House M.D. What is your favorite season two episode?

Pick one:
2x1- "Acceptance"
2x2- "Autopsy"
2x3- "Humpty Dumpty"
2x4- "TB Or Not TB"
2x5- "Daddy's Boy"
2x6- "Spin"
2x7- "Hunting"
2x8- "The Mistake"
2x9- "Deception"
2x10- "Failure to Communicate"
2x11- "Need to Know"
2x12- "Distractions"
2x13- "Sex Kills"
2x14- "Skin Deep"
2x15- "Clueless"
2x16- "Safe"
2x17- "All In"
2x18- "Sleeping Dogs Lie"
2x19- "House vs. God"
2x20- "Euphoria, Part 1"
2x21- "Euphoria, Part 2"
2x22- "Forever"
2x23- "Who's Your Daddy?"
2x24- "No Reason"
 HouseMD_forever posted over a year ago
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