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translated by Pechumori

The official said “The unique, new format will give a fresh feeling that would feature what goes on in a reality drama of an entertainment station.” He revealed his expectations by adding “A funny hit drama will come out”.

The title “Peurodyusa” (Producer) is a newly coined word which may also mean judges, lawyers and professionals who specialize in technology like doctors. In short, it may seem flashy on the outside but in reality, the life of a producer is no different from a regular employee.

KBS entertainment director Park Jung Min said “An entertainment...
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translated by Pechumori

The casting news of the winning actors Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU being joined by Park Hyuk Kwon and Na Young Hee as support for the KBS2 TV new entertainment drama “Producer” has already gained great expectation.

The list of cameo appearances in the biggest blockbuster for the first half of this year, “Producer” has raised interest as well. Currently, the production team is advancing on negotiating cameos in secrecy.

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The favorite “Nation’s Little Sister” IU may be returning to her roots as an artist following her appearance on the upcoming and anticipated KBS drama Producer.

Officials from her agency spoke to OSEN on March 10th, revealing, “She is continuing to work on her music in parallel with the drama. She may make her comeback as a singer after the drama.”

Just recently, IU was confirmed to be joining the drama Producer alongside Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, and Gong Hyo Jin, where she will take on the role of a popular celebrity.

Cha Tae Hyun will play a PD with experience of 10 years, Kim Soo Hyun as a rookie PD, and Gong Hyo Jin as a music PD. Kim Soo Hyun and IU will meet once again in a drama after the musical drama Dream High.

Producer is set to air in April during the Friday-Saturday at the 11PM KST timeslot.

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An interview that IU gave about acting is being brought back to light.

IU, who has recently been confirmed as a female lead for the new drama “Producer,” had appeared as a guest on SBS‘s “Healing Camp” in July of 2014 and had revealed her feelings about acting.

At the time, IU expressed her love for acting, saying, “Acting is really fun too. It’s completely different from singing. The emotions that I can’t express through singing, I can express through acting. I’d like to continue to do both in the future as well.”

She added, “In terms of emotions, in singing, my emotions are expressed after going through the melody and the lyrics, whereas in acting, the emotions are expressed as they are. I get to use emotions that I don’t normally use. I haven’t cried out loud since I was a baby, but through acting, I get to cry out loud or get angry, and can express emotions that way.”

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It seems we will have to wait a little more until IU's next comeback.

Previously IU was revealed to make her comeback with a new album in April, but since the filming of KBS's drama 'Producers' will kick off soon this March, her agency has released a statement saying that the comeback schedule might be pushed back after she wraps up the filming for 'Producers'.

A rep from Loen Entertainment said on March 10th,"She will continue with the recording of the new album while she's filming for the drama. The promotions can only happen after the drama concludes".

IU has been casted to play as a top star in 'Producers' along with Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Soo Hyun. It's scheduled to broadcast every Friday and Saturday this April.

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Many people grew up watching 'Disney' movies and adoring the princesses for their beautiful looks and charming personality, much like how they grew up idolizing idols for the very same reason!

So check out this list of 'Disney' princesses and their K-pop idol counterparts below!

ChoA as Elsa

Sulli as Mulan

Ji Eun as Cinderella

Bora as Pocahontas

Seohyun as Belle

IU as Snow White

Tiffany as Ariel

Krystal as Rapunzel

G.NA as Jasmine

Fei as Tiana

Suzy as Aurora

Heechul as Anna

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The good news keeps coming as actor Kim Soo Hyun also confirms his appearance on the upcoming KBS drama “Producer,” following the confirmation news of Gong Hyo Jin and IU earlier today for its leading actresses.

Both his management agency, Keyeast, and the production team of “Producer” have stated that Kim Soo Hyun is set to appear in the drama penned by Park Ji Eun, the writer of Kim Soo Hyun’s most recent small screen hit, “My Love from the Stars.” Kim Soo Hyun will be playing the role of a rookie PD.

“Producer” is set in the world of the variety entertainment department of...
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Earlier today, both actress Gong Hyo Jin and IU were confirmed to be starring in the KBS 2TV drama 'Producer,' penned by the same writer as 'You Who Came From the Stars.'

Gong Hyo Jin will play the role of a 10-year producer of a music program with an abrasive personality. IU will play a diva-like singer with a cold attitude. The two will play opposite male lead, Cha Tae Hyun who will be taking on the role of a veteran PD from the entertainment department of a broadcast station.

As mentioned before, actor Kim Soo Hyun is also in consideration for a role in this drama, so let's cross our fingers that he'll also be confirmed as well!

Watch out for 'Producer' in April.

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Of course, knowing Korean news media, this might be refuted 10 minutes later, but for now, local news outlet Star News is reporting that actresses Gong Hyo Jin and IU have been confirmed for the new KBS drama “Producer” (working title).

Star News cites a related source at KBS.

In the new drama, Gong Hyo Jin will play a PD and IU will play a top songstress.

Actor Cha Tae Hyun has already been confirmed for this drama. “Producer” is set in the world of the variety entertainment department of a television network.

The writer is Park Ji Eun, who also wrote “My Love from the Stars”and...
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It seems like every time I turn around, there's more fantastic casting news from the upcoming drama Producers. After news that Kim Soo Hyun and IU are considering leading roles in the series from the writer of My Love from Another Star and that Cha Tae Hyun had officially accepted a role, Gong Hyo Jin is the latest actress with a confirmed offer on the table.

