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House MD 5x21 Sneak Peeks


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On the Cameron vid- no comment =\

On the Huddy vid: very cute. Especially around 00:17--Cuddy looked like a kid for amoment. She looks very pretty in this episode=) And the way she asked about Cameron, it looked as if she was asking House if there was anything to be jealous about--like she was his girlfriend or something. Oh, I love that clip.

On Chase/Cuddy clip: Ooh, this one makes me feel jittery. In a good way. it me or does Chase seem drunk? Well, of course not around Cuddy, but he's different. Then again, it would bother me too if my flaxen haired girlfriend with commitment issues (drawer remembered so don't bite my head off)is once again her idol.

On the Wilson clip: he's gone vegan? And House thinks he's losing his mojo? I think he's starting to panic about the Huddy thing and all the changes round him...Oh, dear god, I hope not! Panic is very bad, bad, bad. I want my Huddy!
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