IU praised makeup artist Shin Ae, who has helped her look gorgeous for the past 8 years in her career.

Shin Ae guested on a recent episode of 'Get It Beauty', chatting it up with IU over the phone during the show. IU first revealed that she's a fan of 'Get It Beauty', then complimented her makeup artist luxuriously.

IU said, "I've worked with Shin Ae sun-saeng-nim for 8 years. She's a very discreet, feminine, and charismatic woman and a makeup artist. I really love her." She continued, "Shin Ae sun-saeng-nim catches what's best for the person just by looking at one's face. Also, she's very good at red lips, and they usually end up with positive feedback. She really has great sense."

Sounds like Shin Ae is the secret to IU's perfect makeup all these years!

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