iPod iquiz sharring! :D

xBlakeslady posted on Jan 19, 2008 at 10:29PM
Okay so maybe i'm slow but look here.
Everyone with ipods with the iquiz,
can be active now.


Okay so it's borring only having your own quizzez.
But let's do like this.
If you wanna be in, you can write like;
i would love to have a quiz about Harry Potter.
And then if someone knows anything bout Harry
and likes it they can make a quiz (; And it doesn't matter
if you get more than one quiz of harry right? as many as possible

I would like some of these quizez:

Lyrics of pop songs
Brad Pitt
Edward Norton
Charmed - Friends

-Anyone who is interesseted?
Sounds fun right?

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over a year ago twilightlova13 said…
I want quizzes on:
Twilight Series
I can't think of any more!!=)