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meiling277869 posted on Nov 06, 2009 at 02:20AM
For the photos you want be seen public, put them on the internet. But for the photos you want private, do not forget to encrypt them. So link
[/url] is most important for you. With the help of image encrypotion software to protect your photos on your computer.

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over a year ago meiling277869 said…
Decrypt the encrypted pictures freely is the most important thing for the encryption software. Xlinksoft picture encryption software can decrypt the encrypted pictures and view them in a preview window without uncompressing.

This is the super professional software to protect your link. Nobody can decrypt the encrypted pictures without password.

Three ways to decrypt the encrypted pictures.

The First Way:


>>: Right click the encrypted pictures you want to decrypt.

>>: Select "Decrypt Picture"

>>: Click "ok" after editting the output path, password, prompt question, coverage mode, after finishing conversion

The Second way:

>>: Open Xlinksoft link software

>>: Add encrypted files.

>>: Click "Decrypt".

>>: Click "ok" after seclectting the output path, adding the password.

The Third Way

>>: Open Xlinksoft Picture Encryption software

>>: Add encrypted files.

>>: Double click the "Encrypted file"

>>: Click "ok" after adding the password.

Preview the pictures with shortkeys in a preview window directly without compressing/uncompressing.

Click here [url]link[/url] for the details of preview
operation introduction.

Click here [url]link[/url] for the details of preview dialog introduction.

Download: link

Homepage: link