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Fiona1989 posted on Apr 20, 2015 at 08:41AM
Voice Memo app on iPhone does a pretty job in recording audio under various situations such as taking minutes at a meeting, recording the songs you have learnt recently or just for capturing the genius idea suddenly sparked when going outside etc.
Maybe one day you want to transfer those voice memos from iPhone to your computer, but you feel tricky to work with this.
Now, here comes a couple of ways of transferring iPhone voice memos to computer.
Method 1. Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer via Appandora iPhone Transfer
Method 2. Transfer Voice Memos via iTunes
Method 3. Directly Sharing Voice Memos from iPhone

Method 1. Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer via Appandora iPhone Transfer

Step 1: Download and install Appandora iPhone Transfer on your computer.
Note: please make sure that iTunes has been installed on your PC for running this iPhone Transfer correctly but you do not have to run iTunes when using this free Appandora iPhone Transfer.
Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC with USB and launch Appandora iPhone Transfer.
Step 3: Go to the left panel of Appandora iPhone Transfer, click Media tab and highlight Voice Memos on the right panle.
Once you clicked the Media tab, you will see media files listet on the right panel including Music, Videos, Ringtones, Podcasts, TV Shows, Audiobooks, Music Videos, Voice Memos, iTunes U and Playlists. Just highlight Voice Memos, then you will find below options: Import, Export, Delete and New Playlist, which enable you to manage your voice memos freely and quickly!
1) Click Import, you can add new voice memos from PC to your iOS devices.
2) Click Export, you can transfer voice memos from iPhone/iPod to PC for backup.
3) Click Delete, you can delete any unwanted voice memos on your iPhone/iPod.
4) Click New Playlist, you can create a new playlist to categorize your recorded voice files

Method 2. Transfer Voice Memos via iTunes

Step 1: Download and install iTunes to your PC.
Step 2. Plug the iPhone into your computer via USB cable and run iTunes.
Step 3. Click the name of your iPhone under Devices in the left column
Step 4. Press Music tab.
Step 5. Tick the checkbox for Include voice memos.
Step 6. Sync your iPhone.
Press the Sync button and iPhone voice memos will be copied over to your PC. Once the sync is finished, those files will display under a new Voice Memos playlist in iTunes.

Method 3. Directly Sharing Voice Memos from iPhone

You can also freely share voice memos from iPhone with someone else via email or message.

Step 1. Select the voice memo you would like to share and tap on the large blue share button at the bottom left of the screen and then select Email or Messages.
Step 2. Enter recipient's email address and then Press Send button.

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over a year ago chloeaustin said…
For those who don’t want to sync via iTunes, you can transfer voice memo from iPhone to PC by direct email or MMS. If you want to download voice memos from iPhone to computer, iPhone Transfer may be a useful method for you to operate directly or indirectly.
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over a year ago RosiaTim said…
To get voice memos off iPhone to PC. You should use FonePaw iOS Transfer.
FonePaw iOS Transfer is customized for iPhone users to sync voice memos to computer. It's fully compatible with all iPhone models running the latest iOS 8. No technical skills are required.