranging from ages 20 to 40, asking them which celebrities they would most want to bring home and introduce to their parents as a potential son-in-law or daughter-in-law, respectively. Of course the likelihood of this ever happening is slim to none, but, for fun.

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After her agency confirmed that the singer and Jang Ki Ha are dating, IU herself reached out to her fans.

IU wrote on her fancafe website (Uaena):

“It’s been almost two years since we’ve dated. I fell for him immediately after meeting him for the first time through a radio show. He is a boyfriend whom I have a lot to learn from and I am thankful for that. We are dating like any other couple, having good times, fighting, getting disappointed, and feeling thankful.”

“I was thinking about what would be a good way to tell everyone about this but my turn was taken from me. Haha, it’s sudden,...
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Park Myung Soo revealed that IU has been sending him presents for three years straight.

On the October 9 recording of “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” one of the listeners sent a message to the DJ saying it worries him that Park Myungsoo is close with IU now.

To this, Park Myung Soo explained that even if he wants to get closer to IU, he has not called her outside of work.

He said, “It’s not easy to get close with her. It’s not like I can just call her since she’s so busy, and I don’t want to overwhelm her. By the way, IU sent me a ginseng set for Chuseok. She’s been doing that for three years now. I want to tell IU, ‘I enjoyed the ginseng.’ IU jjang!”

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Model Jung Doo Ri is under fire for her distasteful comments about IU and Jang Ki Ha‘s relationship.

When news IU and Jang Ki Ha’s relationship broke out, the male magazine Maxim model Jung Doo Ri posted on her Twitter, “IU, you of all people shouldn’t have done that. Are you insane? Come to your senses and date kids like EXO. I’m begging you… You’re a f***ing above-average female in Korean society, so why? Following Sulli… Did the uncle fans all put on strong corsets or something.”

The comments were met with a lot of backlash from netizens who pointed out that she was out of...
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When IU and Chang Kiha made their relationship public, some people may have been not too happy about the news, the unhappiest of them being Loen's stockholders, as the stock price fluctuated vastly from the two's dating news.

When news of their relationship was confirmed on October 8, Loen's stock immediately went into red, the market value of the company decreasing a whopping 126.4 billion KRW (~$110.7 million USD).

Further, compared to the previous closing price of 75,300 KRW (~$66 USD), Loen's stock, which had risen 1,200 KRW (~$1.05 USD) ) to record a price of 76,500 KRW (~$67 USD), plummeted...
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After news about IU and Jang Ki Ha dating broke out, IU posted on her fan cafe and reached out to her fans.
Soon after, Jang Ki Ha also posted on his fan cafe to personally relay it to his fans.
On October 8, he wrote:

“Hello. It’s Jang Ki Ha. I am writing this because I want to personally tell you about the news articles that came up about IU and I. Yes, we are in a good relationship! I met IU for the first time when she came as a guest on my radio show back in October of 2013. After conversing with her, I thought, ‘Wow, she is a very charming girl.’”

“When I talked to her about the...
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A new celebrity couple is born, this time involving the “Nation’s Little Sister” IU!

In breaking and exclusive news delivered by Dispatch, it has been revealed that IU (22) has been in a relationship with musician Chang Ki Ha (33) the past few months. It is being reported that the two have been seeing each other in earnest since March of this year.

In one of their dates, Dispatch captured their meeting. Despite their busy individual schedules, the two managed to meet several times, though secretly and under the radar.

The couple usually keep their dates in their own homes, secretly meeting...
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Jang Kiha confirmed rumors that he is dating IU on October 8.

Jang Kiha wrote in a post on his fan cafe, "IU and I are happily dating."

He wrote, "I met IU for the first time in October 2013 when she appeared as a guest on a radio show I used to host. Two years have passed already since we confirmed our feelings for each other. IU is someone I′m really thankful for and really dear to me."

Below is Jang Kiha′s full post.

Hello, this is Jang Kiha.

I′m writing because I wanted to address today′s articles, concerning IU and me, directly. Yes, we are happily dating!

I met IU for the first time...
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Another star couple is born! IU and Jang Kiha, who share an 11-year age difference, are currently dating.

IU confirmed she is dating Jang Kiha herself through a post on her official fan cafe on October 8.

IU wrote, "Sorry for not letting you know sooner. We′ve been dating for close to two years now. We met for the first time during a radio show, and I fell in love with him at first sight."

She continued, "He is a boyfriend I have a lot to learn from and am really thankful for. We′re in a normal relationship, where we′re fine, we fight, we feel sorry and we feel thankful."

IU wrote, "I was...
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IU and Park Myung Soo′s collaboration track Leon has topped Gaon′s monthly charts.

Gaon Chart revealed on October 8, "IU and Park Myung Soo′s Leon is ranked number one on the Digital Chart and Streaming Chart for the month of September."

IU and Park Myung Soo released Leon as a team on MBC′s Infinity Challenge for the Yeongdong Expressway Song Festival in August. The song immediately swept music charts following the broadcast.

iKON′s My Type is number one on the monthly Download Chart with more than 480,000 downloads, while Super Junior′s Magic - Super Junior Special Album Part 2...
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New couple alert? IU and Jang Kiha, who are 11 years apart, are currently swept up in romance rumors.

Reports that IU and Jang Kiha are dating despite their busy schedules surfaced on October 8, along with paparazzi photos of the two stars together.


The two singers have established themselves in their own areas of music individually, and IU appeared on SBS′ Jang Kiha′s Great Radio in 2013. They even took a photo together at the time.

Following the romance rumors, IU′s agency, Loen Entertainment, and Jang Kiha′s agency, DRDRAMC, are preparing their statements.

Many are curious to see if the two stars will confirm the rumors, overcoming an 11-year age gap to become another star couple.

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