iPod Top 25 most played songs

Jasper_LUVER posted on May 26, 2011 at 06:22PM
What are your 25 most played songs? They should be on a playlist..Just list a couple of them. Here's mine:

old school-hedley
i hate everything about you- 3 days grace
one step closer- linkin park
killin' me- faber drive

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over a year ago fanuser said…
Seems like the bloggers care more about making this nonstory stick around.. link I use to update right away but the more I have the iPhone, the more I just wait for a whole number jump instead of fractions. 4.1 and will wait till 5.0.
over a year ago fanuser said…
Absolutely agree. I've been wanting the white one for a while, but I won't be getting it because of the black screen. link It's a little thing called a contract. I'd have to pay 175 bucks for me, 175 bucks for my fiance, my mother, my 2 stepdaughters to be�� and THEN �C buy 2 new iPhones, plus 3 other phones��Yeah �C unless someone gives me BIG bucks or a DAMN good reason to switch�� I ain't switchin.