If Gong Hyo Jin accepts this role, she, like Cha Tae Hyun, would be playing a ten-year veteran variety show PD. Kim Soo Hyun would be playing a rookie PD who used to be a prosecutor, and IU would be playing an idol who made her debut at...
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Sometimes when words fail you, it's easy to explain your favorite K-Pop idol to your friends as the "Korean version" of a global, American pop star. But ever wonder what your favorite K-Pop idol would actually be like if they competed in the music industry across the world?

Here are our guesses! 10 K-Pop stars and their American counterparts, let's go.

Hyorin/Ailee ≈ Beyonce

We've heard this comparison many times before. Both Hyorin and Ailee have been heralded across the Korean media for being the 'Korean Beyonce,' and not without good reason. Equipped with amazing vocal talent and a sense...
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Although this is a drop from last year (IU was 10th in 2014), she still is high ranked!

Forbes Celebrity 40 is determined by first taking the top 100 most searched people of the year (data provided by Nate) and ranking them based on 4 different measures:

1. Sales - estimated based on appearance fees, CF guarantees album sales, etc. + reported overseas income

2. Media exposure - number of apperances in the top 3 newspapers, covers of 8 magazines, Ilgan Sports

3. Television exposure - CF model ranking and appearances on talk shows and variety shows

4. Professionalism - TV ratings for actors/MCs, total...
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translated by Pechumori

A KBS official said on March 2 that “Although it is true that IU is a candidate for the cast of Producers, but her appearance is not confirmed yet” he revealed.

Earlier, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency Keyeast admitted the fact that they received a proposal for his appearance in the drama but said that the “work is under review”.

If IU and Kim Soo Hyun would confirm their appearance, then this would be the first time that they would be reunited after working together in KBS2 TV’s “Dream High” four years ago.

IU was challenged to act for the first time through...
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Singer IU (link) is reportedly in talks to be the female lead of a new drama on KBS 2TV.

According to a KBS associate on March 2, IU has been suggested as the female lead of a drama called “Producer” (working title). The part is that of a popular star singer.

The associate said, “It is true that IU is being discussed as the female lead of ‘Producer,’ but it has not been confirmed. There are no confirmations for the casting besides Cha Tae Hyun.” (link)
“Producer” will tell a story of happenings at a broadcast station.

The drama will be produced by Seo Soo Min, who has led “Gag...
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IU shares a photo from the practice room, is she working on the choreography for her comeback?

IU left fans excited with a photo from the practice room, which seems to indicate she's working on her comeback!

Sharing the photo above on her Instagram, the idol wrote, "Dance god dance king". We see the petite idol striking a pose with a male dancer, practicing a choreography that could possibly be for her new title track performance.

As mentioned previously, Loen Entertainment has revealed that IU is indeed working on a new album to come, so stay tuned for more exciting news on the way!

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1. Lee Seung Gi's "Because You're My Woman" (2004)

The #1 karaoke song for older woman/younger man couples. This song shot Lee Seung Gi to top star fame in just his debut.

2. Jang Yoon Jung's "Omona" (2004)

The song took off thanks to Jang Yoon Jung's unique vocal characteristics. It was also the first time in 12 years that a trot song won #1 on a public broadcast music show since Kim Soo Hee in 1993.

3. SG Wannabe's "To Live" (2005)

The group is known for having the most hit tracks in the digital music market. The album sold 400,000 copies and went on to win Daesang at the 'Golden Disk' that year....
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IU revealed a KakaoTalk conversation she had with her little brother.

Apparently, her little brother doesn't care if his older sister is one of the biggest names in Korean entertainment, because he's more bent on ignoring her. IU uploaded screenshots of her conversation with her little brother onto her fancafe, and most of the chat is IU trying to get her brother's attention by texting "Hey" over and over again.

At one point, IU gives up with the string of "Hey"s and says instead, "If you keep ignoring me, I'm going to stop giving you all allowances." Only then he answered, "Why?".

After a few 'conversations', she finally concluded. "Oh, I guess you just don't read my texts anymore."

The conversation amused many fans, who commented, "In the end, they're just normal siblings..", "To him she's just the annoying older sister", and "She's looking out for you!"

source: allkpop
'Ssul Jeon' addresses the controversial topic of special college admission privileges given to celebrities

(content not related to ‪‎IU‬ ommitted)

Heo Ji Woong commented, "Now there are celebrities who are giving up going to College," while naming Suzy, Yoo Seung Ho, Eunji, Taemin, and IU as the few idols/celebrities who decided in the past not to apply to college. Whether the decision was made due to the controversy or their own personal philosophies, we will never know for sure.

Lee Yoon Suk brought up what IU had said in the past, praising her sensibility and responsibility. IU had said,...
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We all know that all idols went through harsh regimens of dieting, practice and training but have you ever wondered how they could willingly go through such strenuous amounts of work?

For some of the most successful idols in the industry it was their eagerness to escape poverty.

Check out which idols struggled with extreme hardships in this list, “8 Idols Who Came From Extreme Poverty”

1. IU

During childhood, her parents were so deep in debt that her parents couldn’t support both her and her younger brother. So she lived under her grandmother. She was also scammed by ghost companies into...
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Singer IU talked about her 'bare face' look and more on the February 18th episode of 'One Night of TV Entertainment'.

IU revealed that despite her usual natural look, she has a face full of makeup on. The reporter commented, "You have the kind of image that makes it seem like you don't wear makeup." The singer responded, "I wear BB cream, eyeliner, lipstick, and eyelashes," and laughed.

She also said frankly on how she keeps her skin so beautiful, "It's not because I'm young anymore. Because I had to shoot a CF today, I went to the dermatologist yesterday... Moon Chae Won sunbae's advertisement was so beautiful, I practiced while watching it."

Check out IU's appearance here: link

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