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posted by awesomeradish
This may seem kind of irrelevant to people that are later in/have finished the series, but I'm currently on episode 10 of season 3, and thought I'd share my insight on the relationship between Dr House and defective Detective Michael Tritter.

I'm finding these two characters' interaction to be the most interesting in the series yet - not because of clashing personalities, but because of their astounding similarities. Comparing them in terms of motive and how they execute achieving it, they are basically identical.

If you go back an episode or two before Tritter is introduced, House is harassing...
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posted by Fabouluz
The reason why House is not hated isn’t because House is ‘House’ but because he takes an interest in the people around him.

We can argue that House is egotistical and only thinks about himself. What some of us don’t understand is that House’s need to know everything and understand everything also helps him when building relationships and sustaining them.

House is obsessed with ‘The puzzle’, which is a generic term for everything within his life and outside his life; his friends, relationships, work. This obsession allows him to feed the need of the people who surround him, whether...
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“When I was getting a baby, you told me I would suck as a mother, now that I’ve lost it; you tell me I would be great as a mother.”

Powerful words spoken from an emotionally devastated Cuddy from the latest episode of House MD called “Joy”. A lot of talk has been going on about “Joy” because frankly House and Cuddy are an interesting topic, especially for nuts like me who like to over analyze everything and though the episode was about Cuddy’s potential adoption, it had strong under currents of Huddy. From reading, god knows how many reviews of “Joy” and seeing heaven knows...
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posted by housegrl32
I was bored earlier and made up this House MD personality quiz...not sure how good it is, but I hope you enjoy it! (Answer key at bottom)

1. Your favorite type of patient is...
A: One that I don’t have to break bad news to.
B: One whose case lets me use my skills.
C: I don’t have to deal with patients, thank god.
D: One who won’t ask me too many questions about myself.
E: One who’s impressed by me.
F: One with some freakishly rare disease.
G: One that I can use the defibrillators on.
H: One that I can talk to.
I: One who won’t make fun of my height.

2. How many hair care products...
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posted by liznchase
100: Being a complete jerk to people all the time will make them like you, and sometimes, they will also fall in love with you.

99: Vicodin will cure all wounds.

98: It's NEVER Lupus.

97: You should know all about your sperm donors before utilizing their sperm. You don't want your kid to be beaten up, after all.

96: Get a good alarm system and guard dog if you're going to be admitted into a certain Doctor House's care.

95: If you're a nurse and looking for spicing up your sex life, get a job in oncology.

94: Why read books when you can learn everything from TV?

93. It's NEVER the first diagnosis....
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posted by lovehousemd_frv
I feel really depresed.What the hell happen to house.I see the ratings.Omg!What happen.Whe was the show with the most we are 4th @the list.And te stupid child tv show Hannah Montana can have more fans than us.(i'm just really depressed.sorry to all Hannah Montana fAns).I watch ep19.this is the only house episode that i not watch to end.I not really know.Oh god!We was the most watched Tv show around the world.And now..and now.Now where we are.I really not want to say it But i can stop to watch house.Yes.I love Jesse Spencer.Yes.I love Chameron.But if the finnale ratting is 8 mllion...
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